Channeling is communicating with a non-human being, usually one on a higher level of consciousness. You can channel almost any being, if they want to be channeled! There are different ways to channel, which I will explain in detail for you, along with various beings who can be easily channeled.

You probably know about the ‘four clairs.’ Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance. Clairvoyance is the ability to visually see channeled messages. If you were channeling a deceased aunt who loved roses, you might see an image of roses in your head. Clairaudience is hearing, so in the same aunt communication, you might hear the words, “Go to the roses in the yard” in your head. Clairsentience has to do with feelings and emotions. Someone who is clairsentient would feel the emotion behind the roses, such as feeling happy because they are a happy memory. And lastly, clairzognizance. Claircognizance is “just knowing” something. You could be minding your own business and suddenly have a flash of information enter your brain, out of the blue.

There are also other channeling forms that are less common, such as receiving smells and tastes. Slightly more common is physical symptoms. So if you were channeling the same deceased aunt, you would feel sudden pain in your heart if she died of a heart attack.

You can try out these different modalities and see which one is the strongest for you. Chances are you have more than one that seem to work well, but often there is one that is the strongest. Try to exercise all of them, but it’s ok to have one to fall back on if you’re doing a reading or something of the sort.

Now to the fun stuff. Who can you channel? You can channel deceased humans (mediumship), animals living and deceased (animal communication), angels, spirit guides, extraterrestrials, faeries, dragons, mermaids, unicorns, pegasus, and probably even more! There are too many to name! You can channel almost any being! Humans are spiritually like infants. Most other beings are on a higher vibration than us, or more spiritually aware, so you can channel them.

If you make a strong connection to a specific kind of being, you can offer services to channel them. You probably commonly see psychics who communicate with your spirit guides, mediums who talked to lost loved ones, and animal communicators. But you can also find people who specifically channel angels or faeries. Why not put yourself out there as a channel?

But beware, you can also channel beings of a lower vibration. These can include regular old low vibrational beings, or it can go as far as demons. You do NOT want to do this! They will make you start thinking negative thoughts and have bad dreams, and it can progressively get worse from there.

To channel safely, ask God and the angels to protect you, and imagine yourself with a golden protective bubble surrounding you.

Channel wisely, my friends! Don’t forget to have fun!


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