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It is commonly understood that dreams are symbolic messages brought into our consciousness from our subconscious, or unconscious, mind. Our subconscious manifests an experience of familiar places, objects, and people in a sequence of events that tells a story for us to take note of and interpret. Dreams can be just as literal as they are symbolic, and we should take care to record our dreams and make time to accurately interpret them. Although we all have dream experiences that tend to perplex us and leave us in a bed of confusion, it is not always best to run to another person to have them interpret our dreams for us. Yes, others may have knowledge of what some symbols may mean that can be useful if the dream seems to be too complex, but in the end we have to be able to discern for ourselves what these symbols mean in our dreams, where they come from, and what to do with the messages received.

Our Galactic NeighborhoodAs we embrace our connection to Cosmic Consciousness, we enhance the depth and meaning of our dreams.
lrargerich / Foter / CC BY-NC

As we develop ourselves as active dreamers, we can begin to truly make use of our dreams. Dreams can become true tools of the subconscious to show us where to look for answers or what decisions to make in life. Dreams can also be used as a way to not only receive telepathic messages from another person, but to also receive the answer to a question from The Cosmic. We all tend to have questions about our life experiences that simply cannot be answered by our day-to-day activities and immediate resources. We love to get together and discuss events and ideas for clarity, but the outer perspective of a person can easily misguide us, and even inflict mental poison. There is also the option of meditation. We can meditate on a question and receive the answer quickly – sometimes clearly – and yet, there are still times when the burning questions or desires cannot be satiated by interactive discussion or the usual meditation. We need a better answer – something deeper. The realm of sleep and dream time can be used to gain some of the deepest insight that we can, as the subconscious connects to the larger Cosmic Consciousness and communicates a deeper message via the literal aspects and symbolism of our dreams.

There was a time when I had a question. I had two absolutely amazing men in my life that I felt had a real divine purpose for being connected to me. One night as I was preparing to go off into the realm of sleep and dreams, I had this burning desire to really know why these two men were in my life – what was the real, divine purpose of our connection? I verbally asked the question and released it into The Cosmic as an experiment to see if I would really receive an answer in return. Surely enough, I did. I had a dream that same night that included both men in question. One half of the dream manifested my blood brother to symbolically represent the man that I had a more personal connection with. Both of them were Leos, and in all honesty, there were some personality traits that were consistent in both of them. Seeing my brother put my mind at ease about our connection because he and I had a close and healthy relationship; therefore, his presence in my dream symbolically represented to me a healthy and loving relationship with a male Leo that can sometimes give me a hard time, but it was all out of love. The scenario that played out took place in a hospital room. I was there by his side as he was preparing to transition. There was a needle and I.V. as if he was going to get lethal injection. There was a plan drawn out on a whiteboard in the hospital room that my brother was showing me the details of. I took a look over his resume and saw the many accomplishments of his life, and as I looked over the paperwork, I received messages from multiple doctors with specific names that wanted to get me to be their patient simply because of the money I would inherit.

There was so much symbolism in this dream. The resume mentioned honorable discharge – from the military – this was the factor that confirmed the dream was symbolically referencing the man of my personal interest. The plan on the board communicated to me that there was some plan of importance that he will show to me in time. The lethal injection I.V. was brought to mind “seeing him out”, or being by his side until the moment of his transition. This concept was expressed in this way because I had put my dog down and “saw her out” about a week prior to the dream. The overall message was that I would be in his life until the moment he transitions from the physical world back to the etheric world. We will have a loving and healthy relationship, and I will be responsible for paperwork pertaining to him and his life when his time comes to leave the physical plane.

As for the second male in my life, his manifestation was a bit more literal. He was driving me to a local hangout that we frequent, and we met up with some other friends that I knew from my past. I was running late, and I thought he had forgotten about me. He called and said that things were rough and he would come back for me. Eventually, he did and I was able to enjoy the time I had out with a good friend. Though this dream answer was brief, it got the point across. The message I got from the dream was that he is to be my guide that gets me where I need to go exactly when I need to be there – with my best interest at heart.

Seeking divine answers to hard life questions doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem. We often get so caught up in wanting tangible answers from people and research that we tend to exclude our own inner divine knowing and our innate connection to Cosmic Consciousness. We all vibrate at our own unique, individual frequencies and our level of consciousness ultimately determines what techniques work best for our practical experience.  As it can be seen, asking a question and receiving answers via the dream experience  has worked for me. Now you have the opportunity to put my technique to the test and see if it works for you!


Practical Application

  • Before going to rest, drink a glass of cool water and ensure your hands and/or body are clean so that you symbolically represent the purity and cleanliness of your intent.
  • Invoke the attention of the God of your heart – by whatever name you refer to it – and sincerely ask the question that you seek the answer to.
  • To help attune your vibration to the question you seek an answer to, repeat the question three or four times. Focus your consciousness on your words and pay attention to how your body feels while saying them.
  • Release the question by saying, “If it pleases thee to answer this question fully, then may I receive the answer in my dreams on this night. So Mote It Be!”
  • Go to sleep and embrace your dream experience.
  • Record your dreams when you awaken the next day. Step away from your notes for a few hours, and then review your notes (interpret your dream) to see if the dream provided any answers.

Good luck, guys! See you in the dream world! Namaste!


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