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“The earth teaches that everything is spirit!”-Kuan Yin

As an empath and teacher of metaphysics, I’ve received many reports, throughout the years, of individuals being helped by the spirits. Indeed, I’ve had numerous personal experiences; messages from the spirits proclaiming the coming of some wonderful event or warning of some dire outcome.

My first spirit communication came when seeing and speaking with my oldest son’s soul, a few months before he was born. That amazing event showed me that the spirits care about us and are always with us.

Approximately a year before the Loma Prieta Earthquake, I had an interesting dream. I was sitting in a Shamanic Circle around a camp fire. It appeared to be some kind of spiritual training group, as each soul practiced directing the energy of their intentions.

southern alps
paul bica / / CC BY

 In my waking life, my left shoulder had been bothering me for several weeks. Somehow aware of my discomfort, the leader of the group suggested that I send (with my focused intention) healing energy down through that shoulder and then down my left arm. Feeling the new, transformative energy traveling throughout that part of my body, I then realized the pain had changed into raindrops that were now dripping onto the earth from the tips of my fingers. Fascinated by my ability to transform the discomfort into raindrops, I suddenly heard and felt (from within my dream), the violent shaking and rattling of my bedroom window. Alarmed and awake, I called to my husband: “Did we just have an earthquake?” Hearing him answer “No”, I somehow knew this was a true premonition and that we should immediately purchase earthquake insurance.

Much later, I had what to date may be my most surprising dream premonition. In the past, my dreams involving messages from spirit had accurately advised on crucial personal and financial issues as well as warning me about the Loma Prieta Earthquake. So I was not one to lightly dismiss these kinds of communications.

Earlier that same week, my son had sent an email listing a townhouse he was interested in purchasing. As real estate in the area was in high demand, he and his wife’s former bids on several properties had already been declined.  Two nights later, at four o’clock in the morning I was awakened by a lively group of spirits excitedly spiraling and swooping about my head. They told me that this time my son and his wife’s bid would be accepted and that they soon would be moving into their new home. Furthermore, the spirits were emphatic; saying that this was an important turning point; an ushering in of a very fortunate time for the entire family.

While the spirits are often known for helping humans, we also are sometimes able to assist the spirits. On Christmas day, 2004 the catastrophic Indian Ocean Tsunami made landfall. Claiming hundreds of thousands of lives and displacing millions more, the earthquake (and its resulting wave train) had, in a matter of minutes, wrecked havoc on eleven countries.

Profoundly influenced by the news of the suffering millions, Lena Lees (the psychic who channeled the Kuan Yin Spiritual Teachings which I transcribed for “Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin”) also had another, more personal, reason for her grief. Unsuccessful in her efforts to contact close friends living in southern India, she had cried incessantly throughout the days following the event.

Immediately following those tragic days, the souls who’d crossed over during the catastrophe came to Lena, as spirits had so often done in the past. Indeed, Ms. Lees had from childhood almost nightly experienced souls coming to her for assistance. Understanding even at a young age that she was blessed with special abilities enabling her to communicate with those who have passed on, Lena would use her clairvoyant gift to help the troubled spirits console grieving relatives and loved ones.

Now once again awakened from her slumber, Lena felt a heavy weight bearing down upon her chest. Aware (from past psychic experiences) that the heaviness was caused by one or more “visiting energies” (souls) wanting her attention, she was utterly immobilized, unable to move her limbs. Hearing an eerie sound—similar to wind rushing past the side of her face, eventually Lena was successful in comforting many of the restless spirits.

My personal experience assisting recently-deceased souls came in a dream wherein I encountered a lost and wandering spirit. Intuitively, I knew she needed guidance. Asking her if she would like my help, I saw her nod her head ‘yes’. Following me around some cosmic corner, she and I suddenly saw an opening through what was, in waking reality, an ordinary ceiling. Peering through this celestial window, I spied a blazing sky of undulating shapes and colors: the infinite love of the universe! Watching the woman’s soul ascend, I never encountered her again in my dreams.

---** The Last November Sunset** ---
Rosa Dik 009 — on&off / / CC BY

Lately, there has been a great deal of interest in NDE’s (Near Death experiences).  Because of the abundance of stories that science can now document, many in the West are convinced, at the very least, that a non-physical force does enter or exit the physical body. Indeed, there has always been theological insistence that humans possess souls. Throughout the ages, however, there have persisted questions regarding the nature of the soul. Until recently, some answers and explanations had to be taken on faith. However, the mounting evidence provided by NDE’s offers certain indisputable insights into the nature of soul transmigration and the spirit world.

A crucial part of the cycle of life and death is what has been described as a Life Review. Each person has an opportunity during the period immediately following the cessation of corporeal life to realize their accomplishments or to be reminded of lessons still needing to be learned. At that moment, there is a realization by the soul that whatever beliefs and actions were taken towards others, were ultimately done to themselves. Experiencing the joy or pain of others who they had once interacted with, the soul understands that it is those beliefs and actions that will determine their next spiritual step. As a part of this same journey, some, who’ve been proclaimed clinically dead, are sent back by the spirits to miraculously continue their life here on earth:

Having been in labor for several hours, a woman wondered if today was the day her child would be born. Having stayed with her in the initial hours of her labor, her husband had been sent home. Believing hers to be a false labor, the nurses mentioned it wouldn’t be long before she too, could return home. Having her own intuitive opinion, the woman wasn’t so sure. In spite of receiving ether earlier in the day, the contractions were becoming increasingly more agonizing.

Peering anxiously at the wall clock across from her bed, she was attempting to time the minutes between each contraction. Realizing that her contractions were closer and closer together, she cried out for a nurse to come to her bedside. Realizing her cries had gone unheeded the woman became aware that the hands of the clock were no longer moving. Immediately after that, she also realized that the lights in the hospital room had gone completely out: that there had been a power outage.

bridging knowledge to health
paul bica / / CC BY

Screaming, staring into the void, she suddenly experienced herself floating near the ceiling in the far corner of the hospital room. Looking down upon her body writhing in pain, the woman was happy to be away from that experience. Levitating high above her bed, she was blissfully without pain. Just as she became acclimated to her new situation she heard two voices telling her it was time to return to her body.

“But I don’t want to go back there,” she objected.

“It’s not your time,” responded the voices gently.

“It’s too painful!  I can’t return to my body.”

“Who will care for your baby when it is born?”

Still very fearful to return to her body, the woman finally acquiesced. The moment she agreed to return, she was instantaneously back in her body!

From: “Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin” and “Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings” at

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