As one of your Seven Innate Forces: Beliefs, Imagination, Intuition, Emotions, Free Will, Vibration and the Creative Force (as explained in Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings), intuition’s part in the complex entanglement of these seven mind forces and the Law of Attraction is important to understand. For example, no one taught you how to have a belief or emotion or to imagine or have an intuition.

Most of us have had some kind of intuition; that mysterious gut feeling or hunch about some formerly unknown outcome. But where does intuition come from and what is its role in the relationship between the ego and All That Is? One kind of intuition is called a déjà vu—wherein someone has a flashback (or flash forward) of formerly being in a specific place or situation. Intruding upon the normal linear boundaries of the Waking Mind, déjà vu is an example of ego’s occasional breakthrough awareness of the ever-present, just beyond the veil, All That Is.

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When moving into my house, several years ago, for instance, I had a strong awareness that I’d been here before. During those first few months, I would dream of some tremendously powerful force emanating from behind the study door.

Looking back, I’m quite sure that during that period of my life, I comprehended this future aspect of myself, perhaps writing the very words I’m now presenting to you. These kinds of events are possible only because no time really exists:

“It’s a dream. Remember? You’re living a dream. It’s very complicated to hold the dream and live the dream. You are learning the art of juggling the dream and the world of dreams…The sense of time in one world is not the same as in another world…You’ve already lived any future lives; all your lives. There is no such thing as time.” Kuan Yin

Contrary to what some might say—that déjà vu is some kind of trick the mind plays when one is tired or confused, I’m quite convinced that this kind of event is an actual bleed-through—a thought attraction from all possible objects and events dwelling in the All That Is.

There are innumerable ‘worlds’; realities created from our thoughts. The strongest, most durable thoughts will ultimately be attracted as a reality. One may then want to ask: “If our thoughts really attract and hold reality in place, then how can we be sure that some personal or mass reality wasn’t actually destroyed a week, a day or even an hour ago and then instantly re-established through the powers of the collective mind?”

Indeed, there are so many possibilities for our demise. Most obviously there is aging and the possibility of physical disease. There are, of course, natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and the like. There are man-made catastrophes such as fire, nuclear explosions, poison gas and of course war. Yet we, as a species, seem to physically endure—at least in this specific camouflage reality.

But what reality are we living? Can we be sure that this isn’t some redundant reenactment of another lifetime? Often reflecting the “better than, not enough and survival of the fittest” paradigm that Kuan Yin insists we are currently a part of, modern radio and T.V. broadcasts contain news items that are largely unchanged from those heard five, ten or even thirty years ago. Indeed, attributed modern names and places are sometimes all that differentiates them from their historic counterparts involving, for example, financial collapse or war.

Similar to this, thoughts can continuously cycle around; attracting merry-go-round-like, redundant lifetimes. In familial and personal relationships; holding onto limiting perspectives about the nature of personal reality, one can continually attract people and events they knew in other realities that never really served them. So, how do we break the cycle of monotony? Attaining a new, expansive perspective on one’s life, (because of the potential instantaneous of the Law of Attraction), one could immediately attract entirely new people and events aligned with their now expansive values.

Several years ago, before I knew Lena Lees, and when I was deeply-involved in my spiritual quest, I dreamt of meeting a fair-haired woman in a parallel universe. Adjacent to one another in some ephemeral classroom we watched idly as people milled about, talking. We suddenly focused on one another, standing across rows of student’s desks. Awkwardly, we waited for the other to speak.

Finally, I said, “I wonder what’s going on; where are we?”

Following my rather audacious inquiry, there was a long silence, what seemed like an eternity. Statue-like, the woman did not respond. Overcome by myriad doubts and even more questions, I held my breath. Had I been too forward? Would she walk away? Was this woman, indeed, friend or foe?

Quite innocently the woman finally replied, “I wonder too!”

Instantaneously, as if two wires had made contact, a powerful current coursed through my body. Awakened to this mind-to-mind connection, trust and then love welled up from my dormant heart. Pulsating through my body, what had been doubt and fear changed into waves of friendship and love. Simultaneously, the strong, positive emotions were altered into pure thought. In some inexplicable mind-body synergy, thoughts melted into words, swiftly undulating up through my solar plexus, heart and throat. Rolling forward and off my tongue was a convergence of sound, my own unique tonalities.

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Awake; amazed and delighted at my own lightening-quick mind/body connection, I was (at that moment) exquisitely aware of how thinking and emotions make it so—how we are the creators of our universe. Only partially awake, there was still something I didn’t quite understand. Having felt the infinite vitality of the universe coursing through my body, I understood the powerful sequence of my personal mind/body events emerging from that mind-to-mind contact. While these initially appeared to be random, disconnected occurrences, I came to understand that the entire process was one integral event.

Additionally, while I didn’t comprehend the full implications of my meeting the golden-haired woman, I knew that on some significant level she and I had connected. To this day, the profound feelings of oneness still haunt me. Reflecting upon the dream now, I realize she bore a striking resemblance to Lena. So it was; that when I finally met her in waking reality, she seemed strangely familiar to me.

I wonder about occurrences of this nature: instances where people seem to already know each other. For example when someone, during a casual conversation comments: “You look so familiar to me. Have we met before?” It’s very similar to a déjà vu concerning a place or event. Even more inexplicable is when two people, who’ve never met, experience instantaneous romantic feelings. Is it karmic? Or is it because these individuals have already met in some parallel reality?

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From: “Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin” & “Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings” at

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