A peaceful world begins with one person. One person who is brave enough to be authentic; shining the light of their spirit as a beacon for all to see. As everything in life is only an outer reflection of some aspects of our inner self, inner peace therefore leads to outer peace. Each person who is holding a sacred space in their own soul where they can be authentic, is in essence holding space for

Nov 2013 007others to do the same. Surely you have

heard the saying


Make yourself so happy

that when others look to you

they become happy too.”- Yogi Bhajan.


This beacon of light encourages others to contribute to peace. It is a soulful place of honesty and trust

It is not necessarily the similarities which draw us into our bonds with others,

but rather our differences.

People tend to look at relationships in terms of compatibility. In our closest relationships with co-workers, friends, family and

soulmates, we are able to observe what qualities exist that are complimentary.

Everyone is blessed with certain skills or traits which add value to the universal

flow of energy that we are all plugged into.

It is a personal choice we make to either boldly let our spiritual light shine, acknowledging our value or to play small

in the world and “hide it under a bushel”

Once we can identify that there is no need to be competitive, when we are able

to perceive life differently and instead choose to be complimentary to one

another. Although many people are inclined to see life, people, and/or 

Nov 2013 026circumstances as being either good or

evil; understanding that the duality of Yin

and Yang are merely two sides of the

same coin offers far more perspective and

provides deeper understanding.

Love and compassion are found when this concept of perspective is experienced. To achieve

this level of enlightenment we must experience holistic healing. Many people are

fearful to endure the hard truths that are faced during the healing process, yet

still brave enough to persevere in search of inner peace.


Hering’s Law of Direction of Cure outlines a specific natural order that the

mind-body heals in, which leads to true healing without suppression. Homeopathy

uses these principles as a basis for understanding when a client is experiencing

true healing, as symptoms of illness start to fade in this specific order:

  • From above downwards

  • From within outwards

  • From a more important organ to a less important one

  • In reverse order from when they came

Pigeon Point / Sky Whale...
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These laws are not limited solely to Homeopathy.

Healing begins within your spirit

when you acknowledge your true

value, change your mind and then

begin to forward your actions.

As holistic healing occurs, we experience liberation; 

the freedom to let our light shine brightly.

What area of yourself are you willing to examine, then transform so

that you can let your light shine?


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