Many of you have heard of astral projection, and many of you haven’t. I’d like to share some details and tips.

Astral projection is the separation of soul and body. This occurence can be involuntary (such as a near-death experience while in surgery, uncontrolled) or voluntary. Voluntary out of body experiences are considered by the name ‘astral projection.’ This is when you decide you want to leave your body.

It’s actually very natural an occurence. Many of us experienced astral projection, though we may not remember now, as children. It’s like our souls are yearning to go up to their original home of the afterlife. Sounds a bit like death, right? I do not intend to frighten you, but yes, astral traveling can feel like death. Your soul separates from your body for some time. But trust me, if you intend to astral travel you will not be dying when you do it, unless your body actually has a heart attack of something while you are away.

When you leave, your soul attatches to your body with a “silver cord” which keeps you 100% connected no matter how far away you go. You can drift around on the physical levels and hang out in your house, or fly through your neighborhood. You can go to the afterlife and see loved ones. You can travel through time into the past and (possible) futures, and you can travel through space to see the moon and far off planets. No matter where you go, you will still have your silver cord keeping you connected to your body.

When you want to go to your body, you can fly back (if you are close) or just think of your body and you will teleport to or into it.

When you are astrally prepared, your body will be unable to move (sleep paralysis), your mind will be awake and conscious, you will hear a loud noise like acceleration or a large vaccuum, your body will be tingly, eventually you will see with your eyes closed, and you may hear astral sounds like people speaking. If you are fearful, you will hear sounds from the lower astrals. If you are loving and excited, you may hear sounds from higher astral areas like guides and angels or deceased loved ones.

Here are some methods and times I suggest:

Before Bed
Traveling before you go to bed is a good option, because your body wants to go to sleep. If you have to willpower to keep your mind awake, success! But the downside is your body and mind might drift off.

Midday Nap
Traveling during a nap in daytime is a good option. It’s easier to keep your mind active since you normally would be active, but your body can be harder to force to go to sleep. You experience natural sleep paralysis when you even nap, so you can probably go astral!

In the Middle of the Night
In my opinion, the middle of the night is by far the best time to go astral. There is a time period where you naturally wake up, normally just to roll over and sleep again, in the middle of the night. If you can remember you are actually waking up, you should try astral travel. Try not drinking water before bed, so your body will wake up because it’s thirsty. Only drink a bit of water so you don’t overdo it and feel your body, though. After this just stare at the ceiling for a while as your body drifts off. From there two options will happen. Either you will noticeably feel the tingly, astral sensation of your body paralyzing and your astral waking up. Or you will drift off and be suddenly awakened by an indicator, like hearing the vaccuum noise or feeling tingly. Honestly, middle of the night is the best time to try it. Highly recommended.

Now after this I just want to warn you not to be scared. The first time I tried going astral, it was such a weird feeling (waking up and blurrily seeing my body below) that I panicked. I wanted back into my body.

A couple tries later, and I woke up to hear a giggling child (likely deceased) standing next to my bed. Have you seen any horror movie, ever? Laughing ghost children are scary at night! I willed myself to wake up, and eventually managed to kick my foot awake.

Enter the astral world on a level of love and graciousness! Then you’ll be greeted by some nicer beings, rather than creepy beings and laughing ghost kids.

I hope this gives you lots of help! Happy travels!

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