A Message from Lord Melchizadek

I greet you all with love and warmth. The Law of Attraction is grounded in choice. It is simple and straightforward for those who are familiar with it and its guidelines: when you give out love and positivity it will come back to you in equal measure. When you project hatred, negativity, anger and judgment, such feelings and emotions will also be returned from the people around you and the world at large. Quite simply, what you give out comes back to you. law of attraction

It is easy to think, I am sure, that such an idea is fanciful and that your circumstances are the result of events and conditions that are outside of your control. To a certain extent, that may be true, but the mindset in which you face adversity, and your acceptance or rejection of things that cannot be changed will greatly affect the extent to which abundance or poverty is brought into your life. The other factor that has a direct effect on whether you are travelling through life with ease or with great hardship is the fact that all of your lessons have been chosen before you were born. Many of the hardships or joys in your life are part of your Divine plan that was chosen in liaison with God and with your soul family. Outside of karma that may be inflicted upon you as a result of another person losing their way and impinging on your free will, your journey upon this Earth has, to the largest degree possible, been planned.


The choices you make in life include the way you choose to be – your demeanour, your self-respect, your acceptance of your lot in life, the way you dress, the food you eat and the company you keep. You can choose to be happy and you can choose to be sad and grumpy. You can choose your words carefully or you can fling them around with gay abandon. You can choose to be kind and caring or you can decide that the world is your oyster and everyone else must fit around you. Whatever you choose directly affects the way your life goes and how people react to you.

The universe will give you what you desire, yet the manner in which you desire and then ask it is of the utmost importance. If you feel you deserve what you ask and it still fails to appear, there are several reasons that may be so. The first is Divine Timing: the synchronicity of events is not right and you must wait for people and circumstances to be aligned. The second reason is trust and belief: you ask but deep down you neither believe nor trust that what you ask for can ever come true. The third reason is faith: you neither have faith in yourself, the universe and/or the Creator; and, fourthly: it is not part of your Divine plan and is therefore not included in your soul’s contract. Of course, if what you ask for depends on the free will of another person, you have no right to ask for it, and this goes back to whether you have faith, trust and belief that, if what you ask for is meant to be then it will be, but if it is not, it was never meant to be and that is the way it is. The future has not been and all you ever have is this very moment. The past is over and will weigh you down if you allow it to. Letting go and trusting that all is as it should be is the best advice I can give you to attracting abundance, love and prosperity into your life.

powerThe manifestation of desires comes from a clarity of mind that is explicitly clear on what it is you want to attain or achieve. When you ask the universe/Creator to manifest your desires, you must be direct, clear and precise. The choices you make before and after the request will influence the delivery of it. The manner in which you ask it is of the utmost importance. Ask, then release it and let it go. Staying attached to your desires is the surest way of not manifesting them! If you are attached to money, for instance, you will be more likely to repel it than to attract it as attachment causes lack: lack of faith, trust and belief in the all, in the universe/the Creator to provide, and in yourself to attract. In fact, the surest way to attract whatever it is you wish for is to at first give it away! When you give gratefully and willingly, with no expectation or attachment, the universe will replace it and nourish you in the process, meaning that what comes back will be multiplied in abundance!

I wish you love and many blessings on your journey through life. The greatest gift in life is life itself. Wherever your journey may take you and whatever the universe provides for you, remember that you have chosen to be here. Enjoy every day and be grateful for what you have. The blessings of life are many and the abundance of the universe is unlimited. Choose wisely, Dear Ones, and you will be rewarded.

I AM Lord Melchizadek.

Channelled by Victoria Cochrane

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