You think it, you get it! We’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction but how many of us look out for those hidden messages along the way?

Sun heart We all try so hard to be positive and keep our thoughts focused on the things we want that perhaps, just sometimes, we miss the actual teachings or messages that are being conveyed along the way? This was certainly true for me but then that all changed one gloomy night in the big smoke of Central London… We all give in to negativity sometimes and that’s perfectly normal. The more important our purpose is to this world, the harder our ego’s will work to block us. ♥∼ Very recently, I was down in the dumps and down on my luck. Negative thoughts pervaded my mind and I gave in and succumbed to it all. Not even my friends or family could perk me up with their positivity and I was beginning to lose my way. direction My desires, my goals, just seemed to be getting further and further away until I met a homeless stranger who gave me the most powerful message, a message that I feel compelled to share. The funny thing is, not a single word was spoken and yet his message crossed from his palm to mine and within minutes, I understood. I was a complete stranger to the grey bearded old man but he exchanged a glare that suggested he perhaps somehow knew me once? A familiar glint in his eyes compelled me. The homeless stranger, dressed in his brown rags and bobberly, grey, woollen hat began scratching colourful chalk messages onto the cold, grey slabs of London’s streets. I stood in awe and watched as he carefully etched poems and motivational messages. Some people would tut disapprovingly as they walked by, others would walk right on over his beautiful words and some like myself, would pause to take it all in. ∞∗∞∞∗∞∞∗∞∞∗∞∞∗∞∞∗∞ heartwindow Suddenly, he stopped. Standing up, the stranger reached for his note book and thumbed through the pages. Finding the page he wanted, he tore the message right out of his book and without hesitation, he turned and slowly walked in my direction. With an out-stretched hand, the stranger gave me his message, then turned back around, picked out a new colour of chalk and continued to write on the cold, dank City streets (photo at the end). My eyes dropped to the small piece of paper and it suddenly all made sense. His message was this;

“Do the thing you love to do

And the Universe will take care of you

That’s very simple but very true

It works for everyone, even you

No exchange of words were needed, just these 4 colourful lines of letters and words were enough to change my thoughts. Out of all the people who were standing there watching in a magical silence and he gave that message to me! And it was the perfect reassurance that I so needed at that time.

electric-pink-love-new Don’t EVER give up on your dreams or your desires. The Universe is encouraging you all the time, even when you are in despair. All you need to do is TRUST and all will work out if you really want it to. The messages are all around us to see. We just need to learn to let go and LISTEN. You may at times give up on the Universe but the Universe will never give up on you  🙂




Snapshot of just some of the lovely chalk messages; x



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