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A strictly scientific approach to human consciousness is probably not sufficient to explain what happened to my hypnosis client, Lena Lees, during the year of 2004. Throughout history there have been crossroads, times and cultures where emergent Guides: visionaries and healers, those who through natural gifts, prayer or trance possess a direct link, channel with spirit.

July 7 2009 Extravaganza - Prediction = True
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Indeed, is it the channel or the spirit who chooses? And what might be the reasons for such a choice?

 Sometimes it is karmic. The channel may have known the spirit personality in another life. They may also have some unfinished business together, a karmic need to once again meet. Another possible reason for such a choice is the channel’s sincere desire to know truth. Such focused intent influences, attracts a muse or entity from the ‘other side’ to come forth.

 So strong was Lena’s intent to meet with Kuan Yin, Buddhist Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, that from her earliest hypnosis session, she could effortlessly contact and converse with Her. While Lena often doubted that Kuan Yin would ever again visit with her, the Deity never once failed to return:

 “Kuan Yin is energy manifested into form. She comes to me because of my intention and hers. My intention to meet her created her.”

 During a later exchange, Lena asked Kuan Yin, “Why am I able to have such a good connection with you? Do we have some special karmic connection together?”

“Oh yes. On the earth plane, long ago,” replied Kuan Yin “You worshiped my image many times. For your energy, your karmic path, I’m your greatest connection.”

Guan Yin
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 “She–Kuan Yin, became very attached to me. She looked out for me. Some are assigned to a deity. I have been assigned Kuan Yin and it means that my energy force is congruent with the way Kuan Yin is expressed in the world. As humans, we’re really even beyond that identity. Nirvana, the path to finding Oneness, can be obtained when identifying with Kuan Yin. However, it is impossible to have only one deity. We all have many deities, as we need their different qualities, energies in order to reach Oneness–the point of no identity…Kuan Yin is reminding me to embrace my humanity.”

In the following session, Lena discovered herself once again back in the bamboo forest, sensing Kuan Yin’s loving presence. In this, their second meeting together, it was becoming apparent that a rhythm: an effortless and natural flow was steadily developing between Lena and Kuan Yin. Lena had previously scheduled our hypnosis session together to be a half-hour earlier. However, between then and now, several unexpected engagements and responsibilities had come up, making meeting at this later hour necessary. Now, lying back and letting go of the day’s concerns, Lena prepared to go into a trance. Having delineated her goals, Lena’s concern was how to better understand decision-making, how to prioritize her life. Desiring, as well, guidance about certain health issues and life goals, Lena informed me she was ready to be hypnotically counted down to her sacred place:

“I’m in the bamboo forest, again,” began Lena, explaining her arrival at her sacred place: “I see the waterfall.

golden waterfall
paul bica / / CC BY

Near the waterfall is a beautiful white silk cushion with Chinese flowers embroidered upon it. Kuan Yin has invited me to sit upon the cushion. She sits down next to me and sets on a table what appear to be three tarot cards. Painted upon the first one is beautiful shiny black porcelain vase with cherry blossoms. I’m enjoying the marvelous detail of the pink cherry blossoms,” comments Lena, deep in trance.

Cherry Blossoms
Jeff Kubina / / CC BY-SA

 “Suddenly, I’m seeing the trees that grow outside the building where I work. Somehow, I know that this particular tarot card represents my work environment. Illustrated on the next tarot card is a very green plant, maybe a Philodendron. Somehow, I know this card represents my home environment. The third card is the most disconcerting. It shows a blackened, bare branch–most likely a symbol for the tragedies and suffering occurring in war. However, it is also a symbol for my bad shoulder and my physical pain.

Kuan Yin is laughing now. She wants me to choose from the three cards. I’m asking Kuan Yin, ‘What’s the right thing to do?’”

“There is no wrong choice,” insists Kuan Yin. “You believe there is not enough time, not enough of you to go around. You will understand your own value when you realize you’re as worthy when doing one thing as when trying to do many things. It is not a matter of how much pain or suffering one experiences that deems one as worthy,” Kuan Yin emphasized. “It is not how productive one is, either. These are unfortunate beliefs. Simplicity is your life lesson.”

“I’m afraid I’ll forget the others who are suffering,” frets Lena.

“This is the very reason the saints don’t immediately enter Nirvana. Even after they’ve attained perfect enlightenment, they cannot abide the thought of even one soul suffering. That is why you, Lena, are still here.”-Kuan Yin…“Certain areas of the earth have more conflict than others. The reason pain exists is because of some of the choices you, as humans, have made. Humans always have a great freedom to choose.”

“Now I see a paint box,” comments Lena. “Some of the colors are clear, some are murky. The colors of paint are metaphors for the choices we all have in this world! I see this. I know this. Yet, I still have more questions to ask Kuan Yin. Innocent people, little children are involved in this war. Why?”

Kuan Yin then replies with great patience and wisdom: “Your senses (as a human being) are relatively limited. Smells, tastes—there are dimensions you are not capable of knowing in the earth dimension. You are very upset about the suffering of others. Yet, it is your concern (your instinct to protect others) that is creating a blockage to understanding the enormous complexity. You think that I’m insensitive. Work on your relationship with suffering. Hold the energy in a non-judgmental way. I’m happy you can meet with me. People have to ask, to care in order to see me! They must have an intention to seek. While I represent nurturing, compassion, I’m not like some of the other saints. Different saints and demigods assist different energies. They come to people in their differing forms and at varying stages of human evolution. There are any numbers of gods and demigods, endless compassion for those who wish to attain a state of consciousness– comfort beyond their current level. There are the lower saints as well. They are the beginning stage and may be closer to the human realm as they feel sorry for people. But humans don’t need pity. They need empathy, detached compassion.”

 “Consciousness does evolve. Kuan Yin is assuring me of that,” relays Lena.

 “Now, I see newer energies, smaller orbs of consciousness. Kuan Yin is telling me they are like cells starting out. It is not good to be too psychically open in a sometimes-difficult world. If someone is too open, they may become vulnerable to mental or physical illness and can possibly destroy themselves. Sometimes you need to comprehend with your senses: to develop the words to understand.”

From: “Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin” at

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