This is the sign you’ve been waiting for!

LightI want you to know that you have a purpose. You are meant to shine. You have everything you need within you to make all your dreams come true. You have unique gifts and talents and you are called to release them into the world. The world needs you; the world is ready for you, its time to spread your wings and fly. Its starts with 3 steps, once you do those, that’s it, that’s it honey, you’re done. Once you do these 3 steps, you can use them again and again to continue stepping up and stepping out into your truth. For the rest of your life it can be as easy as 1. 2. 3.

1. Heal (yourself and your wounds)IMG_3979IMG_3979
2. Share (your gifts and talents with the world)
3. Prosper (because you were meant to have everything you want)

That’s it, that’s all you have to do to live the life you are meant to live.

It doesn’t make the pain any less, the life lessons any easier. What it does is change your perception so you know that everything will be ok and you can get through whatever it is you must go through in order to grow and evolve.

I once thought I was worthless, not deserving of kindness and love. I once thought good things only come to certain people, that I was born to struggle and I would never have all the things I dreamed about or that I wanted.

Its not true, not for me and its not true for you. The truth is we are all born magical, beautiful beings meant to shine our light and live abundantly. It may feel hard, you may be experiencing what I like to call “a dark night of the soul”, perhaps for even more than one night. Its hard, I won’t lie to you and say its easy, or just get over it, nope, I don’t believe that helps, because we need to feel it, we need to heal it, we need to learn how to love ourselves. These dark nights give us opportunities to love ourselves even more than ever before.

I want you to write and if you are seeing this article, honey, that means you, that means you are supposed to begin writing your story. The good things, the bad things, the sadness and anger, the joys and loves of your life. Its time, you must begin writing so you can find that solution inside of you. Its there, waiting for you to uncover it so you can use your powers to be free and live your life by your rules. Within every problem lies a solution.

eyeYou may even find yourself crying while you write, you may laugh, its all good medicine for you and your soul. Please, write, please share your gifts and talents with the world because it needs you to shine, I need you to shine. Don’t you dare hold back any longer. People are waiting for you to shine so they can contact you for your help. Don’t think for a minute either that you have to give everything away, no way, you most certainly will be paid for your gifts, an energy exchange must take place. Whether they pay you with cash or you may choose to barter, whatever it is, an energy exchange must take place between you and a client. You can do it sweet pea, I believe in you!!!

May you always know you are loved, may you always know you are beautiful and may you always know you were born to stand in your power!


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