A Spirit light pictureFor every action there is a reaction. For every present moment there is a future moment asking you to trust. For every inner knowing there is the outer world tugging at your life. The only way to move forward and learn lessons and grow is to connect with the song in your heart. Stumbling along the way is truly the epitome of success. If you have the notion that an obstacle is an integral part of the process, then half the work is done, and a deep breath can be had. To honor what’s in your heart is the highest achievement of your purpose. Why exactly are we here? It is to ascend into bliss with another and complete the mission of service. We can try and do it alone, but the real work begins when you listen to your inner song and follow what the heart is telling you. It always works in your favor when you believe that the other person who you have chosen to share your life with is that exact person who shows you more of who you are. This is the path of the sacred song. If you can sing it from your insides, all of the beauty of life will transform and be at your side for the duration. The path may not be clear every single day, but it is there and it is real.

Transformational changes are popping up everywhere. People are tuning in to what truly drives them to seek changes within. It is usually in our relationship with others that we gather more heart data for our continued momentum. Whether lover, business partner, family, or casual friend, our special song becomes activated when we deliver our best selves to the relationship. I can’t imagine a world that continues to be in detriment when the citizens are expanding and choosing different courses of action. Only through loving actions can we become more affected and sensitive to the highest good of our soul.

Building a lifetime partnership of love

Building a lifetime partnership of love

The propensity to dive into new actions is completely furthering where our world sits right now. Greedy people are becoming more giving. Lack of emotion and vulnerability is giving way to openness and authenticity. People aren’t waiting around for their ship to come in; they are choosing to be at the helm guiding their craft to greater heights. Those in stagnant jobs and work that is unfulfilling are now changing direction into careers of service. Global issues are no longer relegated to the country in strife. The entire world wakes up to what is happening and feels the empathic connection to those suffering. Karmic relationships are coming full circle and sealing lasting love and kindness. These are all examples of honoring your sacred song. Without the perspective of dreamers and doers there wouldn’t be an overall shift in the way we live today.

How to listen to your intuition and respond from that place is different for everyone. We are all so unique and finding our own ways and having faith that all will be well. If it’s not, we keep trying. What better way to invest your energy than sitting still, paying attention to your surroundings, having heart-throbbing conversations with others, and following your purpose once you become aware of it.baby steps

I can think of no better way to spend each moment than hearing the song of my own calling and taking it out into the world with love.

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