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Welcome 2014!! I’m so excited to be shifting into another year of Divine Love. 2013 served us in so many ways to heighten our awareness and I know that this year will be even greater. We’ve planted our seeds; now let’s watch them grow!!

I’m honored to share with you my weekly interactive oracle reading. I love the interactive readings because it helps YOU tune into your own intuition in finding the message for yourself. This empowers YOU and will help you to become more sensitive to what Source is sharing with you. How it works is simple:

Close your eyes and take 3 slow deep breaths, clearing your mind. Now, open your eyes and choose a number from the list below and scroll down to the corresponding number. There, you will find your message. Ready…set…GO!

This week’s Interactive the Ascended Masters Oracle by Doreen Virtue.


Choose a number…1…2… or 3…

1)    TWIN FLAME-Aengus: Are you seeking to find your twin flame? This card comes to you to remind you that all you seek is within you; even your twin flame. Too often we look for a person to fill that space of romantic love not realizing that the key to a physical reunion is within YOU!

 articletwinsAs you evolve on your inward journey, you are clearing a path to your twin flame reunion. As you heal past relationship traumas, by Law of Attraction, you open the space for a physical manifestation of your twin. Divine timing is at work here so patience and trust is key.

Maybe you have already manifested your twin but you are unsure of this truth. This happens because when twins reunite there is often an upheaval of emotions and it causes you to doubt. Remember that we are here to evolve and ascend and our relationships with others are what show us our shadow through the power of reflection. When this occurs it can bring about deep fears and pain. Hang in there! Don’t give up! You are growing from this experience. Remember to be the observer and don’t project any harsh emotions that you may feel. Go inward and transmute that energy to create healing for your twin as well as yourself and all those influenced by your relationship. When you can take responsibility for what you feel, you are bringing that energy into the world and it impacts everyone as a whole. So allow the pain to be there and surrender it to love. Ask how you can serve and be the conduit for divine love…not only in the twin flame relationship in everything you do. Our lives are about service and sometimes that means simply healing your own pain.


2)    ARTISTIC EXPRESSION-Paul the Venetian: What is your artistic expression? Maybe you are unsure or just have no idea how to express yourself artistically. Don’t fret! Try something new. Draw, paint, write, dance, sing or take a chance and make the effort to do something you never thought you could do or even considered doing. Find a place to take lessons to play a musical instrument or buy a drawing book and give it a shot!

Regardless of what your artistic expression is, it is very important you find an outlet for this energy because holding it back can be toxic for you and even lead to addictions or 1213depression (as well as other dense energies which get stuck in your system). Set your artistic expression FREE!! It is so important to express yourself in every way that brings about LOVE. After all, we ARE expressions of Source and if we block the expression of Source, we are blocking ourselves from the magic of LOVE within us.

I’ve recently started learning to do wood burning creations. Through that, I’ve discovered a hidden talent and I’ve also realized that I can actually draw and each one I do gets better and better. I’ve even gotten paid for some personalized creations and it’s FUN! Now, I am also drawing and painting mandalas and other forms of healing art on canvas. I never knew I could do it until I took a chance and tried. Sometimes when I feel low, I get out a piece of wood or some canvas and just draw what I feel in my heart and it turns into a beautiful artistic expression and it helps me heal and raises my vibration. (The image I’ve shared is one of the first I created and since then, my ability to draw trees and nature images in a more realistic way with more detail has strengthened. This image is “Inner Wisdom with the Strength of the Mountains.” The Rune symbols are “Self-Wisdom-Self” which to me expresses “Inner Wisdom.” Just like the trees and mountains, we are also wise and ancient souls.)


3)    YOU CAN DO IT!-Archangel Michael: “Can’t” is a limiting, dis-empowering word! It’s time to remove that word from your vocabulary/thoughts and replace it with “CAN”!! If there is something in your heart which appears in your thoughts and you have a desire to do it, don’t destroy that dream by using the word “can’t” because “can’t” is a lie! The desire is there because your soul wishes to experience whatever the desire is. Allow it and tell the inner child:

You CAN do anything! The desire is there for a reason; to serve a higher purpose and to set you FREE! Forget fear and jump right in there! We can and WILL do this together! You are powerful! You are strong! You are confident! You CAN do it! I AM powerful! I AM strong! I AM confident! I CAN do it!

12131Remember who you are! You are not some limited being dominated by fear and lack of confidence. Those are illusions you have created to keep yourself safe; but even that kind of safety is an illusion! Set yourself free today by turning your “can’ts” to “CANS”! Believe in the power of Divine Love within you; that is your source for ALL things and there is NOTHING love can’t do!!



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