Excerpted from Living a Life of Gratitude: Your Journey to Grace, Joy & Healing, by Sara Wiseman



Noticing the particulate


Wisdom - Seeds of LightAt some point you stood there, in the first living room you ever knew, when you were new to the world, and life seemed simple. And you saw it all with new eyes: the old sofa. The worn table. Toys scattered on the floor A big picture window to let the light in.

And at some point, you were playing in this room: maybe it was Saturday and your father napped on the sofa. Maybe it was a weekday, and your mother was in the kitchen. Maybe you were happy; maybe you were sad; maybe you’d been jumping on that old sofa, or making a fort out of the couch pillows.

You simply being yourself in your body. And then, in that moment, something shifted. Perhaps you caught a glimpse of a spirit from the window’s corner, or perhaps something flashed in your eyes, a ray of sunlight glinting in a way you’d never seen it before.

You were so young then: two, three, four.

Everything was still wonderment, but already, you’d started to know pain. Everything was still wonderment, but already, you’d begun to forget.

The stars in your eyes had not completely faded, but they’d become shrouded, so the dazzling deep knowing of the Universe faded to a kind of vision you’d forgotten how to use, a type of seeing that was not useful for earth life.

And yet, with this particular flash of light, it all came back to you: the sun streaming in and illuminating clouds of dust in the air, so that everything in your view were specs and glints and orbs of light, particulate upon particulate, a light-filled energy field.

And you understood once again, what you had nearly forgot- ten, that this is what we are: particulate light, floating in constellations, floating in universes, mixed and melding, always light. This is energy, this is love, this is Divine, this is us. You knew it before you were born. You remembered it again when you were young.

You can remember it today.

As you begin to see this stuff of the Universe with your adult eyes, the visible manifestation of what we call Divine, it is easy to recall more fully who you really are, what we really are: energy, light, love.

It’s all around you, it is you—not just what is seen, but what is also unseen: the energy within the energy, the space within the space, the universes within the Universe.

Begin to notice the particulate today, even if at first you only glimpse it as physical phenomenon. Today, go to a place where there is light stream- ing. Watch the particulate dance in this stream. See it, wonder at it, wish upon it! It is not just dust mixed with light; it is the essence of everything, as are you. Look in wonder, and give thanks for what you once knew, and what you are beginning to remember again.


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Spiritual teacher and intuitive Sara Wiseman is author of six

insightful books on spirituality and intuition, including Living

a Life of Gratitude and Becoming Your Best Self. She hosts

the popular radio show Ask Sara, and is a top contributor to

DailyOM, Vivid Life and others. She has released four healing

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