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“You have been gifted with voices which will be heard”

The time is NOW for Indigo Children to wake up into their INDIGO ADULTHOOD.

This is a spiritual Adulthood where you step into your full flow and power.

Why now? The Age of Light on Gaia has phases within it. The first major phase is the ‘Indigo Age’. This age will be one of Great Revolution and Change. The Old Oppressive Political and Corporate systems will be brought down. The Truth will be exposed. All people will be assisted in moving out of the victim consciousness and out of fear consciousness.  

The role of Indigo Adults is to assist in this change. Energy work, Manifesting, Earth Work and Lightwork are a major part of these shifts.  That said, for most Indigo Adults you will also need to get stuck in and “get your hands dirty” in this clean up.  You will assist others through your own example, your creativity, the internet, political protests, boycotting, creating solutions and  the many other forms of physical dimensional action that are required. 


A Message from my guides about the Indigo Age of Light:

“The Indigo energy is one of great power. TRANSFORMATIONAL POWER. Because of this many of you that are awake are shying away from what you have been called to do. We will say to you that the time is now. Revolution is required now. Change is required now. Your Power is here now. The Indigo Adults have been gifted with the ability to create change. To inspire change and to lead the way for change. You do not need to be afraid of this power.  Instead embrace this great power that lies within each of you.  As adults you are leaders, you are here to inspire and awaken the many many many changes that are required on your beautiful planet. This is the salad days of spring in the new age and time to have a “Spring clean”. The old ways of being, the old patterns, the old oppressions will be washed away in the storm of the Indigo lightening.  All that is no longer needed will be washed from hearts, minds and realities of the Gaia light tribe. We press that many of the changes need to take place within the physical dimension.  We ask that these revolutions are enacted with joy, celebration and faith in your hearts. Do not be overwhelmed for there are many of you and each of you know which causes you are here for. Each of you have the lightcodes, master codes, guidance and tools required to redirect the energy of your causes.  Many of you are already starting the energy work that you need to do, but do not forget your other gifts. Many of you have the creative gifts to teach new ways of being. You have the light-fire to stand up for what you believe in and inspire others to do the same. You have been gifted with voices, which will be heard. You have the strength of faith to stand up to adversity. Many of you have experienced deep troubles early in your lives so that you have forgiveness and empathy for those that you must come up against.  This is a call for light arms! Your battles should be taught  (not fought) with love, peace and creativity. When you step into your power you will be able to do this because you will know that the Universe is behind you. This is what you are here for.  All of you have lived with a call deep within you. The time is now to listen to it.”

earth in space

Many of you already know what needs to be done; you already know your causes. If you do not know, then ask you heart what changes you want to see in the world. Your heart already knows. Ask yourself – how can I create these changes?  Start small – the little things matter. Start to make ethical consumer choices, remember your currency has power too! Educate yourself; there is loads of information out there. Share the information. Think about how you can inspire others.  Think about solutions. Send love and energy where it is needed most. Manifest what you want for the future. 

 Everyone’s path and work is different and you will find your own way. You will be guided and assisted in every way. What is important now is to trust, be brave and believe in yourself and each other. Our power against any corporate/corrupt machine or political system is in numbers. We must come together. Remember that the old world was one that was all about divisions – of nations, races, politics, sexuality, class and religion- to name just a few.  The Divisions that once stopped us from uniting, that kept us distracted and stopped us from being free are melting away now!  Together we are powerful! Together we are unstoppable co-creators.



If you are feeling overwhelmed, if you think that the task ahead is too big, feeling worried that you are not able to create change…. stop worrying! You are WARRIORS not Worriers! The key is to take the first step. Come out, speak up, say: “no more!” When you step up – the Universe will show you the rest – all doors will open for you. Take ownership! This is our revolution! Too many people are waiting for it to happen – we are the ones that need to start it.  Don’t get me wrong-The REVOLUTION is written. It will happen. What isn’t set in stone, is how it will happen. This is down to us. We have our free will. It can be be done with a loving passion. Together we have the collective power to create change from a place of love, trust and light. The Winds of change are coming, but the eye of the storm can be safe, exciting and high-vibrational if we  choose it to be.

I saw a JFK quote which to me is deeply relevant to this coming time on Gaia:

“A Revolution is coming: a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough, compassionate if we care enough, successful if we are fortunate enough- but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not! We can affect it’s Character, we cannot alter it’s Inevitability.”

My guides have given me a meditation to activate the Indigo Star Portal in your high energetic bodies. Here it is:


You can use this meditation anytime you need to be in your Indigo power or to get guidance.

This meditation is for everyone: “For this time YOU are all Indigos. Those of you that were born as Indigo children, you need to know you are Adults, now it is time for energetic work, leadership and your revolution. Those of you that were not born as “Indigos” are still Indigo now because you are part of this age and part of this change – we are all one. You are here to balance the energy of the Indigos. You are here to heal, protect, love, teach and support each other.” So Regardless of when you were born (that is a division) you can connect to and harness this energy! 

space spiral

My guides say that there have been Indigo Lightworkers here before. Take inspiration from the leaders that came before, Ghandi for example, his unshakable faith and love was enough. Now we must be unshakeable in our Love. We must lead by example. The Revolution will be compassionate if its people are in the One-heart. It will be beautiful if it is done with Love. It will be wise if its leaders are listening to their higher-selves. It will be peaceful if we are in trust.

The Indigo Age starts on 22 December 2013; whether you are reading this before or after this date – trust that it is the right time for you.

I will be leading a One-heart and Indigo Awakening Weekend in the UK on the 20-22 December 2013. This event is free although you will need to sort your own accommodation out. If you feel drawn to come please get in touch via my website:
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