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A New Wave of Ascension Energy

by Stacy Vajta

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about ascension issues… those odd energetic symptoms we feel when we are stretched and expanded at a vibrational level. It’s been a while since I’ve felt those symptoms myself. They’ve been off my radar for the most part as I stepped into a whole new energy. But, they’re back!

I tend to write here on this forum whenever my Guides nudge me that they have something to say. So today when the knock on the door came, I tuned-in and asked what the message was about. And the response was my own awareness to my energy and where I am feeling that distinctive “ascension energy.”

What I call “ascension energy” has a really specific vibration to me… somewhat cosmic in nature, yet more like light language. I often experience it, even see it, like binary code coming in and re-organizing things. And right now, that code is coming into my brain stem area, and doing an energetic number on my nervous system.

It’s hard to know if this energy is what is coming in and creating so much inner change for me, or if it is what’s being called in as a support to the change that is in motion.

What came first isn’t where my focus goes. As soon as my attention is on it, all I want to do is to allow that energy and my energy — where I feel the edge of “what is” meeting up to “what is new” — to soften and relax.

That’s my approach, and what I teach people. For me it’s all about hanging out with the energetic information (all those ones and zeros) to see what lies within that.

But I do keep coming back to the fact that we seem to be in another wave of energetic up-leveling. I’ve been feeling this for the last few weeks. The earth has been going through new growing pains as well, which trickle up to all of her inhabitants.

In a recent post, “A Conversation with the Wind: The winds of change,”  I wrote about the wind an drecent weather, and what it was doing to my own energy (and nervous system) as well as how the weather is assisting the earth in her own deep, energetic transformation.

We’ve learned a lot over the past several years about this rapid expansion we are all a part of. I’ve been on this crazy energy ride for about 12 years now, so it feels familiar enough to not be frightened by it; yet I am aware that I’m once again being taken into new energetic territory. And if you are reading this, I am guessing that you are as well.

And so here are a few of my favorite tricks to help with these waves of ascension that alter us:

  1. Ground your energy. That’s a given. Yet do so in a way that is much deeper than simply having a grounding cord. Fully embody your energy and the energetic resources available to you. Connect into your own energy, run your energy into up into your highest vibration or Source and then anchor all that through the earth energies. Then, run that. That is grounding.

    Those earth energies may be altering some, so let your own energy support you in finding what you need. It may not be familiar to you, but that’s ok. If you are able to soften into it, it’s good.

  2. Surrender. Whenever we are updating our energy, and especially when it feels like a rush of so much new information coming in to inform our energy, the only way to work with it is to simply soften your own energy and surrender into the process. Let it come in first, and then you can work with it.

    I teach people to lean-into the edge of where they feel their own energy and what is new, and then to observe and allow that to unwind. Trust your own energetic intelligence here, and let it lead you. Surrendering into what is will move you through the process in a way that you can experience into the energy and let it show you what it means for you. Let your own images, sensations, feelings, memories and the like guide you as you surrender into what you experience.

  3. Get curious. I know that may seem like strange advice when it feels as though your head is stretching, or being squished to the point your sinuses want to scream. (Read more on energy symptoms and your body’s response).

    Sometimes the quickest way to transform energy is to not focus on the symptom but on what the energy is.

    As a Lightworker, you work with energy. And hopefully you are consciously working with it in a way where you access the energetic or vibrational information in the energy itself. And to do that, you must get curious. Poke around in there!There is a big difference between trying to figure out what is going on (and how energy is affecting you) and exploring an energy to learn from it. There’s a time for both; yet more often, the latter is the way to really unwind an energy and open up to a new level of healing.

    So try to go beyond the symptom and engage with the energy itself. See what is there and play with how you might be able to integrate or surrender into the process of it creating new structure within you. Let go of the “why” and simply be with the energy and see what happens!

This new wave of ascensoin energy is here doing its job of reorganizing. I can feel my own chakras being pulled about and my strange “energy headache” telling me that I am once again in transition. And I know that I am not alone. So I breathe into it all and am grateful to know that I have move through this before.

We are continually moving into higher ground. May this wave of ascension energy gently open you to your next step. ♥

About Stacy Vajta – The Everyday Lightworker

I’ve spent the last 26 years working with and teaching people how to transform their lives through energy work. I’ve helped a lot of people take this very esoteric idea of healing through energy and energy work and shift that into a very grounded, practical and everyday understanding of how to work with energy to create really amazing life changes. And, I’ve seen where a lot of “energy aware” people really get stuck and struggle.

Visit The Everyday Lightworker to learn more about my session work.



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