monk loves kittyA few years ago, I participated in a paranormal investigation of a beautiful old property in Sherman Hills that had some resident ghosts.  I was later contacted by the homeowner to do a Reiki session for her companion cat, due to apparent separation anxiety.  What I discovered was that he was afraid to be alone in the house, aware of presences in the living and dining rooms, and seeing shadows which frightened him. 

When my father was dying and his soul beginning to travel, my dog Reggie saw him visiting in our bedroom.  He leapt down from bed and stared into the corner of the room, barking frantically.  Around the same time, my father’s soul made contact with our dog Jack, who was at that time abandoned and in a shelter.  My father meeting with Jack in spirit ultimately led us to find him at the shelter and adopt him.

Telepathy and Spirit Language:  There is no question animals are very sensitive to spirits and are naturally attuned to more energetic frequencies than humans – because we develop unconscious blocking mechanisms as we leave childhood, instead of nurturing and developing our connective abilities.  Animals also reside in closer proximity to the Divine which gives them a deeper and broader understanding of the natural world, including spirits. 

Much intuitive knowledge held by animals, often downplayed as instinct or genetic memory, is due to their ability to exchange information through telepathy and other forms of energetic transfer.  Telepathy – through images, sensations, claircognizance, and empathy – is the heart of the spiritual linguistic array.  It’s also our common metaphysical language with animals, combining with vocalizations, gestures, facial expressions, and body language. 

Animals are able to communicate with each other, across species, and inter-dimensionally in part due to their continual affirmation and acceptance of their intuitive hits.  It’s humans who weaken these deeper communication forms through doubt, fear, disuse, and other self-imposed barriers that animals don’t have.  Animals help us demystify telepathy and broaden our awareness of the world.

Just like people, each animal is unique and endowed with different gifts, and some are more spiritually adept than others.  Some are young souls with limited understanding of their mission and purpose, while others have learned spiritual mastery through many lifetimes of experience.  All, however, can help us develop fluency in the heart-based language of telepathy.

Heightened Senses:  PLabrador Pantingeripheral vision is how humans sense quick motions, the work of rod cells – and the reason so many humans see ghosts out of the corner of the eye.  However, human vision is quite limited when compared with some other members of the Animal Kingdom.  Modern ghost hunters rely on night vision glasses, infrared and full spectrum cameras, camera arrays, and digital image analysis.  Animals have some of this high-tech optical equipment built in.     

Cat and dog eyes have more rods for better motion sensing, and special cells in the back of the eye give cats night vision six times better than humans.  Some geckos have night vision three-hundred-fifty times better than humans, see colors clearly in the dark, and possess multifocal eyes.  Mantus shrimp have sixteen color receptors which detect colors unknown to humans, and they can see ultraviolet, infrared, polarized, and circular polarized light.  Even the humble rat has incredible optical skills, moving their eyes independently in the vertical and horizontal axes, one eye scanning the sky for predators while the other surveys the ground. (Source:  “How Animals See The World,”

Human hearing is limited to 16,000 – 20,000 Hz, and we have difficulty picking out individual sounds in a noisy environment.  On the other hand, dogs can hear 10,000 – 50,000 Hz and have seventeen muscles to move their ears (we have nine, and only use one or two).  They make fine distinctions between virtually identical sounds, such as distinguishing the family car from similar or identical cars, and can tune in to particular sounds.  Dogs have even predicted earthquakes, perhaps by detecting high-frequency sounds from the Earth or subtle vibrations in the soil. (Source:  “Sense of Hearing of Dogs,”

HorsieVoices from the Bridge:  Animals who have departed the physical body often contact their humans from the Other Side.  It is almost universal for newly bereaved humans to see, hear, and feel their animals’ presence or have vivid dreams in which their animals are letting them know they are okay in the Spiritual Realm.  The souls of some animals will remain loyally by the side of their humans for the remainder of their lifetimes. 

I witnessed the spirit of one strong alpha female cat remain in the house with her human and animal companions, continuing in the role of pack leader and friend even after her physical death.  The other animals were very aware of her presence, and were not in the least discomfited to have her remain with them.

I also know a family whose dog passed away tragically in an accident and yet who returned to her home to take up residence in the basement after her passing.  Other dogs in the family were hesitant to go down there, and the former dog’s jingling tags were sometimes heard.  An animal communicator told the family that this location had been claimed by the spirit of the deceased dog.

As a spirit medium, I connect with animals who have departed, gaining insight into their journeys of transition and their lives on the Other Side.  Sometimes, they will appear in the Reiki sessions I am doing with their humans, wanting to convey a message.  Other times, I contact these animals by request.  Still other animals take up a mission in the Spiritual Realm of helping dying animals to cross over, and I have experienced their presence manifesting at the side of an ailing dog or cat who will soon be going to Rainbow Bridge.

Like human souls, disembodied animal souls are not limited to one time or place, and our deceased animal loved ones can be on the Other Side doing their spiritual work as well as coming to visit us or help sick animals.  They are able to do many things and be in different places at once.  When you talk to your departed animals or ask for their presence, they are able to hear you and be with you without causing any disruption to what they are doing in the Spiritual Realm.  So don’t feel guilty about wanting to speak with them, or feel as if you are keeping them from some important work.  They love hearing from you!chillin

Animals – Our Link to Spirit:  Life with animals affords us rich opportunities to hone our telepathic abilities.  This enables us to have seamless “conversations” with each other.  Once we learn to tune in to our animals, we can use the same methods as an introduction to the myriad other spirits with whom we share the natural world. 

Animals possess so many incredible physical abilities that humans don’t.  Pooling our telepathic abilities, and combining our cognitive reasoning skills with their enhanced senses, our joint capacity to appreciate and live fully in our amazing world and Universe are infinitely multiplied. 

Some people successfully include temperamentally suited animals on paranormal investigations, though one should exercise caution, highlighting the need to protect animals from spiritual attack or physical hazards.  Our companion animals are also wonderful partners in spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation.

As attitudes about animals are changing, let’s bend our collective will to creating an age of abundant life in harmony, partnership, and respect with human and non-human animals.  Together, we can open windows on undreamed spiritual vistas, relationships with Divinity, and a fuller experience of embodied consciousness.

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548001_496140183729920_56627136_nElizabeth S. Eiler, Ph.D., Reiki III is the author of Other Nations:  A Lightworker’s Case Book for Healing, Spiritually Empowering, and Communing with the Animal Kingdom, a book sharing, healing, transformation, and the rich spiritual lives of animals through their amazing true stories.  Read examples of animal mediumship, soul transition at the end of life, and Angelic intervention.  See inside the book, read reviews, watch video, and order your copy of Other Nations at


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