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“I don’t have any need for material things. Nor, do the laws of karma bind me. I’m free, without any karmic restraints. I don’t get a reward for providing you with this information…Liberating individuals from their suffering is my primary motivation. Of course, the reasons for suffering are as personal and varied as one’s voice or thoughts.” ~Kuan Yin

Addressing the pivotal questions of life, death and reincarnation, spirit deity Kuan Yin instructs us on the potency of loving-kindness: that it is “the most powerful force in the universe”. Indeed, Kuan Yin’s profound level of love and compassion has caused her to often be compared to Christ and Buddha. You might look around at the earth situation and say, “Who will save me from all of this?” Kuan Yin is emphatic in Her response: “”You create your whole world with your thoughts…Earth is a place to live out karma. There are other places, other possibilities. Don’t get too dragged down where the karma is thick. Concentrate on creating the possibilities.”

As a student of metaphysics and the Kuan Yin teachings, my personal experiences as well as Kuan Yin’s explanation of what happens when we die demonstrate a rather unorthodox view of life and death: “You’re at page ten but I understand the entire evolution. In reality, it’s already over. It’s a dream. Remember? You’re living a dream. It’s very complicated to hold the dream and live the dream. You are learning the art of juggling the dream and the world of dreams. Nobody really gets hurt.”-Kuan Yin

planets spaceFrom the above statement, one can assume that as humans, we are far more complicated than the mere supposition that one is just born, lives and then dies. Of course there are more elaborate theories, proclaiming that based on one’s good or bad life deeds, they will either be blessed with an afterlife in heaven or condemned to eternal suffering in hell. The above theories might have lasting validity had there not been more recent challenging scientific discoveries that likely support Kuan Yin’s proclamation of a multidimensional self.

I’m speaking, of course, of Quantum Entanglement Theory and the likely existence of the Multiverse: infinite parallel realities to inhabit. Saying, “The sense of time in one world is not the same as in another world…You’ve already lived any future lives; all of your lives. There is no such thing as time!” Kuan Yin underscores the soul’s immortality within the multiple reality-platforms. At the close of 2010 scientists monitoring the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) pattern perceived at least four concentric rings of lower temperature variation. This would indicate that even before the so-called “Big Bang” at least one other universe has buffeted ours. Indeed, many cosmologists have previously, through other evidence, hypothesized multiple universes: in other words, a Multiverse. Some of the cosmologists, who’d previously advocated this Multiverse, had also theorized that universes are perpetually ‘budding-off’ from a central core area. More recently, the Planck Satellite (launched by the EU) has gathered even more precise data indicating ‘bruising’ of our universe, suggesting there are one or more parallel universes. A crucial aspect of the Multiverse theory is its ramifications for concepts of immortality and of time.

The earth experience demands linear time perceptions. If there are perpetually ‘budding’ multiple universes, however, there was no ‘Big Bang’; no beginning or end (and no sequential time). The Tibetan Kalachakra symbol, sometimes featuring concentric circles (similar to the CMB temperature variation concentric rings) or worlds within worlds suggests that perhaps this knowledge has been available to mankind for centuries on end. Crop Circles (believed by many to be created by UFO’s) also frequently feature a concentric circle motif. There is also another possibility—that the concentric circles represent myriad layered camouflage realities.

One thing is for certain. You cannot take your physical body or possessions with you. What you do take to the afterlife is your present waking-realty accomplishments; sometimes referred to as good or bad karma. Obviously, there will likely be a mixture of both that will be taken into account when you decide your next step in your soul’s Journey.

energyKuan Yin states: “No soul is forced into an assignment upon the earth. Instead they go to their ‘rightful space’…Pious doesn’t mean one has completed their karma. Not until one has experienced the ‘darkness’ (which is really ignorance), is one spiritually complete. Ignorance is a term often used to refer to those who are convinced of something that is not truth. It also can refer to an investment in a certain, limiting identity. One can be pious and good however not necessarily a warrior. Some of those remaining in the ‘loftier’ realms are fearful of being with others pain. It is too scary for them.”

“I’m reminded of how passionate Kuan Yin is about the importance of being human on this earth,” says Lena. “It’s the most important thing in your existence,” continues Kuan Yin. “Your existence is eternal. This phase (of your soul) is so important because you learn so much in human form. This is where the individual’s ‘spark’ of existence can expand into bigger, more powerful energies.”

To understand the importance of the relationship of personal beliefs to the multidimensional self, one might want to first familiarize oneself with how an animated film is produced. Basic animation can be achieved with a flip-book, wherein many slight alterations of an original drawing create a specific effect. For example: a picture of an arm in various positions, when flipped through, gives the impression of movement. More advanced animation processes utilize a technique called parallax or Multiplane Camera whereby superimposed layers of glass with painted images are manipulated. This technology gives the viewer the impression of depth and movement animating what would otherwise be a frozen image. All That Is represents the layered, infinite reality possibilities of all (personal and mass) realities. A single Multiplane glass panel could represent one among the infinite layered, parallel reality-platforms (featuring personal desirable or undesirable objects and events) of the All That Is. Naturally, there will be those that are ‘edited out’, ultimately left lying on the ‘cutting room’ floor.

While juggling sequential and non-sequential events, for example waking, trance and dreams, there will always exist the possibility for experiencing expansive reality ‘bleed-throughs’. These can manifest as visions and inspirations: “Our spirit knows we don’t die nor are we born. If our ego knew what our greater self knows, it would not fear disaster…A person can forget that this life is just one picture out of the entire reel of the movie. They could be frightened of the pain because they don’t know when it will end. But it wouldn’t be so painful if one didn’t fear it.”-Kuan Yin

As discussed, physics now suggests the plausibility of multiple parallel universes. This constantly budding Multiverse is without beginning or end, wherein we each may experience multiple parallel lifetimes. Within such a system there is seemingly no designated hell. On earth, one can experience a variety of heavenly and bountiful experiences. Because we have free will, one can ultimately accept or reject thought structures that include the opposing concepts of hell and evil. Kuan Yin states: “We’re talking in dualities because dualities are built into your language. You may believe that just because there is an absence of good, for example, that evil exists. This is not so. In fact, things are far more intricate.”

Therefore, why not emphasize and affirm a belief in goodness and your own personal heaven on earth? Your reality is not someone else’s manifestation to enjoy or remedy. Indeed, you only inhabit realities that are in alignment with your own thought-vibrations. Just as one could spoil some exotic getaway with unhelpful idiosyncrasies or ethnocentrism’s, someone could carry over to a new life any former restrictive belief systems. You could regard a new incarnation into some self-created reality as an opportunity to heal some unwanted and persistent “untruth”. A new body offers a chance to further discover the truth of who you are and to heal any undesirable karma. You will be no more enlightened than before, though, without understanding that any reality is a specific structure created by your own thought projections and values. They radiate out as energy creating multiple planes of existence.

Addressing suffering and death, Kuan Yin insists we are indestructible, that our “Soul (Core) Essence” senses what is necessary for our evolution and that death is but a doorway to a new life. Disputing any doomsday and apocalyptic theories, she pronounces: “Your precious earth cannot be destroyed!” Symbolically describing the phenomenon of karma and physical rebirth, Kuan Yin states, “[The cartoon character] Wile E. Coyote can get blown up. After that, he may get squished by a bunch of rocks. Over and over he will defy destruction. How many times are you going to feel sorry for him when he keeps coming back?”

Kuan Yin’s shape-shifts utilize extravagantly fanciful environments, unnatural distortions or fantastic combinations of elements to demonstrate that there are only “moments upon moments to be lived”. This truth is further illustrated by her appearances as well known archetypes: the playful and joyous young woman, the nurturing mother and the wizened crone. In this way the Goddess shows how (as our Authentic Selves) we are genderless, ageless and in fact indestructible: “I don’t really know what I’m seeing. I just see all kinds of shapes and forms of Kuan Yin,” continues Lena. “I’m now witnessing a scene of Hiroshima, a great mushroom cloud. She’s inside it. Now it is inside of her. Suddenly, it explodes in her body and she absorbs, becomes the energy. That’s her message: ‘Nothing can harm her!’ Even the most devastating force is changed, softened so that people will grow even when experiencing complete destruction. She’s not afraid to merge with the most fearsome creations.”

“You see,” announced Kuan Yin, “I am still am in my original form. It didn’t destroy me.”

What would it mean if the doctrine of reincarnation and eternal life of the soul were widely accepted in our society? If individuals knew they only take (when they transition from one body to the next) their love and what they have learned during a lifetime, they would probably be less materialistic; less prone towards coveting wealth and position. With this new Critical Mass of Enlightenment there would be a profound cultural shift towards finding consensus and peaceful solutions.

Humanity has not always had such a fearful and alienated view towards death as is often witnessed in Western Cultures. Indeed, Avatars instructed in the study of reincarnation are abundant in Eastern cultures. Visiting that part of the globe, one quickly becomes immersed in an alternative paradigm: a culture dominated by Gods and Goddesses proclaiming the twin spiritual doctrines of karma and reincarnation. Many other ancient cultures also view death as a vital transition into another world.

When mourning the passing of a beloved relative, my own archetypal dream featured the donning of a cardboard death mask. Of course, the Greek origin of personality is persona meaning ‘mask’. While waiting with others seemingly destined for some sort of transition from this world to the next, I saw them wearing the same carved-out mask pressed closely against their faces.

Kuan Yin teaches that beliefs (or “made-up stories”) determine the experiences (or karma) a person will attract in this life or the next; that we reap the consequences of the beliefs we sow. It is, therefore, your personal values whirling you from one incarnation to the next. Just as you might be experiencing some privileged reality now; (if you do not believe in true equality) you could transition into some devolved and limiting lifetime. What will release us from the ‘wheel’ of this specific earth karma; resurrecting us into enlightenment?

Until learning that we are all equal in our manifestation potentials and worthiness—that we are all part of the One, someone could repeatedly catapult between limiting lifetimes. There is not some external force influencing these circumstances. Instead, it is your own beliefs. We, as energy in human form, attract/create and incarnate into those parallel Evolutionary Potentials most closely resonating with our personal beliefs and their resulting vibrations.

Demonstrating this, a friend once relayed the following dream of her deceased daughter: “I had been grieving for many months after the death of my daughter. Then, one night, I dreamt of her. Well, it wasn’t really her. It was more like a picture of her. I could see her mouth moving, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying: ‘You’ve got to lower your frequency because I can’t hear you,’ I told her. My daughter’s instant mental communication was: ‘No! You have to raise yours!’”

The above is an example of just one of infinite vibrational consciousness levels. Predominantly living and perceiving within the waking mind’s frequency range, humans are mostly unable to comprehend messages from the slower or faster-vibration realms. As Kuan Yin states we have already “lived all of our lives”, we can therefore presume that at least some of these lives were experienced in the other realms. This would explain why there are those among us, such as psychics and mediums, who can perceive communications in either or both of the slower and faster frequency ranges.

When a magazine or book is produced, visual or written content is placed within a template: a pre-formatted framework having designated fonts, margins, headers and footers. Likewise, when you were born your spirit was magnetized to specific karmic vibrational parameters reflecting beliefs and intentions carried from another life (or lives).

Called “Honorary Guards”, there are humans who’ve volunteered (before incarnating) to help souls who’ve recently passed over. Indeed Lena Lees (the psychic who channeled these Kuan Yin quotes), almost nightly experienced souls coming to her for assistance. Frequently awakened from her dreams, Ms. Lees would sometimes feel a heavy weight bearing down upon her chest. Aware (from past psychic experiences) that the heaviness was caused by one or more “visiting energies” (souls), she was utterly immobilized, unable to move her limbs. Hearing an eerie sound—similar to wind rushing past the side of her face, Lena’s efforts to console or dismiss the apparently angry and confused, disembodied spirits would often prove futile. Finally they left, freeing her to go back to sleep.

My personal experience in assisting recently-deceased souls came in a dream wherein I encountered a lost and wandering spirit. Intuitively, I knew she needed guidance. Asking her if she would like my help, I saw her nod her head ‘yes’. Following me around some cosmic corner, she and I suddenly saw an opening through what was, in waking reality, an ordinary ceiling. Peering through this celestial window, I spied a blazing sky of undulating shapes and colors: the infinite love of the universe! Watching the woman’s soul ascend, I never encountered her again in my dreams.

What do theories about Critical Mass Consciousness, the Law of Attraction, Reincarnation and Quantum Physics have in common? They all are a part of what Kuan Yin insists is the “Grand Plan” here on earth: fully evolving your mind/body/soul connection through honing your creation skills. According to Kuan Yin, we were aware before birth that we chose to participate in this paradigm’s specific and challenging “Collective Agreement” and its three limiting beliefs of “better than”, “not enough” and “survival of the fittest” and that “during the process of transforming from pure energy into a physical body, it is quite possible to forget former ‘agreements’”.

There are innumerable ‘worlds’; realities created from our thoughts. If our thoughts really attract and hold reality in place, then how can we be sure that some personal or mass reality wasn’t actually destroyed a week, a day or even an hour ago and then instantly re-established through the powers of the Collective Mind? Indeed, there are many possibilities for our supposed demise. Most obviously there is aging and the potential for physical disease. There are, of course, natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, asteroids and the like. There are man-made catastrophes such as fire, nuclear explosions, poison gas and of course war.

Yet we, as a species, seem to physically endure in this, our camouflage reality. But what reality are we living? Can we be sure that this isn’t some stale, redundant reenactment of another lifetime? Often reflecting our karmic ‘Collective Agreement’ concerning the “better than, not enough and survival of the fittest” paradigm, modern radio and T.V. broadcasts contain news items that are seemingly largely unchanged from those heard five, ten or even thirty years ago. Indeed, attributed modern names and places are sometimes all that differentiates them from their historic counterparts involving, perhaps, financial collapse or war.

Similar to thoughts that continuously cycle round and round, lifetimes can become like a karmic merry-go-round. What can release us from any limiting cycles of birth, death and reincarnation? What actions can we take right now to transform this particular earth reality? Saying: “[My teachings are] a thread—a rope to a life-saving raft…Loving-kindness is potent even when displayed during the so-called mundane tasks of daily existence. It’s so potent that if everyone could get into that mindset for a minute or even less, they would blast into a great ball of light. Even the newest energies would blast through,” Kuan Yin concludes. With this statement, the Deity shows that a Critical Mass Consciousness of Love and Forgiveness provides the Way: the true enlightenment of humanity.

From: “Critical Mass Consciousness: Kuan Yin Speaks on Humanity’s Evolutionary Potentials”

Hope Bradford’s Bio:

Ms. Bradford is a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Past-Life Regressionist whose hypnosis client, Lena Lees, began to spontaneously channel Eastern Deity of Compassion Kuan Yin, thereby clarifying the Kuan Yin profound spiritual teachings. The Spirit Deity revealed Her immutable wisdom on Critical Mass Consciousness, the Law of Attraction, Enlightenment, Focused Intent, Meditation, Moment to Moment Consciousness, the Spiritualization of Matter, the Power of the Word, the Nature of the Authentic Self (Soul), the Transformative Powers of Sound and Vibration and the Love and Forgiveness Principle as well as Her prophecies for the future of humankind. Representing the Third Eye Chakra and mankind’s innate intuitive abilities, Kuan Yin is worshiped throughout India (as the male god Avalokitesvara), Japan (as Kannon) and mainland Asia. Kuan Yin has many names having many translations, for example: “She who harkens to the cries of the world” or “the Lord who looks upon the world with compassion”. Reverence for Kuan Yin is estimated, by many, to date back to Mother Goddess Devi and the Indus Valley Civilization (3000-1500 BC). Author of several spiritual and self-help books and e-books, Ms. Bradford teaches about the original Kuan Yin channelings of Lena Lees as well as the subsequent Kuan Yin phenomena and miracles that have transformed her life. For more information please visit: or

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