Many students of the wide world of energy often start with wanting to see their aura. It’s seen as the “gateway drug” of clairvoyance. Once you can see your aura, it’s much easier to see spirits, entities, orbs, environmental disturbances and all of the other transparent phenomena that is usually hidden from us.

What most people don’t understand is that they already see this energy. It’s just not what they expect it to look like. This article will debunk the color blob aura myth and set you on the path to expanding your sense of spirited sight, in other words – teach you how to see your aura. There are even cat visuals to demonstrate.

This is an example of what most people expect to see when learning to view their aura:

They think that big blobs of color will appear effortlessly before their eyes like those pictures people have taken at psychic fairs. I’m always open to the possibility that this will happen when I’m teaching this skill, but only about 5% of students will see color, ever.

If color does appear right away, it will normally be a very small piece, transparent in nature, above part of a limb or shoulder. The person will probably only see one color at a time, and not the full spectrum like in picture to the left. Our gorgeous model, Baby, is enjoying her day and would certainly have a lovely full aura to view.

What Baby’s aura would most likely look like to a beginner, is this:
realaura 1

There would be a very small gap between her fur and a gray fuzz. The fuzz would be about 2-3 inches thick depending on Baby’s mood. The more excited and happy she is, the bigger and more dense her aura will appear. The same goes for people.

So now that you have your expectations sorted out, are you ready to learn the easiest technique for seeing auras at will? Yes? Good! Now head to a bathroom.

The bathroom has the perfect set up to see auras.

There is a big mirror, a curtain (usually), a light switch, and a door. You want to close the door and the curtains enough so that there is only a small bit of light in the room. You only want to be able to see your outline in the mirror. If you can’t see yourself anymore, open the door some more to let more light in.

Now look into the mirror at your shoulder. If you have long hair, tie it up in a ponytail. You want to look past the line of your shoulder into and onto the wall behind you. Keep both your shoulder and the background in view and soften your eyes.

You will begin to see a very clear line, about half an inch thick, appear right above your shoulder. This is the gap created by your electromagnetic fields repelling each other. You’ve heard of how magnets will repel each other if they are the same pole, right? This is the same for your own energy. You’ll notice that this gap looks clearer than what is above and below it.realaura

Above the gap is fuzzy, dense, gray, and looks like television snow. That is your aura.

Hang on though, if you look at the fuzz you’ll lose the whole thing. Go back to looking past your shoulder and the gap will reappear. Then you’ll see the aura again. Until you get good at this, just keep finding that clear line, that will illuminate your aura for you.

You can now play with it. Slide your hand through it. See if sparkles or threads appear. Check out your hands the same way you looked at your shoulder. You might see energy shooting our of your finger tips. Look at other people, too. If you’re bored sitting in class or on the bus, look for a clear shoulder and see what happens.

It will be easiest to view the aura in a contrasting setting, like a dark bathroom, at night, or when you are wearing dark clothing.

This is because the energy of the aura is light gray. The darkness makes it stand out. More tips are to get very excited and happy before trying to see your own energy. Amplify your mood if you can by chanting, singing, dancing or meditating. This makes it bigger and brighter.

And remember, don’t get discouraged by having the wrong expectations. You will most likely not see this:

If you get discouraged, just stare up into the night sky. What you will see is not a static, dark blue backdrop. You will see a very active field of moving particles. That, my friend, is the energy that makes up the cosmos and all the rest of everything we see. It’s us and our pets and what lies in between. Don’t let your mind talk you into believing that energy can’t be seen. You see it everyday.

Wishing you blissful explorations in aura viewing!

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