In this age of medical science many of the old remedies for headaches have been forgotten. But with the modern medicines come side effects and uncertainty associated with the chemical combinations. What these chemicals are really doing to our bodies is often unknown. Still the treatments of generations past provide safe and effective headache cures and relief to many physical problems. Natural foods and supplements may still be the best choice to insure good health.

Many symptoms can be treated by natural home remedies. For headaches there are several practical and easy to use natural remedies for migraines and other related aches. These natural headache remedies may surprise you as they are common items that you probable have in your house.

Home Remedies for Headaches

headache curesCherries
Cherries contain compounds that can relieve headaches naturally. Melatonin is found in tart cherries; this can make you sleep better at night and be more wakeful in the daytime. 20 cherries are 10 times stronger than aspirin. So take 20 the next time you have a headache!

Bay Leaves
Aromatic Bay Leaf has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy for headaches. It contains chemical compounds called parthenolides, which have proven useful in the treatment of migraines. These leaves are best steeped as a hot tea.

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Eating 12 almonds instead of taking aspirin for a headache. Almonds contain salicin, the active ingredient in aspirin.

Best used as an aromatherapy solution, add some drops of chamomile oil to an essence burner. Chamomile also makes a great tea that will help soothe and calm your head.

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Ginger in either the powder form or raw is believed to relieve headaches. Mix the powder in water to drink. Apparently ginger is great for front of the head headaches.

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Sinus Headache Relief

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Sinusitis can be an extremely painful headache many times confused with migraine headaches. Both give pain in the nasal and sinus areas of the face. While both sinusitis and migraine headaches result in excessive mucus and congestion, Sinus headaches are more likely to be felt around the eyes. Migraines result in light sensitivity and sound and sometimes nausea occurs. Sinus headaches can last for a few weeks if not treated, but migraines generally last a day or 2 at most. A quick aid in sinus headache relief may be as simple as using a nasal strip to open the nasal passages. Although this is not a cure, nasal strips may offer a welcomed natural sinus headache relief.

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Forces of Nature

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Natural Headache Cures To Give You A Pain Free Life

By Steve R Martinelli
I suggest you give these a try:

1. A hot shower. Taking a hot shower allows the hot water to run over your body and loosen up your muscles. Tight muscles are often the cause of headaches. This is a simple natrual headache cure you should be able to do rather quickly and it is often very effective.

2. Aromatherapy. If you are like me, some of these natural methods seem a little silly. I often don’t believe in the natural ways of solving issues. However, aromatherapy has been one that has worked for me. Sandlewood, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender and many other aromatherapy oils have been proven to relieve headache symptoms. Give it a try.

3. Deep massage. Again the cause of headaches is often stress and tight muscles. A deep massage on the neck, face and/or shoulders can do wonders for curing your headache symptoms.

4. Using pressure points. Again this seemed a little fishy to me. However, I have found great relief by rubbing the fleshy part between my thumb and pointer finger. This is a pressure point that helps to relieve the headache symptoms. I’m not a doctor thus I’m not quite sure why this works, but it does and that is all that matters to me.

5. Large glass of water. Probably the easiest of all natural headache cures has to be drinking a large glass of water. Many headaches are caused by dehydration. Getting water into our system can just the ticket to finding your headache relief.

6. Diet. That’s right, eating good foods can often keep us from getting headaches. If you keep track of when you get headaches and log what you ate that day, you can often find foods that trigger your headaches. Once you find some pattern to your diet and headaches, you can reduce the amount and times you eat those certain foods.

7. Calcium supplement. By adding calcium to your diet, your muscles can relax and the blood flow increases. This can have a positive effect on your headache symptoms. To take it a step further, include magnesium in your calcium supplement and see increased benefits of this natural headache cure.

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8. Ice Pack. Using an ice pack on the painful area will help to reduce the inflammation in that area. Just put the ice pack on for 5-10 minutes and see if that gives you some relief.

Finding natural headache cures is the way to go. If you can use one of the above methods to take care of your headache, you will save yourself time and money. Again, if these don’t work, make sure you visit your doctor for the next steps. Good luck in your pursuit of a pain free life.

Steve M.

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thank you to Ezine Articles and Steve Martinelli for being the Source of this Article

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