Recently, I pondered the names of spirit guides. Something about knowing their names feels more real. Of course they are much more than a name. But when we are talking to a spirit with a name, it’s easier to identify them as something rather than just talking to “that one guy” again.

So Spirit Guides have names? Yes and no. They have enduring soul names, and other more spiritual ways of identification. But to us, that is harder to understand. We have to lower it to Earth-level.

They probably have names from lives they have had on Earth of elsewhere. If you grasp one of those, that is them saying “you can call me this!” Take that as an answer.

When I say “grasp” I mean, if you are actively trying and meditating to get your guide’s name/s and you suddenly have a name pop into your head, that is likely the name from one of their previous or most recently lived lives.

You also see them, usually, in a steady form. Often you’ll see guides with lots of color. I see the personality of my guides because they sometimes show me their aura and chakras that they specifically want me to know.

Back to names, let me explain how you can come to know your Guide’s name.

Let’s not forget, when you are receiving your Spirit Guides’ names: use your preferred modality of channeling! You should always try all of them because you never know what you’ll receive from each mode, and you should strengthen them. However, use your dominant one for the best reception. If you’re clairvoyant, see what your guides look like before trying to receive a name. If you are already clairaudient, have a conversation while meditating and just ask “what’s your name?” and see what happens. If you are clairsentient, try to feel if the name is “soft and short” or “strong, powerful, and historical.” And if your claircognizant, just wait until you have your “aha!” moment.

When I first encountered my guides, I encountered a nice male presence. Somehow, I think I might have named him myself. The name “Ethan” had been calling to me and it fit my Guide’s character. Maybe this is one of his names, or he just wants me to call him that. But I know him as Ethan.

My other guide is a different story. Ethan is my main guide, and while this female guide is prominent, she is affecting specific areas of my life for its duration.

Well, I actually channel drew her first. I knew what she looked like. She was happy and singing and I knew (before I painted it) what colors she wanted where because she directed me. I was staring at the picture on the uncolored canvas. I could tell she wanted me to name her. Ethan’s picture said “Ethan” on the bottom, and I knew this guide wanted me to have her name instead of “female Spirit Guide.”

To get her name, I just spoke whatever I heard in my head out loud. “Mary” fit her very well, but I think she just reminded me of Mother Mary. I got very close when I said “Stella.” Then out of nowhere, I just spoke out loud, “Stephanie!” This was the name she intended me to call her.

If you think you received a name from your Spirit Guide, try it out. Call them that. Write it. Channel it. Think of it. If it just clicks with their personality, then you call them that. If names are hard for you to receive, name them based on what you think fits them.

Good luck, friends!

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