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   Mechanical Engineering of the Soul    Doug Webb  2013

  “There is no beauty you could perceive or create if it were not already within you.” –  Peter Shepherd

So, there’s this thing we call Awakening. How does it work? And why do it? Will it help me score with the ladies? And I’m sick of working, will it help with that? And what about this red spot on my back? And don’t forget that my rent is due.
In other words, what is the point?
My life is hard enough, my kids need everything, as well as a good backhand, which I can’t give them, thanks, political correctness. Then you come along telling me it’s me that needs to change, or as you call it, shift.
Look, I love the whole idea that there is something more to life than this work and more work, and that there actually may be a God up there. But honestly, what has He done for me lately? The economy is in a shambles, I can’t afford college or even sports after school, which we have to pay extra for now, thanks again, and everything keeps spiraling up and up. What the heck have I got time for? Meditation? Too darn tired, and too much on my mind. Church? That didn’t do much when my parents made me go, in fact, I couldn’t wait to stop “having to go” every Sunday. More reading? O.K., I can read a little more, but what should I read? I need help now, and therapy is too damned expensive and the people I know who have therapists don’t seem any more awake than me, but they are poorer, and they do get to talk about themselves every week. I guess that’s cool. Not for me, though. I don’t have a big enough ego.

Any of these thoughts sound familiar? How can we all make Awakening and spirituality more accessible? I mean, think of the regular guy, sitting on the bus, what can we say to him to bring him some happiness, or prosperity, or grace?

You and I may have a sense of how it is to be interested in spirituality, but what of the rest of humanity?  I don’t need to remind you that gun sales actually went up after Newtown, and people in general are scared. The economy is not going to improve fast enough to put a smile on everyone’s faces, and even if we all had great jobs, we would then complain about having to work so hard.
We may be doing well, but if we get laid off, and what do we do? Do we set off on the road of self-improvement? So much depends on a fine line between prosperity and poverty. And it too often seems money equals happiness.

There is a big difference between surviving and serving.glowlotus 

It isn’t easy, but here’s what I can do: I can go inside me, where the Universe is, and find out what is there, which I can share, and together, we can shift the world slightly, not to the left, not to the right, but UP.
And by up, I mean right here. The funny thing is that all is well, always, but we have to remind ourselves of that,  all the time. So the shift SEEMS like up, and it could be said the frequencies are “higher,” but that’s just a way to talk about it.
All we are really dong is getting ourselves, and our fellow humans, to relax into what they always already are. The Always-Already State is a Divine Gift, and it is here, now, and you are IT. It is like a still pool of warm, deep water. It is naturally peaceful and welcoming, but we tend to stir it up a lot, and then we complain we are getting splashed. But, if we relax enough, the water calms automatically into that peace again.

Can you feel it?

The fact is, there IS love all around, there IS Grace all throughout us and this realm, and there IS Abundance, Prosperity, Service and Awakening.

And BTW, this does not mean pointing it out. You can lead a horse to water, etc.  Also, Pearls before swine, let he who has ears to s hear, and you’re not the boss of me.
See, that’s the thing about the Wave, it’s an example thing. In other words, I shift and my world shifts. You shift and your world shifts. It may seem like a manual transmission, but it is an automatic. We only have to shift our selves, and people around us shift.

See, another Divine Gift.

As I grow in my Awakening, I can help others, and so can you. It begins easily enough, and it is a way of being a living example of what it is to you. We are not here to live the life of the Buddha, or Christ. They are good examples, but it is up to you to set your own example.

Sometimes being Awake is simply being where you are, fully. If we really are in the present, then the essence of our being is the example of spirit that we have been seeking, and that is all we have to do.

boatWhat Is Awakening?

Awakening is a shift in consciousness, in which we as a species become less and less defined by the thoughts and beliefs in the mind, and more and more motivated and lived by the Universal Consciousness. You can call it the Divine, God, Yahweh, Great Light, Agape, or whatever you like, the point is to begin to notice that you are not who or what you have always thought you were.

It is an exciting and mysterious secret that we share with each other, only some know and others are just finding out.

It is difficult to speak about, especially in the skeptical West, but there are a few ways in which you can directly check out whether you are in control or not.

1. Feel your breath. Just notice it, and then…….try to stop it. No matter how hard you try, you will have an overwhelming urge to breathe.

2. If you do #1, you will be able to notice the urge to breathe. Notice where that urge originates from. This can be done easily by taking a breath and holding it, and then feeling where the urge to exhale comes from, or exhaling and holding your breath out, and noticing where the urge to inhale comes from. Just notice if the urge comes from the mind, or the mind simply reports on the urge.

3. Begin to notice if you really have control in your life. It may seem so, but take a minute to observe how much in your life seems to run automatically, and how much it would take for your mind to actually take care of all details. If you actually observe the complexity of life, you may notice that many, many things have to happen for you to receive even one simple thing. Yet, if you look, you will notice that you receive many gifts all the time. Did you bring them?

4. Feel some Gratitude for your life. This goes beyond being thankful, this takes notice of the sheer complexity that enables you to move and function and have even the slightest feeling of freedom or power. If this was a clockwork Universe, then all your actions would be predetermined. Do your actions seem so? If you feel for even a second the amount of effort that both the Divine, and all the people and things in your world put in to bring you a cup of coffee, for instance, you may get a glimpse of True Gratitude, which is appreciation for the effort it takes to bring even the smallest gift.

So, Awakening is the simple noticing, for a start, that your life, even a simple life, is amazingly complex, and that there is no way our minds, as wonderful and complex as they are, can run the show. If you get a glimpse of True Gratitude, you may observe how that glimpse can change the amount of Grace in your world and you may notice that things improve, just from this simple noticing and feeling.

There are many tools to use to engineer your inner world so it is more comfortable, and so it does more for the world. I think we all want a better world, and we all want to do something to make ourselves better people. As usual, there is a huge difference between meaning well and doing well. And we sometimes don’t have the time, or the energy. So start small. Just be here in this moment right now. Practice that, until it gets easy. If it doesn’t get easy, then you may have to resolve some inner charges and holdings to get the body to be able to relax, and therefore relax the mind.

We’ll get to that.

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