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You are powerful


Stop being scared, powerful creator being, you came to this Earth for a purpose. You create your world everyday with every thought and feeling. You came here to revel in life, to enjoy your senses, to live in love and to create the life you choose… So why is it you’re scared? Many Lightworkers and healers have something holding them back from truly letting go and shining their light. You’re not alone. For so many centuries sweet people with a connection to The Earth were hunted and hurt.

We have been in hiding. But this is the golden ticket lifetime! This is the time where you can shine, and share your gifts with others who need your help.. But yes, it is scary at first.

What have you been hiding from? How could you give more to your passions and to The World simply by embracing your gifts and who you are? Knowing what you want to do is key in manifesting what you really want. But another part is accepting where you are first.

Manifestation is a process… Yes, it all starts with appreciation, but if you feel scared instead of Grateful then you need to take some steps to deal with that fear. As you accept the fear (instead of ignoring it), it relents and will dissolve into your body and you will move up the emotional scale. So thank your fear for letting you know that something could go wrong. Thank it for trying to protect you.

Gently send it love and allow the fear to be there, just keep sending it love with your heart. This is an effective technique used in EFT Tapping, which is incredibly powerful for manifesting as it transforms negative feelings so you naturally think more positively… But these techniques can work on their own as well.

Another thing you can do is to identify your fear and name where you feel it in your body. Again, no need to try and push it out (has that ever worked so well for you?). Instead do the opposite, and allow it to expand. Allow yourself to feel the fear as it is, and love it anyway. Tapping on your acupoints will greatly help this process, but again it is worthwhile even on it’s own.

Not sure which direction to go!

Not sure which direction to go!


Where do you have fear and resistance showing up in your life right now? Maybe you want to make a change in your life, or you’ve had a brilliant idea but find it hard to move through to the action phase. It can be difficult when you brim with big possibilities but feel stuck, scared you might do it wrong. Maybe you’re scared of being judged, or deep down you could be scared of the responsibility getting it right would bring.

What can you do about it? Well a good place to start is to be kind to yourself. Don’t be mean to your fear. Really, your fear is simply trying to protect you in its own way. It is only a part of you that has been hurt at a younger age (and/or in another life). It is simply a protection strategy, which probably worked quite well in some ways.

You have time… It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, when you are ready The Universe will line up the opportunities for you. There will never be a last chance ever. You will always have another option, another joy, something else around the corner. But only when you are ready, and not a moment before. You can tell if you are ready, by how you feel. The more in line you feel with what you are thinking, the closer you are.

How ready are you? If you aren’t so inspired that you spring into action, then take your time. You need more emotional groundwork before you proceed. Positive action springs from inspiration – where you are so excited for your idea, it flows right out of you. If it’s not flowing then you need a little more time, and that’s ok.

Enjoy it!

Actually, that’s the prescription. To enjoy. Spend more time visualization your dream, what it is you really want… Focus only on what feels good, think about small stuff you appreciate and back away from anything that doesn’t feel good. Focus on the parts of your dream that feel believable, basking in the sunshine of your happiness – Even if it takes days.


Being in nature raises your vibration

Being in nature raises your vibration

This happened to me last year, so instead of forcing the work I needed to do, I took over a week devoting myself to being happy. I read things that inspired me, went for walks, meditated, lounged around and even watched some TV.

But I kept focusing in on what I was creating, feeling how good it would feel and then one morning I woke up and everything was flowing out of me. I had to jump out of bed to grab a pen!

So remember, YOU are a powerful creator being… No matter how scared or lost in life you might feel, every moment is a chance to raise your vibration with a happier thought.

Life will always throw surprises, and that’s ok! You will get through them, like you have gotten through them all so far! Some of it have been really hard… But how much of it turned out easier than you expected? I bet you might even have some times where your fear completely got in the way of succeeding! Use it as a learning curve so next time you can stay calm and happy, no matter what is going on around you.

Of course, honor your feelings no matter what they are. Now, you can look fear in the face and say “I love you” and trust that it will work out in the right way. When you are in a state of appreciation, you are connected to the energy that creates worlds. When you are fearful, you are cut off and unable to think clearly, so are more likely to miss opportunities.

You have a beautiful gift and many talents, along with dreams and adventures you wish to pursue. You are the creator of your own reality, so stop being so scared, powerful creator being – you are doing a good job. Even your fear has been doing a good job the only way it knows how. So love your fear in your heart so it can transmute into Love and Light. Open to appreciation, love yourself completely and forgive yourself for the days you can’t… Everything is happening in Divine right timing, don’t you agree?

one thing

What is one thing that you can do today to get your inspirational ball rolling by being happier and more appreciative? Please comment below and share the love!

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With Love and Appreciation

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