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In the 2012 individuals felt a shift into what many call “a great spiritual awakening”. In this way thousands began to wake up to the Causal and Astral heaven with its countless sub planes with the help of various Light beings to what some call an awakening, “ascension”, a near death experience, an “angel” or  a “light being”, miracles or having a profound break through. Beyond 2014 now the opportunity to wake up to an entirely different level is opening up to the spiritually adventurous individual. We can learn out-of-body Tuza Travel and hence move far beyond the physical, astral, causal, mental and etheric planes and experience levels of heaven largely unknown to the very core of the heart of true Self Realization and God Realization. In this article I share an exciting video of an experience I had of out of body travel to the God Realms. I also share some vital insights for making a spiritual quantum leap of your own.

This next level of spiritual awakening requires a complete paradigm shift, a total leap of faith beyond old spiritual realities. It requires a sort of quantum leap beyond the reality or dimensional realms we have become used to following or just prior to 2012, meaning if we hold tight to old beliefs, old opinions, dogma and being socially correct we will not have the eyes to see nor the ears to hear what divine spirit is telling us with great clarity and great love.

For many the prospect of this is frightening as Soul tends to cling for thousands of years to a fixed way of seeing the spiritual grand design, a fixed paradigm. But often divine spirit goes far beyond all human expectation. The great love of divine spirit communicates that we are finally invited HOME, to our true home far beyond the realms of matter and mind into the realms of pure spirit in worlds of brilliant white light and divine sound to flow with the essences of the universe, God.


We need not wander aimlessly, pleasuring ourselves and punishing ourselves with ceaseless incarnations.  If you are hearing this or reading this you are a worthy one who has earned the right. It may have taken you well beyond thousands of years or far more. Even if you consider yourself flawed, imperfect, already evolved or even as far as a psychic criminal, God has no concern for your lower bodies and their foolish mistakes or fleeting accomplishments. We often unknowingly choose to punish ourselves until we realize God. We realize God is and that life is an empty shell without God…without fulfilling our higher destiny of Self Realization and God Realization. Many choose pain or fixed spiritual reality; For what? For no reason other than to exist in the state of raw habit. God loves Soul to its core and embraces Soul in God’s divinity which flows from the fountain of truth, spirit, light and sound.

We can return to God not by reading books or through prayer or meditation but by Tuza travel to awaken in the God Realm, to its reality. This out of body Tuza travel is not limited to the Astral plane as is astral projection. We are not referring to the powerful illuminated deities (mistaken for God) nor the impressive entities of the astral planes which is often considered the pinnacle of the spiritual worlds. The astral plane is but a way station among many countless way stations along the route that leads to home in the Ocean of Love & Mercy.

How do we find this route? How do we close our eyes and make this leap of faith moving to an entirely different level? As said moments ago it requires releasing attachment to being socially correct and have the preferred opinion of spiritual grand design which is that which often binds Soul in a cage of its own making. Instead we can be like the bird set free to heavens that follows the winds of divine spirit itself.

Often we may put others so high above us that we think they are more special then we are: Entities, Light Beings, Ascended Races, Gurus, Celebrity Authors. We may parrot their words like a puppet. A guide is needed but Not in the way of personality worship which can make us ignorant of our own realization. Or equally as disjointed we think others are so far beneath us that we are more special than they in spiritual advancement therefore we close our ears (to vehicles of God) putting ourselves high above others hence denying our own realization. Either extreme is dancing within empty light or shallow darkness like a faceless apparition that has no destination but the lower mind realms.

It creates enemies where there are none, fighting battles with itself or delusions of spiritual splendor and grandeur in the lower heavens while admiring its own vanity. When will Soul learns that it need not punish itself and feel indefinitely obligated to make reincarnation a habit like the drunk who clings to his bottle because it is so safe and familiar. Where does his bottle bring him but more suffering, pain and habit or the thrill of empty pleasure like the pleasure and M.E.S.T. (matter, energy, time and space) Miracles found in the lower heavens of reincarnation.

The Soul in the lower worlds is often like the drunkard who is fixated to one way of being (one level of heaven) or he does not recognize his own worth. On some level of his being unconsciously feels that he is not worthy of God…not worthy of a the next level of a more realized spiritual life. He might clings to the dreams of others putting them high on pedestals because on some level he feels he is not worthy of God or he falsely feels that he is aware of God’s presence when he is not yet fully God Realized. On some level he believes “I am not worthy of God.”

This is a mistake as the next shift that goes deeper than 2012 is when the Soul can forgive itself and let go of worshiping how great it thinks it is or is not. It can look beyond its progress or how advanced and brilliant or how unworthy and flawed.  Attachment is a disease, a disease that today is as prevalent as the days of the black plague in the dark ages and it grossly infects both the beings of light and the beings of dark. Some may balk at this but Soul will often only see that which rubs its ego sweetly.  Truth can be a healing salve that at first may sting. Reincarnation is a disease which often goes untreated and uncured.

Often God hands Soul its answers on a silver platter but Soul in its confidence looks away. It clings to its dogmas, its fixed opinions, self aggrandizement and social norms and continues the journey out of sheer habit.

Here is a video about an out of body experience of spiritual awakening and how we can make a quantum leap spiritually by learning to visit these realms ourselves-

All Souls go through countless incarnations of great saintliness and great sin and everything in between. In the lower heavens we will often have the feeling of having great spiritual control and great spiritual advancement. Most messengers however will not tell the individual the truth, that reincarnation is a prison which in golden ages is locked with a golden chain affixed by our own hand.  The more Soul can drop the gold chain of opinion, the more divine spirit can unlock the gates to a greater spiritual destiny. Divine spirit flows though us like a wave of brilliant white light and radiant sound.  This wave draws Soul out of its lower bodies, eventually into the very heart of God.

We return to our physical body as if born anew and we are never the same. What we eventually learn is that all of these worlds exist simultaneously but we must unfold eventually reaching total awareness of the pure positive God Worlds including the very heart of God in the Ocean of Love and Mercy.

By- Sra Heather Giamboi
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