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The 21st December! What a date! The 21st December in 2012 marked the beginning of the AGE of LIGHT on Gaia.

The 21st December is the Solstice.

The 21st December is special.

The 21st December is a day for the One-Heart.

In 2012 we came together across the Globe for the 21st December. It was a powerful day -the official beginning of the Age of Light. That year was the start.  It was the birth, not the completion of the process. There was light before that year, like there has always been light. The Age of Light was conceived and worked towards long before 2012, and it’s up to us, how long it takes to fully ascend.

The first year, 2013 started for some with disillusionment. Many people were expecting a lightning shift because of the hype around 2012.  All transformation on Earth is a process. Just as the caterpillar becomes a chrysalis, and then a butterfly. So, our ascension into the 5th Dimension and beyond will be an organic flow to the rhythm of Gaia. Ninfa del corbezzolo (Charaxes jasius)

The process so far has been essential. We needed a deadline, so the hype assisted many in waking up and stepping into their power. Many started to experience the One-heart. The disillusionment was also essential. We, as a human tribe, have to feel the need to change and shift. We needed the seed to be planted – a vision of a New Age and way of Being.   We needed to want it before we could go and get it. 

We also needed to  realise that the Universe was not going to hand it to us on a Silver Platter. This is brilliant though!

The Age of Light is something we must co-create together. It is something we must Real-lise. How much more wonderful is the Age of Light when it is Our Age of Light?  It will be created from the Love in our hearts.  It will be Manifested with our energy.  It belongs to us. There is no one day or date where the world will change. We have been gifted with this lifetime to create the change through our Actions, Love and Lightwork.


We are all so Blessed to be here at this time. What a wonderful lifetime! One that holds such opportunity to assist the World/Universe, to expand our own Souls and Hearts. One that is about a deep understanding of the Universe and Self. Our souls are so lucky that we get to be here and grow here now.  Never before on Earth has there been so much opportunity for Growth.  We get to co-create Peace, Love, Joy and Ascension. We get to wake up to the understanding that we are the Universe and are gifted with the same creation and unstoppable love that the Universe is made from.

The gift of being here now, is the journey of learning to understand that we are all ONE.

 We do not know how long it will take, because it is up to us – together.  We will figure it out.  The Universe is watching and supporting.  It wants to see how it will happen as much as we do. When you think about it, it is humbling to think that the Universe trusts us to do this. How empowering is it to think that the Universe respects and trusts us to create the Age of light?

Message from my guides:

“You do not need to worry about the how. We hear many of you calling out this question and we say to you that the how will flow into your path. Your path will become clear and undeniable. 

The how and all the answers lie within you already. They lie within your vision. For the Solution is the fiber of the goal. If you think about what the Age of Light is you will see the elements and actions that are required to get you and your tribe from A to B or from Now to Light! What is most important at this time is that you stay grounded and connected to each other. 

The 21st December every year is to bring you together.”

 Coming together is very important. The message I have had is that Gaia will not ascend without all of her children. No one will be left behind.  So until every single human is in a Vibration of the One-heart, Ascension will not happen.

That is why the 21st December, is so important. My guides say that they 21st of December is the day to come back to the One-heart. The energy of the One-heart is strongest on this day. The 21st of December 2012 was powerful because so many of us came together in Love; our love connected everyone to Earth, Source and each other. By coming together in Love we create Love on Earth and raised the energy Vibration of everything and everyone. It is essential that we come together every year and create a human grid of ONE-HEART Love around the Earth.

The One-Heart is an expansion of our own hearts and love energy. It occurs when our Vibration is lifted into the vibration of the 5th Dimension. It is the energy vibration of “WE ARE ALL ONE!” It is this vibration that will teach us to ascend together.When we fully realise that We are all one , we will not let a member of our tribe starve while we over eat. We will not allow our actions to hurt our Earth Body. We will be at one with the Earth as free and  as abundant as she is. We will not put our animal selves at risk. We will no longer fight each other  (ourselves) over oil or land. We will love all. We will believe in our power because we will know that we are a collective of source. That we are infinite expressions of love. We will move into the 5th Dimension as a collective of Source Light, that celebrates each others’ unique expression of Source.


heart light 1

When the One-heart is active within you, you feel yourself vibrating with the earth, the air, the sky, light, love and all people. We are never out of contact with each other- energy/light- is always touching energy/light. When we open the one-heart we send that vibration of ‘We Are All One’ around the Earth. During early years in the Age of Light, it is important to come back to the One-heart every year on 21st of December. To remind us of why we are here. To recharge ourselves for the year to come (my guides say it is like recharging your batteries). To wrap the world in our love. To seal the work of the year.  To seed our path for the following year.

Most importantly to assist in awakening the One-heart in each other. When everyone is in the one-heart at all times we will have ascended!

Solara An Ra does an amazing One-heart meditation here it is the link:

One-heart Meditation

One-heart Ceremony in Avebury UK on 21st December 2013.  Please come if you feel drawn to, it is free. We will then be preparing for the Indigo Awakening  on 22nd December 2013.

Here is the event link:

If you can’t make it, hold your own space for the One-heart and lets connect across borders.


trust your heart

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