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Hello Lightworkers World friends. So, how’s the Lionsgate been treating you? I’ve been hearing from many folks that the last two weeks have not been easy and I can certainly attest to that personally. However, we are being prepped and guided on for higher and more expansive things. It is my feeling that we aren’t going to go waltzing through those Leo New Moon “Golden Doors” that I mentioned in my report until we have a similar shine level. We are still in a process of healing, cleansing and dropping the superfluous; and what is “going” may be surprising, a bit painful or even shocking. We are still in a moment of surrender with the Universe. Sure we can attempt to ego jockey or push the river, but it is recommended to remember the great saying attributed to John Lennon, “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”




Looking at the week ahead, we have a relatively slower week in the astrological aspects, which in my opinion will give us some much-needed reflection and integration time. Between the Grand Sextile and the 8/8 power portal, it’s been anything but dull in the cosmos lately. Please do keep in mind that many people have been feeling the rub of the Lionsgate and for some it may be feeling more like wrestling with a scouring pad, ouch. We also had a pass of the Cardinal Grand Cross last weekend (Moon in Libra, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn,) which though can be growth-producing, it can also be irritating and can create an air of anxiety. Patience, detachment and compassion for our fellow beings is definitely *still* the order of business for the moment. The effects of the Grand Cross energies are expected to be around until Tuesday, August 13th.

The Akashic Wisdom Keepers have given several messages in the past week regarding some of the intensity and/or separations that have been occurring, and I share this piece with you here for illumination and support.

NOTE: I have been a conscious channel since 1996 and a telepath/channel for the messages and teachings of the Akashic Wisdom Keepers the “Keepers” for short, since 2007. They are a group of 12 beings in the akashic records at the level of 5D and higher, that currently serve as my spiritual guidance team. My new book of their messages and teachings, “Cosmic Love: Keys for the Path of Light” is out now by Starfield Press.

Picture provided by Christina Johansson.

Picture provided by Christina Johansson.

Q: Keepers, you gave us some information last week about the current “oppositional” energies afoot and a bit about those who may be “acting out” in our lives. We are hearing that in this “Lionsgate” time period, this has been somewhat common. Are there any other helpful words you can share at this time? Thank you.

A: Dear ones, we thank you for your question. It has been advised by some skilled spiritual practitioners to engage and have conversations with the “oversoul” of some of the individuals that you find yourself currently ensnared with. There is *much* up for examination and release at the present time on the personality level, so to further engage from that particular vantage point may not prove to be as advantageous. Some further practical suggestions for you:

1) Release these individuals from their “Role” as Foe in your life. Honor the purpose they have served for you individually and also for the collective; acknowledging that you are evolving into a place where you are now placed to learn through LOVE, dropping conflict and pain. There also is an *addictive* or habitual pattern of mind dear ones, as many of you have been conditioned to a certain extent to this type of mindset (i.e. conflict, separation, etc.) It is not even entirely a matter of forgiveness as this implies that you are doing something “wrong” here. Many of you have been operating as best you could with your current skill set. This is being replaced and switched up a level, so to speak. You are being given more skillful means to navigate your life experience.

2) As long as you are feeling ill will or anger towards other individuals it is you yourself that is engaged. This does not have to do with them per se, but what is being triggered in you. We are well aware that you are aware of this information, but sometimes it is helpful to hear it again. Allow these feelings to be and welcome them for the information that they are providing to you; however being aware that they are not “you,” and with some awareness and attention can be effectively released.

3) Be at peace dear ones. This has been a powerful and at times rocky transition (i.e. Lionsgate) in consciousness. No matter what is manifesting in the outer reality, do not be deceived. You Are That. Sat-Chit-Ananda. Retreat back to your loving center. Invoke the power of Grace to heal and mend all situations. All is not lost, as that is impossible beloveds. You are dearly loved. Shanti. – The Keepers, 8.8.13

NOTE: Sat-Chit-Ananda: The true nature of the Self; as infinite consciousness, existence and bliss. 

Have a great week ahead friends. Many blessings to you all.



Lessons from the Lion's Gate, Photo Art by JD. Cogmon

Patience, detachment and compassion for our fellow beings is definitely *still* the order of business for the moment.
Mandala by: JD Cogmon, Specifically designed for Irma Kaye Sawyer

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