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The style that you possess and walk through life with is your own. Whatever essence is bestowed upon you when you make your grand entrance into this world, it sticks with you forever and ever. There is nothing that, or no one who can, sway or deter your inner being from staying on your path to what your heart and soul truly needs. We always have the option to renegotiate with ourselves as to how life will develop and evolve over time, and it is with the surrender of moments that everything begins to take shape.

The Universe always has a plan. It means putting one foot in front of the other, slowly and mindfully, allowing Mother Earth to take over and watching yourself navigate the world in a way that is in alignment with how our society is awakening and transforming. There is a prevailing theme this year that far surpasses any other year or decade in the history of mankind. With our supreme knowledge and understanding of how things need to change, why they need to change, and what we can collectively do to foster that change, this is where we stake our claim. We each have a reason for being here, a purpose. It is so unique and vast that oftentimes we mull through the conundrum of obstacles and challenges with haste, forgetting that the bigger puzzle requires patience, kindness, understanding, and a wealth of love.


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Just how our purpose matches up with our desires has to begin with daydreaming and a vision. I have had my fair share of rebellious years, pioneering my own spirit into what I deemed necessary at separate intervals throughout life. Without knowing then, I never deviated from my original blueprint of what my Higher Power had in store for me, but I had a vision. Painful times were matched with glorious events, but never did I feel as though I wasn’t blessed in some way, shape, or form. Life wasn’t always pretty, but my true grit shined in the lowest of moments. That is the heart of the matter, being able to claim your essence despite what others think on any given occasion, or how life is supposed to turn out.

We are not here to please the masses, we are here to serve others and respect what has been given to us since birth; the graceful ability to acknowledge that life is cyclic in nature and Mother Earth has just about every inch of evolution covered. We need to get out of our own way, in an effort for spirit to move us, and for our purpose to rise up. Letting go of control is primary, and all action thereafter is survival with grit. Grit is that very earthly and grounded feeling that arises when we are spinning out of our minds with fear and confusion and worry, yet we can summon the strength from the deepest resources of our personal well-being and carry on.
How can we continue to claim our grit in an ever-changing society when technology threatens who we are and our connections to each other? It is a true balancing act. People are constantly rushing around from one place to the next, over-committing to people and projects when they need to be resting, staying in life situations that are well past their expiration date, and feeling angst and depression in a comparative world. Sleep becomes jeopardized, relationships suffer from lack of emotional intimacy, and creativity takes a back seat to the more practical demands of daily life. Striving for the perfect way to be is not a graceful method of existence. It is surviving in fear mode, not boundless love mode.


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There are old truths of living and new truths of being. The baby boomers were brought up to conform to the old truths of tradition and follow rules and never even consider breaking them, especially women. Yet, the female species is now charting a path of creativity and innovation so groundbreaking that it is causing the male species to stand up and take notice. Women have the nurturing, sensitivity, and loving power to carry the torch brought to them from our ancestry days. Women no longer want to be subservient to a male world, and their grit is coming through in tidal waves.

The beauty of this new found energy is the need to honor our true selves, our purpose, our path, our essence. We have the resources to put on our “big girl” pants and be responsible enough to take care of ourselves. Everyone is different. Everyone carries a unique weight on their shoulders. Everyone is capable of taking the new paradigm by storm. It’s a wondrous time, a very sensitive time, an almost intensely over-producing time.

The grace and purpose is our mission and our signature. If you delve deep into your spirit and get to know the real nuts and bolts of your heart and soul, this cosmic shift happening will only perpetuate the true grit that lies within.

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