“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.” 
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The true blue definition of awakening is “coming into existence or awareness.” It holds special meanings for each of us, and maintaining some sort of sanity throughout the after-process takes care and nurturing, plenty of hours in nature, meditation, and integrating back to a life that is not at all like it was before. I would venture to say that treating yourself with kid gloves is worth every ounce of your day.

Here are a few simple thoughts to consider when going about your day to day life:

  1. Trust that the awakening process is real and it happened- When things shift internally, there is a major discomfort for a few days, if not a few weeks. The noticeable natural things out in the world become heightened, and faith and gratitude come more easily.
  2. Go with the flow-As you become calmer about outcomes and detaching there is less effort in making things happen. You allow the world to spin and you know you are part of the overall big picture. Sensitivity to the outside is front and center, as are the emotions that flow along with words. Let things happen and let go. Surrender.
  3. Meditate – I have been practicing some form of meditation for over a year now, and it’s not perfect at all, which is precisely the point. You don’t need to sit in the perfect spot with the perfect pillow and the music that others tell you is necessary. Your meditation is your own. It is the communal time with yourself, your Higher Power, your breath, your world, and where it all makes sense. Either with eyes closed or eyes open, the practice is quiet and in tune and a learned process.  I have discovered that meditation can often be a nice walk in nature, or wherever your mind and soul and heart are called in any given moment. Multiple deep breaths throughout the day seem to take on a whole new meaning, as instances of meditation are nothing like routine or rituals anymore. You can be anywhere and meditate, even among the chaos and disorder. The mind just willingly goes there. Stillness presides.
  4. Compassion – After an awakening, compassion for all beings (animals and humans alike) is primary. If you did not have it before, you will surely align yourself with it now. The same can be said for forgiveness. Holding onto any latent anger or resentment will only squash the premise for an open heart. Compassion is the key to everything sacred in the soul.
  5. Love – Your entire being becomes (and is) more loving. There is no room for judgment. The fragility of people and their feelings and life is purposeful and full of wonder. With love at the core of your heart, life tends to come to you in a way that is in full alignment with who you are. All else simply goes away.
  6. Vulnerability – This is the emotional center of everything that is awake and alive. Sharing your heart and life with others in a way that is real and authentic does not leave any doubt in the minds of yourself or others. Being vulnerable can be scary, but after an awakening it becomes necessary and all-consuming. Open yourself up and discover the beauty that resides within you. Show your loved ones and those mindfulness connections the raw you, and be okay with your path. There is no more editing of self after an awakening.
  7. Health – As I always have had health and wellness as a focus in life, post-awakening made it more so. Eating organic, simple, raw, and foods that fuel positive energy and aliveness creates more of the balance of nature and yourself. Even cooking takes on a whole new life of its own. It’s as if all the colors and bountiful fruits and vegetables and other garden delights share space in the kitchen in a harmonious way. Whatever you choose for nutrition, it takes on a more glowing and appreciation for all that is grown, good for you, and natural.


There is no one specific way to define the awakening process; it simply just is. You may feel odd and weird and like you are going crazy at times, but the unfolding of your beautiful self is still coming of age. Some who are experiencing an awakened state may never even know it is occurring, so they feel as though they don’t fit in to the traditional ways of living any more. Inspiration comes in waves. There seems to be no more messiness or drama in life, and if there is, it surely passes more quickly with nary a scratch. Your ego is not wrapped up in any more outcomes or attachments. Whatever happens is there for a reason, and once you have embraced the after-awakening, life just feels blessed and content, no matter who you are and where you happen to be.


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