Seven Keys to a Breakthrough Session with a Healer or Coach  ~ By Michael Alperstein

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Being with a healer or coach joins you into a spiritual partnership. When two people come together—one with the intention to be of service and one open to receive—a transformational energy field is created.  An appointment with a healer (or life coach, massage practitioner, intuitive, therapist, etc.) can deepen you into Self-revelation. One fabulous session can accelerate your life path, dissolve old wounds, and empower new solutions.  But what causes one session to be life-changing and another to be a forgettable experience?

There are a number of factors, but one key that supports breakthrough is this: A full connectedness with and embracement of the realization that healing comes from a spiritual Source within you, from a depth in your Heart.

When you know healing emerges within your heart AND you realize the very action of going to see a healer or coach IS opening to receive help from this inner Source, you set the stage for a breakthrough session. Your session gets infused by an invisible Universal Power.  When we tap into this Universal Power, big issues become small and fade away.

What can you do to assist transformation and expand into this Universal Power? Here are seven keys:

1. Make Self-Awareness Your Underlying Purpose

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You may have a variety of reasons for having a session: To heal relationship challenges, de-stress from a job, attract prosperity, alleviate pain, and so forth. However, along side whatever goals you have, I suggest another goal, one that is not about getting anything new but simply about knowing your Self.

Self-awareness means open Heartedness, a stronger sense of Self, a conscious feeling of inner light. It is the feeling of being your best, shining Self.  Perhaps you allow this feeling to emerge when dancing?  Or at the ocean?  Or in being with children?  It can arise any time, so GO FULL ON FOR THIS FEELING IN YOUR SESSION.  It is the feeling of being LARGER than your problems.  It is a wonderful aliveness, an expansion of your Heart.  Make this your underlying purpose and your session will serve you even more.

2. Make up New Rules

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Take responsibility for your own growth by stepping out of expected behaviors. Suppose you are getting a massage for example, and you feel an impulse to write down an insight, or get up and stretch, or sit on the edge of the table. Do it! Allow yourself the freedom.
Share beforehand with your practitioner that you would like to trust your instincts and follow your Heart.  More often than not, he or she will welcome this.  Why?  Because most good healers and coaches realize spontaneity and intuition support change.
So if you feel like singing, sing!  If you feel like using a technique you learned years ago, go for it!  If you are guided to take a break and go for a brief walk, do it!  Making up new rules is not about rebelling.  It is about trusting your intuition, assisting the Universe by assisting yourself.

3. Allow Room for Silence and Meditation
It is important to realize both talking and silence have their places.  Talking is powerful sometimes.  We all need verbal wake-up calls, guidance, and action steps.  However, many seem to forget the power of silence.  Silence implies listening and receiving energy.

“With the gift of listening comes the gift of healing.” ~Catherine de Hueck Doherty

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Consider this:  Don’t try to get rid of limiting thoughts. ‘Getting rid of’ is a judgment and that NEVER works. Instead, pay attention to the TRUTH WITHIN, the feeling of a benevolent knowing in your HEART. Listen to the knowing within. With deep listening of this truth comes the gift of self-healing, and limiting thoughts break apart like dried leaves when the emotional energy you spent trying to get rid of them relaxes.

It can be extremely powerful to sit in silence, even with a coach.  Words only take us so far.  In quietude and Presence, something magical happens beyond the word exchange. In fact, sometimes words reinforce “poor me” stories.  Avail yourself to sacred silence.  Feeling, experiencing, and breathing in silence can dissolve old issues.  Silence opens you to true Grace.

4.  Give Healing to Others

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Both before and after your session (and sometimes during it), explore the possibility of giving support to someone else. This support could be given silently or by taking action.

There is a strange paradoxical law of the Universe that goes as follows: The more you give the more you get.

There is an inexhaustible supply of healing light in the Universe that naturally flows and renews itself just by giving some away. If you send out healing energy, or simply appreciate and feel gratitude for others, you will receive more of the same. Giving creates a space for receiving.

A few ideas: In the days and hours before and after your session, you could offer a shoulder massage to a platonic friend, send encouraging emails to people, smile purposely to a stranger, donate some money, or send positive thoughts to another country. Keep the energy (chi) circulating and watch how this expands the benefits for you.

5.  Set Aside Perfectionism

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The desire to seek perfection is ingrained in a lot of us.  We’re frightened of judgment when we think we’re not perfect. We all want love.  But true love, unconditional Spiritual love, embraces all our so-called foibles.

Don’t demand perfection of yourself.  Be okay with your imperfections.  Be okay with where you are and what you are feeling. You are not supposed to be feeling anything other than what you are feeling now.  This attitude supports healing more than anything.

Don’t expect perfection of a healer or coach either.  If he or she is heavy, or has cancer, just got divorced, or has a cluttered desk, these don’t have to be reasons why they cannot be a support for you.  What is in a person’s heart matters most.  We don’t have to be perfect to help each other.

6. Give Yourself Time to Integrate
Sessions with coaches and healers have a way of setting something new in motion.  They often trigger new insights, dream experiences, feelings, courses of action.  Sessions stir the “spiritual pot.”  After your session, give yourself time to integrate and act on the help you received. Revelations from sessions can continue to come days or months later.

7.  Marvel at the Roles Being Played

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Although one person plays the part of a healer and the other the part of a client, there is a common ground beneath such roles. We are teachers and students for each other. Sometimes you play the part of healer and sometimes the part of client. One part is not better than the other.

Understand, something unites them both. Whichever word you use to describe it (Universal love, God, Light, Spirit, etc.) there is a unifying factor at play for both people. Something bigger than the exchange is going on. Something magical occurs in session time regardless of ideas exchanged.  Both people are working with Light.  When two or more are gathered, there is love….

Remember: God/Goddess/the Universe is in all. With this knowing in your heart, your session is more about “Being the Healing Energy,” rather than receiving the energy.” You are the key to change.  You are what you are looking for.

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