The Spiritual Giant Within


         How To Reach Self and God Realization In This Lifetime

Many times in life we are set back by those with small mindedness that wish us to be so much less then we are… a shining star in God’s galaxy. Your light is incredibly bright but it is up to you to what extent you unleash it to shine in your fullest glory like the sun. We can reach Self Realization and God Realization which is not only possible but from my view point is every Soul’s destiny, if we simply follow step by step the living manual that God created and encoded in Soul’s very heart. This is the true language of light or sound and light codes that can be unlocked by an unwavering desire for truth, love, wisdom and God.
The spiritual giant within can be compared to the colossal giant of a tree called the Sequoia. If you trace the individual Sequoia’s life history back to its infancy you find a simple seed. A small rock like pebble that may appear lifeless and yet it can awaken and expand to the huge size of a gigantic skyscraper. The Sequoia tree is a huge. The tiny unrealized seed is like the core of the self that has divine potential locked in the core of it. When each of us is returned to our natural spiritual state or the Sequoia seed is returned to its natural place activated by sunlight, air, earth and water these elements activate the divine potential hidden within.
From my knowledge beings called Spiritual Travelers are essentially like Master Gardeners for the Soul. They help us to cultivate the divine self hidden within by bringing us into our natural element by learning out of body travel beyond dense physical reality and into the eternal heavenly spheres. We are ignited by divine love, spiritual discipline in practicing spiritual exercises and bathed in spiritual light and sound which causes this seed to grow and activate the hidden spiritual potential locked within the core of Soul.

When the Sequoia seed is given these measures it springs forth like a skyscraper letting out the spiritual giant within. The Hu-man meaning God-man is like one of the countless seed particles carried by the wind of spirit into the lower worlds of time and space. It will blow for perhaps many lifetimes until it will eventually become rooted in the proper attitudes and longings that will bring it to return to God.
According to the Spiritual Travelers this Sequoia like state is called Self Realization and God Realization. It is said by the travelers that one who reaches this state has the light of many suns. The spiritual traveler or VARDAN Master as mentioned before is like a Master Gardener and helps the individual activate this seed to bring us to learn out of body travel so that we can live to a fuller expression of our divine potential as a coworker with God.

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There is excellent information about how spiritual travelers assist in the process of self and God Realization at

As I have mentioned elsewhere when you become the self that is in tune with divine spirit, the VARDAN then you can grow into the colossal tree that you are. Every individual has this spiritual giant hidden within. It is the flourishing into Self Realization and God Realization.

Often many make ourselves subjected to the small minded in spirit that make small Soul in its ability to flourish and move towards God. Some spiritual individuals give us ample space to be ourselves while other spiritual groups seek to make the individual small. We become in such spiritual groups like the great oak wrapped too tightly in bonsai wires that when it reaches full maturity it is a dwarfed version of its true self. We are often better off in the company of those who allow us to flourish spiritually. If we allow individuals and spiritual groups to dwarf us spiritually like a tiny tree wrapped in bonsai wires of spiritual opinions, spiritual rules and spiritual dogma it confines and tempers the brilliance of soul’s pure spark. We are taught to believe that we are not good enough, not perfect enough and not worthy enough or refined enough in spiritual abilities or actions to reach the divine perfection of Soul in this life but this excludes the divine wisdom that God does not care about perfection of the lower bodies (physical, astral, causal, mental, etheric).
I once was a member of such a spiritual group which at the time I truly believed it was the path to the highest spiritual states. But then one day divine spirit flipped the light switch on and startled from slumber I woke up. It was shocking, even scary because my life suddenly felt similar to the film Matrix. I was plugged into a spiritual illusion that the spiritual path I practiced was the one true divine reality. It was the moment I let go of all preconceptions and human opinions and instead listened more carefully and minutely to God that things changed. Then I let God direct my course. It was then that divine spirit helped me to realize that I was in essence like the tree wired up like a bonsai. In spite of this stilted existence it is hard for Soul to let go of opinions, dogma and social approval. Soul unknowingly almost always it prefers to be tightly wired up and plugged in to a limited spiritual matrix to being free to take a greater level of spiritual responsibility for itself.
It is for most much safer to remain a spiritual child lead by mommy daddy guru forever; Forever a follower and never a Master. It is usually a more rare kind of individual who loves himself enough to suddenly choose to desire much more. In a sense just like the film Matrix you become “the one” when you decide you wish to graduate from the game of life and return to God as it’s divine coworker. In essence ALL Souls are “the One” but they often don’t know it until divine spirit flips on the light switch and shakes us awake.
I recall on one occasion visiting my old spiritual path and being utterly shocked. I felt like a graduate student taking a trip to revisit my old prekindergarten class. I kept asking myself while doing a double take: How on Earth could I not notice how horribly held back I once was like a tree tightly wrapped in bonsai wires so that it cannot grow into the immensity of Self Realization and God Awareness.

It reminded me of the over controlling parent who excessively monitors and controls his adult child’s every movement and decision because he thinks it best for the individual. In actuality he clips his own wings and the wings of those he is a keeper for. Some spiritual gurus or spiritual leaders put others in tiny boxes of expression or spiritual service by giving them the most menial ways to serve. This greatly reminds me of the words of The VARDAN Master Peddar Zask who said “evil is what takes something great and makes it small.” In this spiritual group the leaders were in essence


taking the individual and putting his awareness and ability to serve in a tiny box instead of letting him flow with divine spirit. The positive expression of divine spirit does not flow in this way. It is the negative power that reigns the individual in like a bonsai tightly wrapped in wires instead of Soul thriving out from the jungle.
In such groups I found that many felt that beings so curbed by spiritual leaders like stopping them from following their hearts in service, stringing them along or wiring them up like a Christmas tree. We may come to feel that because there are little pretty lights on our wires ( lower heaven miracles and messages) that we have spiritual freedom. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that we are spiritually “unplugged”.

True Spiritual Travelers or VARDAN Masters see the divine potential in every individual. They wish for every ready Soul to stand tall and unlock the divine spark for the Soul to return to God. The Spiritual Travelers do not look at one with cold, critical eyes that dwarf you to one, one thousandth of your size. Instead the Spiritual Travelers help to unwind the wires of dogma, karma, and entanglements that keep Soul locked and wired up like a spiritual bonsai so that we can instead become Self Realized and God Realized, so that we can instead be the God beings we are, a shining star in God’s galaxy.


By Sra Heather Giamboi

President of VARDANKAR

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