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While you’ve probably heard of the Law of Attraction; that like attracts like; what you may not know is that it is the Manifest Mind—a direct extension of who you are, that the above universal law operates through.

Having written several books on the Law of Attraction as well as incorporating specific LOA teachings and techniques in my hypnosis practice, I have learned the amazing biologically-innate system within each of us that automatically transfers thoughts into matter. And now I want to, step by step, teach it to you. My Mind to Matter System is universal, involving your innate Reasoning and Manifest Minds as well as Law of Attraction techniques that can be applied during one’s day to day life. Giving form and direction to our lives, these teachings can bring to the fore of your life extraordinary potentials that you may not have been aware of.

Kuan Yin has spoken of the “Wind”: Your potential to utilize your Free Will for Consciously-Created Realities and the “Waves”: Your potential to continue creating Default Realities from existing Karmic Patterns. Directly inspired by my epiphany dream showing the crucial dynamics of Mind to Matter manifestation and by my Spiritual Guide and Channel, Kuan Yin, “The Manifest Mind: the Missing Piece of the Law of Attraction Puzzle”, leaves no stone unturned for understanding and consciously directing the innate and automatic processes between the Reasoning and Manifest Minds.

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These teachings concern the amazing and magical interactions between your known, waking reality perceptions: the domain of the Reasoning Mind and your unknown, subconscious reality Evolutionary Potentials: the domain of the Manifest Mind. They beautifully illustrate how emerging scientific discoveries suggest that humans are hard-wired to create their own destiny through these processes. Whether properly directed to achieve Conscious Creation or left to its own devices, thus creating Default Realities, it is your Creative Force energy constantly operating through these two minds that governs all manifestation.

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Specifically to comprehend how human’s respond to subliminal suggestion, scientists, marketing companies and perhaps even politicians have studied and are aware of the subconscious mind’s (Manifest Mind’s) subtle and not so subtle vertical responses influencing human behavior. They know that whether suggestions are directed from the external Reasoning Mind (or by subliminal means) or without any deliberate directive, it will nevertheless continue creating waking reality objects and events. In its autonomy and without any conscious external directive, therefore, the Manifest Mind will continue to create Default Realities that may or may not serve your best interests.

Corroborating ancient spiritual teachings with newer scientific data, this manuscript demonstrates how we all possess extraordinary innate manifestation powers. It opens vast new psychological territories through linking human manifestation potentials with ancient spiritual wisdom.

Supporting these revolutionary teachings are elemental facts and forces that most of us are familiar with. Everyday, our decision-making mind (or Reasoning Mind) helps discern what is best for us. In trance and dreams (two expressions of the Manifest Mind), we enter realms seemingly having infinite possibilities. From the day we are born, therefore, we already know some of the ways these two mind modalities operate.

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Now, you probably routinely experience yourself in dreams. You could perceive yourself as the observer, the main actor or even a supporting actor. You might even encounter a you who is barely recognizable. Kuan Yin has stated: “It’s a dream. Remember? You’re living a dream. It’s very complicated to hold the dream and live the dream. You are learning the art of juggling the dream and the world of dreams.”

During the year 2013, I had an epiphany dream. I took away from the dream that while the Reasoning Mind automatically utilizes innate, differentiating problem-solving tools and is therefore essential for navigating waking reality, it can get in the way of developing ‘other-worldly’, yet innate, capabilities. Because much of waking reality is usually about the Reasoning Mind’s honing of these problem-solving tools, someone may be reluctant to accept certain metaphysical teachings as truly pragmatic. And if the Reasoning Mind is too insistent that certain seemingly ‘physical’ impediments cannot be overcome by expansive thoughts, mastering important manifestation techniques may prove to be elusive.

The information presented herein can (when properly implemented) reap tremendous rewards: transforming all levels of one’s existence. Woven throughout are case histories and recent empirical data proposing humanity’s powerful and innate manifestation-processes. This book offers the potentially life-changing Mind to Matter Manifestation System demonstrating how Law of Attraction dynamics interact with the Manifest Mind for the most divine life imaginable. This manuscript can show you:

1. The Reasoning and Manifest Mind Realms

2. Your Seven Innate Forces

3. Your Seven Levels of Emotional Being

4. The Seven Actions Associated with the Seven Body Chakras

5.  The Mind/Matter Cosmic Interface Point of Power

6.  The Eight Ways to Align your Reasoning and Manifest Minds

7.  The Language of the Spheres

8.  The most important emotion for Mind to Matter Processes

Above information is from Hope Bradford’s newly-released book: “The Manifest Mind: the Missing Piece of the Law of Attraction Puzzle” © 2014 Hope Bradford, available at:

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