Hello dear soul-friends,

A day in the life of a person actively using their intuition is likely different than a person who doesn’t access their intuition much. Honestly, it can be very different! I have another fun life story for you guys about just another day in the life. 😉

Without knowing (yes, I know this is rather unethical, but whenever I read someone on purpose or on accident I am nonjudgmental and loving and send them positive emotions), I often read people. Psychicly, of course. I just notice the tones in their aura, or see visions of them hugging their pets, or get the sense they really love their parents. Little things like that.

As a fair warning to you all… if you have lived a life lacking your intuition, and you suddenly start using it, it might just take flight! You could accidentally intuitively analyze everything. Once you get a hang of handling your intuition, you can be in control of it more.

So every so often, someone will strike me in such a way I feel compelled to go up to them. And tell them things about themselves. Maybe they know those things, maybe they don’t. I tend to find kind people, so they don’t usually get weirded out when someone walks up to them talking about their life and giving the suggestions….

Well anyway, I have two interesting cases that this has happened. The first one was a couple of months ago, when I was at a public brunch. There was a little show happening up on a stage, and a woman was called up for part of a trick. I sensed that she had intuitive abilities somehow. Later, at the brunch, I walked up to her and said “you seem like an intuitive person. A psychic, maybe.” She glanced at me and said “yes! My mother is an intuitive!” I nodded and told her that it is strong in her. I told her to listen to her intuition, and she could definitely make a living like that!

Just today, about an hour and a half ago, I was at an event at a bar. I saw a woman who seemed… falsely intuitive. I can’t explain that. I thought she was intuitive, but it also felt wrong somehow. However, she had a friend with her of a gentle green aura, with some distinct soft violet near her head. I told her she looked like someone who had psychic abilities. Then something inspired me to actually write her a psychic reading in a letter, sort of. I explained the colors of her aura and gave her advice. She was very appreciative.

I don’t suggest reading people without their consent. It’s a habit I’m trying hard to break. However, if you sense emotions from people or animals, comfort them. Be someone’s shoulder to cry on.

Intuition is a magical thing that can take you to great places! Use yours wisely!

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