It’s another April and Earth Day is almost here. And while environmental progress has been made, it seems as though we’re always playing ‘catch-up’ or indeed ‘patch-up’ when it comes to the health and sustainability of Mother Earth and her inhabitants. It’s important to note that according to Kuan Yin, we are living in a specific Collectively Agreed-upon Reality System primarily dominated by the “not enough”, “better than” and “survival of the fittest” beliefs. Take heart: the earth is sick but it is up to us to heal !!!

Because of the Law of Attraction, these beliefs can have ramifications for both personal and mass reality: “Humanity has created itself around the ‘survival of the fittest’ belief and the fearful belief that there are not enough resources. Unfortunately, many individuals really believe there are not enough resources for everyone.”-Kuan Yin

By defining us as Creators involved in this specific pre-birth agreed upon “Collective Agreement”, Ascended Master Kuan Yin has answered what may be the most important questions for this or any other era: who are we as a species and why are we here? For what we believe, we will certainly perpetuate.

The current state of affairs of war, inequality and environmental degradation cause many modern philosophers to question whether we, as a species, are innately cooperative or competitive. Often Darwin’s research on the nature of various species is cited as an explanation for acts of war and aggression; that humanity is a naturally competitive species.

Periodically, biologists have emphasized the competitive aspects of survival. However, Darwin himself recognized and pointed out the greater advantage of cooperation within a local group of a species. Indeed, in times of disaster we witness our overwhelming kindness and assistance to aide in victims’ recovery.nuances

Having Free Will, humanity engages in a full spectrum of activities ranging from altruism to greed and war. Why is compassion and cooperation so often overshadowed by inequality and conflict? What are the societal pathways that have to be changed so that the majority of societal norms (intentions, actions, spiritual goals) point toward the compassionate end of the scale?

“Many contemporary religions don’t ‘get it’. The indigenous tribes are the most powerful as many of them are so in harmony with nature as to be really, really divinely human. They’re so in touch with their humanity that they’re totally in tune with their Diva nature. They know that human/nature harmony is the crux of spirituality. Of course there is always the criticism: that “better than” mindset. Humans say they’re better than each other. And they say they’re better than nature. But they’re not. It’s ludicrous to compare the intelligence of other living creatures to human intelligence. Plants have enormous intelligences and spirituality. However, the “better than” mindset greatly contributes to the ongoing environmental destruction.”-Kuan Yin

“I’m being shown [a reality] where everyone is simultaneously aware. Because the earth plain is so dense, the dimension I’ve described can’t be replicated here. However, we can strive and learn from this other reality.”-Lena Lees

“You can’t replicate it here on earth because not everyone would agree,” Kuan Yin concludes.

According to Kuan Yin, this is because “not enough”, “better than” and “survival of the fittest” (Fear Triad) belief remnants of the original collective planetary agreement can contribute to any emerging Personal or Mass Evolutionary Potential. Certain Fear Triad subset beliefs are also attracting disembodied spirits to earth. These spirits are apparently “fabricating situations they believe they need to survive”; potentially thwarting efforts towards environmental solutions:

“There is now so much global investment in the belief that ‘oil is life’. The energy has been built up to such an extent as to attract disembodied energies. Someone who is actually quite weak can appear strong when ‘backed’ by these energies.  [This] powerful mass of souls strongly believes that oil is life. They also have the mindset that it is the only thing keeping them in existence. In other words, if the belief goes, so do they.” -Kuan Yin

The deity further explains that because of their belief that “oil is life” these entities are obsessively reliant upon specific traditional technologies. We could project a strong desire that sustainable technology was the standard. The more that we focus and act towards creating a world powered by renewable energy, the greater the possibility for such a manifestation.

During the aforementioned Lena Lees’ trance session, Kuan Yin had come riding on the ocean waves, regally perched atop an enormous dragon. Clutched in Her hand was a staff supporting a huge, black, rock-like disk. Describing the disk as a symbol for any detrimental environmental, energy or economic paradigm, the Goddess proclaimed:

“So, this inaccurate [not enough and better than] belief system, this “untruth” has magnified itself. And as in all inaccurate belief systems, nature will oppose it because it is too dense. Conversely, Nirvana is very light, very ethereal. Untruth (and even truth) must eventually be broken down into no thought.”-Kuan Yin

Continuing to describe the disk, Lena states, “It is very hard in texture. Kuan Yin is lifting it up like a mountain. It’s a giant disk of great density. She’s balancing it on Her staff, while she continues to ride upon the dragon across the ocean.”

Representing an extremely limiting and solidified Evolutionary Potential, the disk, according to Kuan Yin, must be slowly dissipated. Maintaining, “The energy of ‘good’ will reach these energies like a prayer,” Kuan Yin is emphatic, stating: “The disk cannot just be destroyed. If that strategy is ever attempted, many will perish”.

“Kuan Yin is putting her hand on the thoughts that make up the dense disk. Now I truly see what she is doing. It’s alchemy!”stars_geo

“Yes. There’s a balance that makes something holistic and in truth. What I am placing my hand upon is a dense conglomeration of stuck energy made up of certain ideas. Naturally, not all ideas are included in this energy. It needs certain elements, things sprinkled into it gradually. Having compassion for the ‘untruth’, that is what’s missing. I’m sending compassion into this rock. One needs to slowly add elements of insight to reach truth…I am making a path of breadcrumbs back to one’s true divine and peaceful nature. Every period needs some breadcrumb-makers.”-Kuan YinI dare... I explore... therefore I travel


From:  “Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin”

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