“And when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself,
the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy
and one will not be out of the other’s sight even for a moment.”
2,500 years ago…

When it comes to Twin Souls, much has been written on the subject. But this quote by Plato perhaps comes as close as human words can in describing the unique and fulfilling nature of this relationship. “I” have been lucky enough to have met mine while in this incarnation, and while THAT in and of itself is not unique, the fact that we both were able to recognize each other as such is, was and continues to be the most amazing happening in this life for me, despite the fact that we are now separated by the vibratory state known in this world as death. Like all twins, “I” feel that mine is the greatest one to ever exist and that her story needs to be told. So with your kind indulgence I would like to tell her/our story.
In this life I met Deborah/Deb, in High School. It was a meeting that never should’ve taken place given the facts. Along with Deb, I reunited with most of my soul group at this time but that’s another story. I was the only member of our group to actually be born and raised in our town, the rest moving there as young kids. Deb was a year and a month older than me, and I was born on Christmas which put me very close to the end of the year when it came to registering for school in the first place. When my mom took me down to register in 1967, my birth date and age SHOULD’VE disqualified me but they registered me in without a peep. Deb, on the other hand DID get registered the year after she SHOULDVE been and as a result, where SHE would’ve ended up as Class of 1979 and I as Class of 1981, we both found ourselves as members of the Class of 1980.
To say that Deb was physically stunning was akin to calling DaVinci a “good painter”. In a decade that saw women dressed in bell bottoms, tight shirts, and long feathered hair, usually blonde, Deb had it all and in spades. She was THE prettiest girl in Walpole High or in town for that matter and as a result, had a pretty long line of tongue wagging men, including teachers walking behind her all day. Despite being the de facto “queen” of Walpole High, she never acted it or even realized she had this status. She was down to earth, kind, funny, charming, and intelligent. She could be as feminine as any girl there and yet could hang with the guys and talk cars, music, etc. The first Day I saw her and that long blonde hair offset with her pale green eyes I felt something. I felt a sense of awe and amazement, love and longing, and a connection that I just couldn’t place. It wasn’t the same as what the other guys felt or wanted her for. This was far different. It was as Plato had said, finding that other part of myself. Deb felt it too but being immature in the ways of all things, especially remembering WHO we truly are, we didn’t figure it out for a long, long time.
While we were in School Deb and I would see each other every day at lunch time. Deb and I, my cousin Kevin, Deb’s pal Lisa and My pal Gary all together at that time. This group would later be revealed to me as part of my inner soul group along with Deb’s sister Dawn who was but a year behind us in school. At the time Deb was in a bad relationship with an older guy who was possessive and immature. As our group got closer, she gravitated to Gary for the last half of senior year. Deb and I had developed a big brother little sister protective type of relationship. Now you’re likely asking yourself, Ok if these guys are twin souls what is this putz doing letting his friend move in? Simple really. As I said, neither of us were all that mature at this point and in MY case I simply did not feel worthy of this witty, intelligent, extremely beautiful woman. I was an overweight guy that wasn’t all that attractive anyway and I NEVER thought that Deb could ever feel that way for me so I was grateful simply to be near her and if she was happy? Then I was happy. Deb on the other hand felt very similarly. Comical when you think about it. A drop dead gorgeous woman who doesn’t think that “I” could be interested in HER!!! Well Gary and Deb had their thing of about 6 months and it ended with graduation. At the time I thought EVERYTHING had ended at graduation. How wrong I was.
While our group split pretty much up to go and have our adventures (lives) Gary and I stuck together till 1989 when I moved to NY. I saw Deb one night in 1989. She saw my car outside a local gin mill in town and she came in. We were both alone and sat and talked for a few hours. She later told me that she was inches from simply asking me to go home with her, but she didn’t. Again, our own insecurities stopping us just before the gate. We said goodbye that night and I would not hear from her till 2008. When I did, the floodgates could no longer hold and our joining no longer denied.
In 2008 I had a dormant account on Classmates.com. No real info or pics. It just sort of sat there. One day my higher self, (that little voice that people hear), said, you know, you really should put up some pics and tell your story, it’s been pretty interesting you know. My ego argued against it. Well, my higher self prevailed, resulting in me posting pics and my story that evening. Not 48 hours passed before my twin reappeared in my life for what would be the final yet most rewarding time OF my life. A Bittersweet Symphony as the song says. And in Typical Deb fashion, not missing a beat, she said simply, “Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you forever”. Little did she know at the time that I had done the same with her!! This time would be different. It was our last chance together and Thank God, we took it for all it was worth.
Within a couple of weeks of talking we both had realized and admitted to each other all those feelings that we had suppressed for all those years for one silly reason or another. We spent HOURS together online talking and unburdening our soul to one another. I say SOUL because twins do share ONE soul. We both had realized the opportunity we had missed marrying other people instead of each other, either by mistake or design, that we had all the same thoughts, feelings, and dreams. I can’t remember WHO said it first and it isn’t important because the reply was immediate and identical, but one evening while signing off it, it went something like this in no particular order..”Good Night My True and Only Husband”, “Good Night My True and Only Wife”. WHO SAYS THAT? Twins say that. We knew it, we felt it, and we expressed it. We knew it at our soul level. We ARE each other now and forever. She insisted that we go to bed at the same time just to be together even though we were 200 miles apart. THIS is significant because, you see, Deb KNEW at her soul level that if we did this we could be together in the astral.  

Shortly after this I successfully astral projected to her. Shortly after that, we communicated telepathically. I was driving in NY one day and I heard her beautiful voice plain as day say…”hey”. I didn’t respond. A minute later..another “hey”, this time a bit louder. Still I didn’t respond. A moment later a very forceful ”HEY” came through loud and clear. This time I thought it would be prudent to answer so I called her by phone. It went something like this…”Babe, are you calling me?” “YEAH! Jesus Christ three times, what are you deaf?” Now while this is amusing, it speaks to Deb and her own abilities, She never had telepathy with anyone before in her life yet, she KNEW that if she called me, I would hear her.
As we grew closer and closer, unable to be without each other even for a moment, we decided that we should make the arrangements necessary to make this permanent. This would mean two divorces, and a total restructuring and relocation to Montana, (A place w both chose), but we didn’t care. We’d have lived in a refrigerator box as long as we were together. But, as I would find out later, and sadly, our life contracts didn’t read that way this time. This would be our last incarnation and we would have to wait until we were both home to be fully reunited. The next 4 months would be the worst of my life preceded by the greatest moment OF my life. Again, that Bittersweet Symphony begins to play….
Deb and I got together privately on June 6 2009 for a scant two hours, but in those two hours we lived so much together and within each other that there is no treasure on Earth or in Heaven that I would trade those two precious hours for. I will not be childish and lie and say that was no intimacy, there was. But not due to any form of lust or physical want that is known here on Earth. Our physical embrace was necessary to and for us both in order to experience the fulfillment of BEING ONE. At one point we sat Indian style facing each other and naked to the world. Now remember that neither Deb nor I were comfortable with our bodies. Quite the opposite in fact. But in that moment, as we looked at each other and at ourselves, we WERE PERFECT in every detail. To be in that love and acceptance and understanding was the most profound experience I have yet to have in this life. We had our time, we made our plans, and life seemed new and wonderful again. It was the last time in my life I was truly happy. The coming months would bring a sadness that I never knew possible and drove me as close to taking my own life as one could ever come.
In July 2009, Deb got pneumonia, which quickly developed into Pulmonary Fibrosis, a disease that basically turns the lungs to stone. She was put in a medically induced coma, and while there suffered heart attacks, collapsed lungs, blood clots, infections, and finally irreversible brain damage. She lingered for four months that way, and every weekend I made the trip up to see her. This caused me no small amount of difficulty at home as I attempted to explain the nature of a Twin Soul to my wife, who is not spiritual in the LEAST, believes in nothing if she can’t buy it or possess it, and would not sign on to this situation in any way shape or form. During those early days of Deb’s hospitalization, I got reacquainted with her Sister Dawn. Dawn is every bit as wonderful as her sister and in many ways she is as like Deb as she is different. The first time I got close to Dawn I could feel the spiritual connection between us, her own innate spiritual ability shining through and her Love and devotion to her sister. I approached her about aiding me in doing energy healing on Deb. Though unsure of her own abilities, there is no length she would not go to for Deb so she signed on.

When we started working on Deb, the results were positive and hopeful. Dawn and I would work on Deb’s energy all weekend and by Monday she would show signs of rallying only to crash badly the following day each time we did this. What I initially chalked up to me not expending enough energy on her turned out to be Deb actually fighting us. SHE knew it was time to go and she was going. IF we had succeeded in saving her, even if we had brought her back to 100%, we would’ve screwed up our agreement that we’d made in Spirit and she would not have been where she is now spiritually. As much as the human in me HATES to say this, I am glad we failed, for hurting her or her lesson would have hurt me far more than losing her temporarily. Deb left this incarnation 4 days after her 48th birthday. The resulting hole left in me would threaten to consume me over the next two years and it is only thanks TO Deb and Dawn that I am here to tell this story.
The darkness that surrounded me in the time after Deb left was complete, without light, hope, or end. She has never left my side in the nearly three years she has been absent, yet that didn’t help. The constant Love and support from Dawn (despite her OWN grief), was not enough. No one thing was. There were times I stopped eating, drinking, caring or engaging for days on end. I took ridiculous chances, thought about creative ways to check out and prayed for death daily. ANYTHING that would get me back to her I wanted. Two things helped to change that in conjunction with the unconditional love that these two amazing women have showered me with. The first was a very clear and unequivocal message from Deb through a very gifted medium. Deb told me that this WAS the plan, that we BOTH agreed to this for HER benefit and spiritual advancement, and that she was waiting for me, flowers in her hair, wedding gown at the ready for these two twins to be rejoined the moment I return home totally. In addition to that, I have been studying an amazing OBE program that got me Out Of Body in January of 2012 to be rejoined with her on the astral where we were to merge our energy in a way that puts ANY physical touch in THIS realm to absolute shame.
Shortly afterward, this same medium asked me what Deb was showing her with the “pitter patter of little feet”. Well Deb and I had planned on trying to have a child together here, but that wasn’t it. What Deb told me was that our merging during my OBE had enough love and energy to bring forth another soul. That soul was OUR son born into Spirit/Heaven.


As per our agreement, (Deb’s and Mine) he was named David Angel as I WOULD’VE been had my mom had her way. Knowing these things has given me the strength that I need to continue. The OBE’s give me the DESIRE to continue since every time I get out of body they are waiting for me. I have had OBE’s in which I have gone “home” to our house in spirit and been with both my beautiful twin and our son, now about the equivalent of a six year old boy here on Earth. BEFORE this happened Deb sent me a picture. She does this a lot with songs, messages etc. All our loved ones in spirit DO if you care to be open for it. But she sent this photo of a woman that looked amazingly like her, dressed in a white robe with a small boy next to her also in a robe. She is pointing to something out of frame off in the distance. The Earth and other planets are in the background as well as the stars. In a corner a man that can be taken as Jesus is sitting alone under a tree thinking and looking off into the distance. This is significant in that she uses Jesus as a reference for me due to my birth date of December 25th. When she sent me this picture originally, I had NO idea that it would turn out to actually BE what now IS.
There are other things in this story.

 In fact, many more, and each time I consciously get Out of Body It grows a bit more, but this I think, gives the best overview of my WONDERFUL TWIN, what an amazing soul she is and that the power of LOVE, CAN and DOES bring forth new souls on EVERY plane of existence. It’s the greatest of all powers to be sure. I hope that this story in some small way has helped others who may have found or are still searching for their twin. I live for the day when EVERY SOUL in creation knows the joy and completeness that Deb and I have been lucky enough to experience. I Love You Deborah, You are my Love, My twin, my soul and my TRUE and ONLY Wife. And our son David, the purest expression of our Love, is the greatest gift of all. You are the BEST of what I am, because you are ALL that I am.

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