Do you find yourself easily falling into the role of a powerless victim? Me too! Last night my sister and I were talking and she validated a situation in which I was treated poorly. Upset me so much I could not sleep.

These types of situations reflect the theme of one person feeling superior by casting someone else to play the inferior role.  Who determines what role you will identify with?  As we start to become familiar with archetypes and distinct energy patterns we start to learn that we have a choice in this.

The victim is a great archetype that will send you a signal before you fall into victim mentality once you get to know it better within yourself.  The victim alerts you to the situation in which, if you do not intentionally do something different, you will become a victim.  The part of you that says, “Hey, I do not like what is going on here” is the victim!  By recognizing when the victim becomes activated within you, you can start to turn the victim archetype into an ally.

Once the victim archetype alerts you to not be a victim, an encouraging archetype to align yourself with is the warrior.  The warrior is not an archetype that I readily associate with.  I would rather not get my hands dirty, and let other people handle the confrontations.  Many warriors begin the journey feeling weak and smothered by someone else’s authority: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, many of the princesses in ABC’s Once Upon a Time.  Greek mythology tells the story of Psyche, whose future mother-in-law, Aphrodite, sent her off to accomplish dangerous tasks.

The warrior has a power and protection to it that will allow you to take your power back.  It will supply you with courage and strengthen your boundaries.  It will keep you focused on what is important rather than the unimportant opinions of others.  Warriors have a clear sense of what they want to accomplish.  Takes dreams and goals, ideas, and creative a plan.  The warrior provides discipline and a strategic retreat, when needed.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.

-Anais Nin

Warriors know not to enter a battle until they are prepared for it.  Preparation can take many forms.  Last summer I was asked to read a few different versus from the bible during my brother in law’s wedding ceremony.  That wedding turned from an anticipatory event to a dreaded event.  I succeeded at the ceremony because I had practiced and practiced those bible verses.  I practiced annunciations, practiced when to take breaths, and practiced how to keep the flow while turning the page.

Be prepared and be honest.

-John Wooden

Preparation also involves energetic protection.  Energetic protection starts with the mind and it protects you when you must engage with a negative individual.  Preparation is a good daily meditation and cleansing and strengthening of your chakras.  The warrior will help you mentally prepare for your day so you can be sure to stand firm and keep your power regardless of others’ behaviors.

The warrior has a paradoxical lesson to teach: those who put you down are creating the dynamic causing their own weakness.  It may be possible that you currently are in a relationship with someone who needs you to sustain their self-esteem and keep their ego inflated.  An evil queen needs to belittle the peasants in order to validate her own sense of power.  For the longest time, my husband and I received messages of, how dare you live in the city where all the crime is?  Your kitchen is the size of a postage stamp, for goodness sakes!  Your children do not even have a back yard!  Well, let me be sure to send you a list of lovely ranch houses that are for sale in a better part of town.  Power is being able to shine your own light amongst all of the crazy nonsense that the world spews at you.  The warrior’s lesson might be something to remind yourself in the early morning hours when you should be sleeping instead of worrying about how someone treated you at a particular moment in time.



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