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It seems, amongst us Lightworkers, there is one energy change after another in the Universe and each with more complicated names and meanings sometimes. I get the same feelings of confusion as others even though I know this wondrous path we are on is the most amazing thing the human race has been allowed to go through. I’m a fairly straightforward guy who likes things simple, so I sat at my laptop and asked the question in red. Whenever I do this I get answers from higher sources and Archangel Michael duly obliged, his reply is in blue.



Noche de luna llena - Full moon night
What\’s happening in the Universe?Luz Adriana Villa A. / Foter / CC BY


Many things my friend. Too many for you to understand and appreciate but I can help you to understand some of them.

If I was to say the Universe is not the same as it was two months ago then you would not be surprised. The problem you would have is imagining the size of the change. The Lions Gate, for instance, is a vortex that has created unimaginable amounts of energy and is creating a platform for human consciousness to take the biggest rise since the birth of Jesus.

I  use the birth of Jesus as a yardstick because it is firmly embedded in the minds of man but even that is hard to imagine because you were not there. The idea that the human race at that time was primitive and did not understand what was happening is a falsehood. Man better understood his connection with source and was not the third dimensional being we see today. True there were imperfections but generally there was an air of excitement at the coming of the new Messiah. Wherever the Messiah went he had a profound effect on the people of that area and his word of total love would become the bricks on which life was built. The people who would eventually condemn him were not known to him and were people whose lifestyle was threatened by his existence, just as it is today. Do not think that everybody wants this new energy to come to the planet. There are a lot of people who are doing very nicely, thank you, by living the way as it was!


There is no escaping the Merkabah energypaul bica / Foter / CC BY

The universe is changing that energy with major events and some smaller ones where the energy change is directed at the earth to enable the rise in vibration so needed to move civilization on. The Merkabah energy is such that it cannot be avoided. Although you think it might not affect you then every change in position in the Universe has an effect all across it.

The next major energy change is already on the way but this one has to clear first. If you have been imagining what life will be like when the Lions Gate is open then you will soon have your chance to see it. Many things will change suddenly, many material things you never imagined would change. But just like a pack of cards they will be dealt and spread all over the floor so everybody can see exactly what was hidden from them before. I know you are all scientists at heart and need to know the exact name and time of each energy change but hear this, there will be no name for the next energy change. There will be no warning. It will come with such surprise that the world will wonder where it came from. And not only will it come with such surprise it will also come with such freedom.

The chains of humanity are being removed and you will all see the benefits of the spiritual life you have all been manifesting.

For those who haven’t been manifesting you will get the chance to move forward and live a life more spiritual than before. You will be led by the Lightworkers for they know the path we are on. It is for them to understand this energy change so they can be ready for action. The work these spirits do is unenviable in these times but the rewards they are receiving is in knowing the world is in safe hands as they lead us all to a brighter future.

May the blessings of the Lord go with you

I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.
Follow the Light WorkersAristocrats-hat / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

My name is Michael, Guardian of the Light.


The messages are quite clear

Light Workers – get ready

People – follow the Light Workers

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