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Oh, the victim. How good you feel sometimes (in a not so good way!). You allow me to sit in my bed and feel sad for myself and mad for the irresponsible people in the world. I could sit here and make a good case to validate my victimhood. However, when we really can create our day, is this what we want to create?

What can I do to feel better? There is always another option!  I can: Take a shower, get dressed, recycle papers in the basement, fold towels and put them away. That is what I need to do. That is what I should do. The victim can be your friend if you allow it to communicate with you. Be cognizant of the victim in you so it may alert you to a downward spiral in order to change your course before you go too far on that path. Learn to turn the victim into your ally.

“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.” ~ William B. Sprague.

“Consider the importance of becoming aware of the impact you have on others, and remind yourself that by raising your own energy level to a place where you’re in harmony with Source, you become an instrument, or a channel, of peace. This works everywhere, so be a part of the counterbalance to the human negativity you encounter in your life.” ~Wayne Dyer

It seems as though some days I feel blessed and others I feel stressed. The archetypal energy of the victim can help you become familiar with the thoughts and feelings that lead you to damaging behaviors. Sometimes I feel the victim most when there is an undesirable task ahead of me, and I become fearful and doubt myself. Other times the victim creeps in after a difficult day and I begin to become critical of how acted or reacted to the different events of the day.

Becoming self aware of the victim emerging within you is step one. Step two is the switching of the victim energies into becoming empowered.

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The more beneficial, empowered energy is different for everyone. Even if two different people utilize the same archetypal energy, different facets of the archetype may be accentuated within each person. Much of the study of archetypes is this contrast between the personal and the impersonal.

The personal versus impersonal dichotomy is inherent in every archetype. The archetype is impersonal until we awaken to the archetypal power and understand how that pattern applies to us personally. For example, the healer archetype has a unique initiation called the Wounded Healer’s Journey. The initiation starts with a wound, which may be an event such as a health crisis or financial loss. Illusions and delusions become shattered and healing can only be manifested with full cooperation of the soul.

After recovering from the event and healing has occurred, the wounded healer becomes empowered to help others. This archetype is not personal until you have lived through this journey yourself, then your story becomes very personal. Recovery and healing will allow us to receive the blessing of the wound. Carl Jung traced the Wounded Healer to the centaur, Chiron, in Greek mythology.

Feeling blessed or feeling stressed is something you have more control over than you may realize. We do not need to be forever cast as a victim in the stage of life. The victim is your ally when you allow it to be. It will assist you in turning your fear into a prayer, which is one of the best indicators of hope.

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