As 2013 came to a close, I observed many people reminiscing on the challenges that they faced throughout the year. Chaos seemed to have been just around the corner of any pleasant circumstance, even in the places least expected. Everything in our lives that wasn’t working for our highest good fell apart.

‘Good riddance to bad rubbish!’

 It was as if the swift hand of the universe took the broken stool you were standing on, right out from under your feet causing you to fall. Yes, you were standing on it but it was broken…so it had to go.

More people are waking up from unconscious living. The veil is lifting.crystal2

 With the energies of 2013 leaving the question remains: Now what??

 The question should be: What do you want? 

Think of it in terms of the universe just wiped your slate clean. Keep in mind that energy flows where attention goes. This means that the area you are putting your focus in is getting the most energy flowing to it. If you are focusing on the negative aspects, then your energy is going to create more negative aspects. Don’t leave it to the unconscious thoughts and emotions created from reacting to life’s circumstances. Learn to respond and create your successes.

 Everyone is looking forward to 2014 and waiting for their personal karma to change for the better. I have seen and heard people pledging their New Year’s resolutions; while others reject the thought of a resolution, knowing full well that they have no intention of being self disciplined enough to follow through with a promise they made to themselves.

 A resolution is an intention. It is a promise to take determined action in finding an answer to something that has been so far unattainable. Think of your New Year’s resolution as your long term goal, something that you will strive to accomplish within the next year. ˜´˜♦ Get creative in your thinking!! ˜´˜ A good start to finding a New Year’s resolution is by reflecting on 2013 to see what in your life wasn’t working out the way that you wanted it too.Wisdom - Seeds of Light

 Here is a list of things to get you started on finding a resolution:


  • Improve a relationship
  • Find a new job/ career

  • Learn a new skill

  • Redecorate/improve your home/work environment

  • Improve your health (eating habits, exercise, sleep, stress management)

  • Deepen your spiritual practices

  • Make your home more ‘green’ (environmentally friendly)Earth heart

  • Do volunteer work

  • Forgive old resentments

  • Listen, more than you speak

  • THINK before you speak- Is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring?Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?

  • Practice more self love

  • Enjoy more nature

  • Read more books

  • Donate to a charity

  • Less television , more music

  • Eat more healthy foods

  • Learn to cook new meals

  • Make more time to RELAX

    Picture by Ellen Vaman.

    Picture by Ellen Vaman.

  • Smile more often

  • Make new friends

  • Travel somewhere new

  • Take that vacation that you haven’t had in years

  • Master your finances

  • Simplify your life

  • Spend more time with family

 Don’t stop after you’ve identified what you want your resolution to be, plan the steps it will take to follow it through! Make realistic expectations. If you experience a set back, remember you can always make another effort to try again.

 Whether you are looking to revamp your life, or need help planning the steps that it will take to arrive at success; having a Life Coach to work with is an excellent way to find an area to focus on and implement plans of action to achieve your goal. If you need help in finding a Life Coach take a look at the directory on and do a search for a Life Coach. There are also subcategories in the Life Coach section to find a Business Coach, Spiritual Coach, Relationship Coach or Family/Child Coach.Message Stones

 Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Let 2014 be the year of purpose and intention. Take the lessons of the past with you, release the negativity and move forward into the awakening of the Age of Aquarius.

 ˜˜Remember to live everyday with integrity˜˜  Happy New Year!!!

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