The following is an excerpt from the wonderful book The Sacred Order of the Magi.  It is re-printed here with permission from the author Dianne Pegler.


The Sacred Order of the MagiChapter Nine Visualisation

And So We Return to the Grid

“The Sparkling Diamond Light Grid of the Universe which is for all to view and to create in their mind’s eye knowing that their intentions are ultimately so powerful that they will shape things on the physical matter to be viewed for all to be seen and experienced with their physical eyes.

Take a few deep breaths while you sit in your own sacred space, quietly and serenely contemplating this awesome information which is both magical and miraculous and a magnificent Gift from your Creator.

Never has it been more significant for you to know this and to use your knowledge wisely for your own benefit and the benevolence of your planet. How will you do this my dear ones?”

The Sacred Order of the Magi, by Dianne Pegler is available to order from Amazon.

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