As you may know, intuition can be a fickle friend to some.

Everyone is born with their intuition intact, but many people as adults assume that they don’t have an intuition. Many people have actually said those words to me- they claim they don’t even have an intuition! I assure you this is far from the truth.

Intuition is sort of like a muscle. You have to exercise it to keep it healthy and functioning.

If you reject every message your intuition gives you as just normal thoughts, and don’t notice when premonitions come true, then you are not accepting your intuition. Therefore not letting it grow and develop.

Trusting your intuition starts with trusting YOURSELF! You should always recognize that you are a being who was born with psychic abilities and is worthy of using your inner power for good!

Once you accept the power within, so to speak, you will become more connected with yourself. Start to notice little details, like having bits and pieces of dreams come true, or feeling a sensation in your body before a friend tells you they have an ailment. Accept these as your abilities!

Psychic ability comes in many forms. You may hear voices of guides or intuition (clairaudience) or receive messages as a mental image (clairvoyance) or even just suddenly know things (claircognizance.) Whatever you find your true inner power to be, use that! Let it grow!

Did you know you can even practice intuition and psychic abilities with your family and friends? An interesting little intuitive game I suggest playing is “guess the fruit” or “guess the color.” One person thinks of a fruit or color, and the other person tries to receive. The best way to do this is to have lots of emotions and images associated with the color or fruit. If you think strawberry, don’t just think the word. Imagine succulent strawberries in a picnic basket, placed in the warm sun under a shady oak tree. So if your receiver comes up with baskets and oak trees in their head, they are heading in the right direction!

Remember that you may at first have several ways of receiving intuitive messages, or only one strong one. No matter what comes to you strongly, you can still develop in your weaker areas. Personally I like to have a sort of “go to” modality or receiving. So while I practice all of them, I keep my clairaudience handiest. You are free to choose what feels most comfortable with you when you try to send and receive messages!

When you practice your intuition, don’t get discouraged. For some people it happens quicker than others. Don’t worry! You will find your way to your goal of a strong intuition with hard work and perseverance.

Have fun practicing!

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