Hello friends,

I am feeling a strong pull to talk about purpose. It’s an important topic, and I feel it should be discussed often. Everyone wants to know their purpose, and feel like their life involves a path for them to follow.

I don’t know about you, but if someone told me that I was creating my own path… I’d feel a lot less motivated. It’s not a big bright destiny. I guess it can be, if I make it that, but if that’s the case there are no guarantees.

Don’t worry- you’ve got a purpose. But it’s not set in stone. You can choose to follow it, or to ignore it.

Purpose can be vague. Yes, it’s usually inspiring and passionate for you. But there’s no “destiny” as we know it. Your purpose is likely written like this: “work with children, and help people less fortunate than you.” There can be details your Higher Self wants you to know, like “start a day-care center that is easy for others to pay for, so parents of toddlers who can’t afford big places can comfortably come to you.” That’s not destiny. Your Higher Self is saying that you should so ahead and do that, it will make you happy and effect others positively. However, that’s not destiny.

Destiny as we know it is set in stone. No changes. Your destiny could be awful, or fantastic. But set in stone. Thank goodness, that’s not the case. You always here about destiny in the movies. “When you turn 18, you will become an actor, but when you decide to turn to politics six months later, you will become President for two terms.” Um, no, that’s not exactly how it works.

You have free will. You have a purpose in mind for your life. You can choose to follow it or not. Don’t worry, you have no “fate” awaiting you.

Well then, how do you find your purpose? You might think it’s mysterious and when you realize this magical thing your whole life will fall into place. It can be magical and it can change your life, but the more likely option is that it has been right under your nose all along.

Purpose is with you forever in what inspires passion for you. Just think: what makes you passionate?

Of course, you can also ask a reliable psychic. We’re here to help, you know.

I hope you find your purpose and that you are driven to do great things in the world!

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