Howdy, my friends!

I would like to share a fun story where I received information by dreaming. This is easy to do (just ask your spirit guides for help, they’ll hear you!) and I have experienced it before, but this particular dream was very powerful.

In this dream, I was sitting with one of my closest friends. We were sharing a room, seemingly at a camp or a hotel. My friend, we’ll call her Via, had a family acquaintance a while back. This acquaintance was in the room with us. For whatever reason, the acquaintance, we’ll call her Melanie, was very violent. Melanie seemed emotional and angry. She had many birth control pills. She was trying to force me to eat them. She was screaming and forcing, saying, “You have to eat these! They are extremely important!” I looked at her and asked why. She was at the point of tears. “They’re just so important.” Eventually she gave up trying to force-feed me, but I was weary of her.

I told Via about this today, and just mentioned at first that her old friend Melanie was in the dream. Then I went into more detail, after she accepted the weirdness and that based on my description it looked like Melanie. I explained the weirdness of the dream, and how Melanie had lots of birth control pills that she took, and how she attempted to force feed me.

Via was extremely surprised, and told me that the circumstance with Melanie was uncomfortable. She was not married, and she was in fact pregnant. I empathetically feel for Melanie, and though she is accepting of it now, it was surprising news at first.

I was relatively shocked that my dream had expressed that much! You can try it to. Ask your spirit guides to reveal messages to you through dreams, and practice remembering your dreams and writing them down.

Sweet dreams!

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