Light Heart“Your site is one of the most amazing places I have ever come to know. I must be honest, I shut down a while ago and have been blocking myself off from anything remotely spiritual, avoiding dark people and places. I just gave up. But today has been a different day [:)] Your website has helped me very much and I would like to thank you for this.” ~Jasmin L.E.



“I think I have found my place after an entire lifetime searching. Let the Love Spread!” ~ Ami Lea DuVall


“WOW WOW WOW! Your website is profound, vibrant and loving!
…NAMASTE” ~Cynthia Ferraro


“Love this site; hands down my favorite.” ~Joni C.


Our Five Guiding Intentions at Light Workers World

1. To connect people with their spiritual family all around the world. To be an online Home and a rejuvenation destination.

2. To provide awakening tools and awe-inspiring events that help people find exactly what they need, when they need it. Light Workers World is a vast spiritual library, a connection point and a portal of positive energy.

3. To help people recognize, develop and share the special gifts they have had in their heart since they were a kid.

4. To be a launch pad for what makes the heart sing!

5. To brighten people’s lives and to bring real magic to the world and beyond.


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