The Ernest Holmeslaw of attraction is a concept which many people are now familiar with. Our minds create thought, which manifest into tangible form providing evidence that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. This concept is widely used to attract abundance, especially for those who want to be prosperous in the area of wealth.


Evidence of thought taking physical form are also present on the human body, appearing as an outer reflection of how we feel about our life. It may show up as physical symptoms of ailments and diseases. Someone who is living an imbalanced life will have imbalanced energy within their body. For example: Someone may experience emotional disharmony which presents as frequent panic attacks. Panic attacks could be treated by an allopathic doctor, by masking the symptoms with medication; however the root cause of emotional disharmony remains. Until the root cause of emotional disharmony is addressed, new symptoms of imbalance will likely keep presenting. This is the body’s message that something is out of balance and needs focused attention, so that it can be healed.


It is startling to discover how frequently metaphors are used to describe certain feelings, and how accurately they are manifested within the body. Metaphors are often used to relate a body part with an emotion; a “broken heart”, something/someone is described as being a “pain in the butt”, or “makes me sick to my stomach”. The body literally translates these thoughts, becoming physical symptoms of thoughts which are assumed to be true.


Holistic health care acts beyond symptoms, understanding that a problem which was created from within can also be healed from within. Implementing everyday practices such as stress reduction techniques, can help achieve overall wellness.meditation


Being healthy isn’t about instant gratification, it is about taking the time and resources to nourish all aspects of yourself body, mind and spirit. It is understood that each system affects another, and that human body is comprised of many systems within a system. Humans are multidimensional beings, having subtle bodies within the body (the physical body), mind (the mental body) and spirit (the etheric body). Each subtle body holds energy imprints relating to how we perceive our own lives. The subtle bodies heal collectively; it is impossible to heal one without it affecting the others.


As the world is ever changing, so are people. Don’t put your health in a box. Individuals react differently from each other in any given circumstance or stimulus. A thorough evaluation should be given by your health practitioner to determine the cause of discomfort, not just treat the symptom. Prevention is the key to having good health, and the most important awareness anyone can have is self awareness. Check in with yourself throughout the day to see how you are feeling. Do you feel positive or negative? Are you holding negative energy within your body? Where are you holding it? What positive action can you take to honor yourself and release any negative energy?

≈  ≈Remember that you are what you eat, think, feel and believe.≈ ♥ 

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