How to Reattain A Sense of Oneness – By Michael Alperstein

HeartThere is an invisible realm of support, love, and inspiration that is always available to you. If you are reading this article, you probably receive help regularly from this unseen Field.  It does not matter what you call it:  Spirit, Spirit Guides, Angels, the Universe, a Higher Power, and so on.  What does matter is: Have you realized the superimposed quality of this unseen field in your daily life?  Do you realize how intertwined and blended Spirit really is with physical life? This is important. Let’s look at some reminders and remove any obstacles to this knowing.

Sometimes spiritual help, this invisible loving realm, FEELS far away. Where are these Spirit Guide Friends?  Where are my Angels? Am I imagining them? How come the universe isn’t helping me on this one? I know I have felt abandoned at times, especially when it seems I am doing everything “right” but still not getting a certain result or goal.

Sometimes we feel bereft, as if no help is available. It’s okay, but it’s now time to move beyond this feeling. It’s time to have Infinite Trust in the support and the Unity that’s always present.

The fact is Spirit, in its entirety, is not up or down or away from you.  It is right here. It does not go away.

How do we thin the veil between us and the Spirit World?  Stop talking about the veil. Don’t give any energy to the “veil.” Energize your connection instead. Delight in the togetherness between you and your closest guardian Angels and Spirit Friends. You can find your own words of course, but I suggest you say to yourself and commit in your heart: I am in Spirit right now and Spirit is in me.  Spirit is within. I will stop saying and thinking Spirit is only “out there.” I know in my Heart I am Spirit.  

Take a deep breath….  You are Spirit.  Breath is Spirit.  It’s always present.

“There is ABSOLUTELY, ABSOLUTELY nothing about physical experience, that is in any way shape or form LESS spiritual than a non-physical experience. It just depends on how you LIVE it.” ~Bashar, Channeled by Darryl Anka

My sister passed away suddenly about 10 years ago.  In the first few years after she died, I called on her and asked for her support at times.  I also asked her questions such as “What is it like where you are?”  “Are you still the same?”

spiritual onenessHer reply:  “I am similar to how I was when I was in physical form.  A lot of my personality traits are in tact.  AND….. there is MUCH MORE OF ME available to me now. It is like I am bathing in amniotic fluid all the time, metaphorically speaking. This amniotic fluid is LOVE itself. You are bathing in it too.  It’s everywhere. You are in a constant field of support and unconditional love. It is here, always.”


You Are One with Spirit

Take another deep breath.

Just as the inhale and the exhale are interrelated, so too is Spirit and Matter.  Our goal here is not just to speak about it, but to trigger a reawakening of your Oneness with Spirit. Here is some Oneness Music that can help. I suggest you listen to it quietly in the background for the next couple minutes.

As the music plays, remember there is more than one way to awaken to Oneness, but let’s start with one of the easiest:  Your Heart.

Can you realize how your physical heart intertwines with your emotional, loving and invisible Heart? Spirit intertwines in the body.  When you fully get that, it will transfer to other areas of life.

Earth heartPracticing Connection in the Heart

Doing this practice for five minutes can crack open a door; doing it for twenty five minutes can increase your well-being; doing it for over an hour can create seemingly miraculous changes and re-connect you with a power you forgot you had.

Step one:  Bring some attention to your heartbeat and/or pulse.  Just get comfortable and quiet, and notice the circulation that’s always present.

Step two: Deepen into the feeling of the rhythm and pulse in you. Draw your attention into it. Connect and feel the energy in you.

Step three: Notice with effortlessness your heart’s activity.  It’s automatic.  It sustains itself from a Higher Energy and intelligence.

Step four: Begin to cycle more Spiritual Energy through your body, using your heartbeat as the pump.  All it takes is intention. You don’t have to know exactly “how” to do this. There is no new skill to develop. Something in you KNOWS.

Step five:  Repeat to yourself: “Nothing is required of me to bring Spirit to my world. My very core is Spirit. There is only Oneness here and now.”

Stay with the exercise for a few minutes. Breathe deep and long…

Your sense of Oneness and ever-available heart will expand over the nest several days….

*Suggestion: Bookmark this page and come back to this practice once a day for the next week.

Oneness and Connection

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