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How many times do you find yourself faced with a challenge that you are having a seriously hard time pin-pointing it’s origins? You may have an addiction or a toxic belief you just can’t seem to let go of. Maybe it’s a way of thinking or something that makes you feel insecure. Whatever it may be, if you are having trouble finding its origins, maybe you need to look a bit deeper into the “past”.


Personally, I believe that we are all physically born into the same soul family over and over again. Our soul family is our team and they assist us in completing our “mission” here on earth. Throughout eons of time, we have faced challenges as a soul family and now that the earth and all who inhabit it are ascending at such a rapid pace, we are bringing all of those challenges to the surface for the purpose of ascension (bringing those things into balance with the highest vibration of unconditional love). In realizing this, we can see and understand why we choose to take on these challenges. It isn’t only for your own sake (it never is) but it is for our soul family’s evolution as well as the evolution of the ONE.


Before you came here, you chose to experience loss, abandonment, hate, anger, rage, addiction, etc all for the purpose of healing. You chose to have experiences that would trigger these things within you at the appropriate times in order to ascend (heal) them. It is all about the evolution of the ONE. We perceive that we do this as individuals and in a sense we do, but as you know, what we do to one, we do to all. Therefore, what you have chosen to heal will also be healed in others.


When you are faced with things and you find it hard to get to the core, don’t give up. Keep asking; keep seeking and you will find the core but don’t limit yourself to your own experience because this could be something you chose to deal with in order to assist your soul family’s ascension as well as the ascension of the ONE. And remember that YOU could be (and most likely are) your ancestor. It can get a bit confusing but this is all about DNA and I don’t just mean physical DNA, I mean spiritual DNA.


I want to share with you a situation where I was faced with a challenge that I didn’t understand and I was really struggling to get to the core of the issue, but once I did, the weight lifted from me and all the anxiety I felt INSTANTLY turned into complete peace as if the issue never existed…



The other night, my boyfriend had to do a job with a friend of his. I was expecting him to be home at a certain time and when he wasn’t, I became extremely anxious. The weather was really bad, but I wasn’t afraid that he was hurt or anything of that nature. What I WAS afraid of was that he was with someone else or that he was off hanging out with his buddies. Now, I’m not really the type of person who would care if he was out with friends so feeling that way and having those thoughts didn’t make sense to me. I really don’t feel threatened by other women either (or so I thought) but I was really getting worked up about this. I was thinking all sorts of things and feeling that he didn’t want to be with me and that’s why he was late; I felt he was neglecting me and the fact that I worked for 2 hours making dinner only to have it sitting there cold. So much was coming up and there was a part of me that was saying, “Where is this coming from?? I’m not an insecure person and I know that if he did choose to move on, I’d be fine so WHY am I feeling all these insecurities?” Then there was the part of me caught up in the “what-ifs” and the fear. My heart said to me, “Until you stop feeling this way, he won’t be home. Let it all go and trust and he will be home.” Fifteen minutes later, he pulled up. I made the decision NOT to feel those fears. (The rain had washed over the roads and the creeks were flooded. The roads were blocked and he was having trouble getting home. This is why he was late.) But the question remained as to why I felt that way and why so intensely!


The next day I was talking with a friend and I told her what had happened. She said one thing to me that woke me up. She said, “A lot of Lightworkers struggle with issues of betrayal.” That word “betrayal” was the light bulb that lit up the whole situation. See, at that moment I realized that I had felt betrayed by my mom at a very young age and not only did I feel betrayed, but I felt she betrayed my dad as well. While I had never had a man to cheat on me, I still had the fear that they would.  You see, my mom left my dad and I when I was only 16 months old and my first memory of life in this body is my dad being drunk and banging his head up against the hood of a car. While I was young, I still knew it was because of the pain of losing my mom. I watched Daddy suffer his whole life with the pain of that loss. He never remarried and lived most of his life never being in a relationship with the exception of one woman. This woman cheated on Daddy with his brother! These experiences left a ‘scars’ on my heart and made me afraid to trust and afraid to love. Even in realizing that truth, I still wanted to know why I experienced that at 16 months old  so, I asked, “Why did I experience that at such a young age?” The answer is simple: I chose to in order to heal it for the sake of my soul family and the ONE. Had I not carried that in my energetic field and my subconscious AND had it not affected my life on so many levels, I may have buried it so deeply that I would not have ever seen it in this lifetime. If it is true that Lightworkers struggle with  betrayal, then it makes absolute perfect sense to me that I would choose (and not just me, but others have chosen similar experiences) to heal that. Again I had to ask “Why:” The answer to that is simple as well. I am a being who takes on tough challenges. It is very obvious just in the experiences I have had in this lifetime and also in other lifetimes which I do have memory of. That being said, if this is a huge challenge for all Lightworkers, then of course I’d choose to experience it in order to heal it. This is ancestral karma; it is something we, as Lightworkers/Ascension Workers, have experienced over and over and over again from the time of Atlantis and Lemuria…from the very beginning. WE are here to help others ascend through our own ascension process, so we take on the toughest challenges which find their root from the very beginning; from the time we chose to become a soul.


The message of this article is to remind you that it isn’t always just about you as an “individual” soul, but it is always about US as ONE. Remember when you are faced with things you don’t understand to be easy on yourself and to ALLOW. Ask questions and get to the core. There is a deeper meaning and purpose for everything and in order to be a successful Lightworker/Ascension Worker, you must embrace that there is more than just your own understanding. If you want to heal something quickly, ask for the higher understanding; ask if this is something from this lifetime or if it is ancestral. Your answers WILL come, I assure you. (Also remember that there will be times when we don’t know WHY or from WHERE and that’s ok too.)



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