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Hello there! I’m honored to share with you my weekly interactive oracle reading. I love the interactive readings because it helps YOU tune into your own intuition in finding the message for yourself. This empowers YOU and will help you to become more sensitive to what Source is sharing with you. How it works is simple:

Close your eyes and take 3 slow deep breaths, clearing your mind. Now, open your eyes and choose a number from the list below and scroll down to the corresponding number. There, you will find your message. Ready…set…GO!

This week’s Interactive the Earth Magic Oracle by Steven D. Farmer.


Choose a number…1…2… or 3…

1)    CAVE-Sanctuary: This is a beautiful card with a beautiful message. It encourages you to find your sanctuary…within. We can create sanctuaries and holy places outwardly but there is nothing like the sanctuary within. That is where you find yourself; it is where 12-26-1you meet with the Universe and you FEEL who you are in what feels like a soft warm blanket of love embracing all that you are. It is where you feel completely loved and full of nothing but goodness and a sense of well-being that is not found elsewhere. This is where the secrets of the heart are revealed.


This card is like a message directly from your heart calling you to a deeper place and to seek sanctuary within. There are messages to be revealed to you; there are ancient truths to be unveiled. The Universe has the desire to open up within you and surround you with pure love energy that can only be found in your own personal inner sanctuary.


The holy bible speaks of a temple that the children of Israel would build during their journey through the wilderness (their time of seeking the promised land [the inward journey]). Each time they stopped to rest, they would set up camp and construct the temple. Within the temple there was what they called The Holy of Holies. THIS is the inner sanctuary that resides only inside of YOU and it is the space where all is pure, all is good and all is LOVE. It IS you!! To feel the purity of LOVE coursing through your veins and vibrating every cell of your being, go to your sanctuary and just be…just be with the part of you that is pure divine LOVE.


2)    DAWN-New Beginnings: This card bears the energy of a promise; a promise of new beginnings. Maybe you are feeling stuck or tired of dealing with the same things over 12-26-2and over. This card is letting you know that it’s time for something new so allow the old to be released in love and move into the promise of something new that awaits you. You are not stuck. There is nothing forcing you to keep repeating old patterns or experiencing old situations over and over…except you! Embrace these things and allow them to float away on the clouds of divine love. (I like to envision things such as this as though they are fairy dust in the cup of my hands and I blow the breath of love upon them, watching as they float away in a swirl of glittery light up high until I no longer see them.)


It is the dawn of a new day…a new era…a new paradigm for you. AWAKEN! The day is waiting to be seized with your divine love and gratitude.


3)    WIND-Activation: This is a powerful card bringing to you the energy of activation. Sometimes it feels you have gone so deep into your own abyss that you don’t even know 12-26-3what direction the light is in, but the light will draw you and reveal itself to you. Sometimes we must go deep into our own darkness to actually find the light that is beckoning our hearts to come. It is blacker than the blackest and the pain you experience seems almost unbearable; the fear that arises seems that it will consume you but when the light is visible, you realize this was necessary to bring about a higher activation of divine love within you. Focus on love and gratitude during these times. Doing this will help you to shift more quickly and it will bring you joy for the journey. You do not have to suffer so severely. Activations can be tough but by keeping your heart focused on LOVE, you can be joyful through the storm.

Be loving and kind with yourself during these times. Nourish and nurture every part of you because everything that is YOU is playing a part in it all!



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