The Universe is Bountiful: Get ready – for our heart’s desire awaits us!

“Our most cherished dreams await us in the ether, as we manifest with the angels…  so be ready!”

– By Alexandra Dennis

cosmic space sceneWe all, in living and gently walking the spiritual path on earth, appreciate Nature is a powerful force. An absolute – which cannot be disputed. We need only observe its incredible gifts that surround us wherever we turn. Flowers, trees, plants, sunrises, sunsets, rivers and oceans. The Universe is bountiful, as we live in the spirit of gratitude for its infinite blessings. We are shown in our Lightworkers path that we can “wish” and create. We ask and we are heard. I believe and know this. Our Angels hear us and carry our heart songs in a resonating light.

Many belief systems and teachings support this – and it is true that when desire is strong, it comes from the deepest part of our heart. Our intention is for the highest good we can imagine. The possibilities are endless… in what we can choose to manifest into our reality. It’s all ready and waiting! We ask our Angels to work with us, and assist in guiding us to take action steps required. At other times we trust that our Angels hint to us when it is an appropriate time to let go, finding balance. How much is enough? We ask ourselves, is this where I am to release this? – An attachment to the outcome or result.

Some of us fear that in doing this, we are abandoning our dream. It doesn’t seem right. Sometimes we are forced, as it appears we have come to a brick wall. Doubt and fear can erode us down, and often we relinquish out of sheer exasperation. Instead, release in a sense of trust – and not in a frequency of defeat. Sometimes the Universe appears to answer no. When it says no, repeatedly… what are we to conclude?


We may ask: Is there another way around this? Have I explored every option? Am I missing a vital ingredient? Over-thinking it… yes, we all can do this – when we are really passionate about something. I offer this: I was told once that when we receive no, sometimes the Universe is really just saying “not right now.” This is where Divine Timing comes into it. It may look exactly like what we want, the vibration may appear to match; but the characters and circumstance may differ in what would be most appropriate to bring about a successful outcome.


Many people yearn for the ideal relationship, and they hold a picture of what this looks like for them, in their mind’s eye. This is not an entirely wrong vision to hold, it’s simply that in visualizing this – we must remember that we are simply offering the Universe a blueprint for our dream. The Universe will always look to “cast” the most appropriate people in these roles. We are offering a script, so there needs to be flexibility in our ideas of how this will be created. I have found that in going back to the “drawing board” so to speak, we all change and develop as we move forward – and our original idea does not always serve us for a long term path ahead.


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“Time” I believe, to be a clever illusion! An earthly, man-made chronological measurement tool. Our souls also grow, as we change externally physically – during the illusion of time. Our outer shell tricks us into thinking we are diminishing, when in fact we are developing beautifully – our inner butterfly perfecting all the while.

So as earthly time advances, we have changed also inwardly, and sometimes we are offered the message that God has not forgotten our blueprint. And further, that when he delivers it in Universal timing, which is always precise – it will serve us in that it matches exactly who we are NOW – that is… upon the point of manifestation.

galaxy in skyThe Universe does not say no outright, it simply says:

“I see what your heart yearns for and I am on the lookout for it. I’m preparing with all my helpers behind the scenes, for a perfect manifestation of this. Though, it may take some time. But this is not because I need the time, it’s because YOU do. Time to get there… on every level.”

So the best way to receive yes is to “get there” now – ready to meet it!

This is what harnessing a vibration is about. Vibration is not a temporary thing – we don’t harness it and then slip back into our previous mindset. We embody it on so many levels. Emotionally, mentally, and on a heart-space frequency, and ideally – we stay there. This doesn’t always sound practical, as life on earth in human form rocks our boat at times, throwing us many distractions and obstacles to our authentic truth. It is all smoke and mirrors at the end of the day, illusory – and finding the balance is our human lesson. We can’t walk around with our head in the clouds 24/7, because earthly incarnation requires us to be grounded. But we must always remember who we really are – and look to this to empower us spiritually in our earthly path.

Sometimes also, the Universe says NO loudly and means it! And when this happens – its Nature and the Universe still coming from a place of highest Love!

The Universe in its Higher Power and unlimited perspective… can see far further ahead than us. It knows perhaps also what may unfold ahead if our wish is granted, and that it may not resonate with our soul – “essentially.” Based upon many circumstances, perhaps those we are surrounded with, or where we may find ourselves in the “future” – (also illusory) Spirit sees when it may not be the best formula for our wish to exist.

I believe that past, present and future have already all happened – and that we aren’t privy to seeing forward with our earthly eyes. We know the past has happened because we remember it – but we aren’t able to see ahead because there are blocks in place to prevent us. This is the human experience.

When we can “connect” – seeing snippets, this is our imagination and intuition – more precisely we are given “access” to future probabilities. Hints of what’s to come. I believe this is our “Lightworker Connection” – drawing forth from the giant “Server” in the sky – accessing the files of our Akashic Records. Seeing the future is possible, as we open ourselves to “allow” and access the codes. Allowing the future to reveal to us what we need to see, in order to guide us in our “healing” earthly work. Holding and anchoring the light here, on earth. This is guidance – we can ask our Angels to show us, if we trust.

The central region of a rich galaxy cluster about 250 million light years from Earth.DEPERSONALIZE “NO.”

Rejection is Gods protection, I truly believe this. The Universe can see ALL of it, for Source has unlimited access to the server where it is “all” stored. If we are getting no, trust that there is always a good reason. The child in us sometimes has difficulty with this. Our ego takes it personally and asks: “why not?” It can spiral off into a set of imagined reasons: “I’m not this enough, I’m not that enough.” This is really negative. Remember: When we are given No, we must rise upwards – so NOT to take it personally.

If Source could show us why not, or what He sees instead that is far better for us in the long term, we would be so grateful. So be grateful now, when you receive no. There’s always a higher reason!


Perspective is indeed everything, and if we could see from a much higher perspective as Spirit does, we would totally trust. We can actually lift ourselves into a higher perspective in maintaining our gratitude vibration.


Fantasy MoonGratitude shifts the way we see the world and what is happening to us. When the Universe delivers a firm no, there is no getting around it any way we look at it. I have had countless debates with God about receiving no, in wishing to have my own child. In grappling with my infertility I have for 20 years received “NO.” I cannot see why. Higher Reasons I trust I will learn – as “time” gently lifts its veil, revealing the greater plan ahead. I might never have been writing this article to assist others in coming to terms with no, if this challenge had not been placed in my path. For this, I say “Thank you Universe.” May we all make peace with no. Acceptance is so freeing.


I do believe in Yes – that miracles can happen and YES anything is possible in life! But I trust the Universe knows exactly what it’s doing and why. There’s always a higher reason. It ALWAYS serves our growth.


If you didn’t get that job you prayed for, trust there’s another path ahead that is more appropriate. If the relationship didn’t manifest in the way you dreamed – trust there’s something “Sourced” that is more suited to you. Contrast always serves us. It helps us see the whole picture. It also sometimes offers: “change direction & shift perspective.” The Universe says: “Great idea, but there’s a better way to create this picture!” It has nothing to do with you falling short in any way, rather it’s about YOU being better than you can imagine.


It says: “I believe in you and I’ve got it covered, something really beautiful is ahead for you.” Be grateful for the no’s. Spirit always has our back. In receiving “no” – hear our Angels whisper lovingly: “Trust me!”

You will always be guided most lovingly on your perfect and authentic path!

YES! Suddenly the Universe may surprise us quickly with Yes! It really does want us to have our Heart’s desire. It hears us and answers us lovingly in a matching and resonating song.


In advance, say: Thank you Angels. When you are hearing and being shown YES… When yes suddenly catches you by surprise – make sure you are READY to meet it! Prepare as you are guided… to welcome it. Then simply breathe and know absolutely it is on its way.

It’s all about Perfect Trust. In manifesting with the Angels – simply be ready. Remember: Angels can work with and through us in ways which we could hardly even imagine. Within the brightest beams of Light, they travel at the speed of light – to be right by our side, as fast as a thought. That’s pretty fast! Rest assured: Yes is definitely coming – so breathe deeply and be 100% ready to greet it!

Love & Light!

Many blessings.

© Alexandra Dennis 2013

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