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Nathan Whiteside: Student of VortexHealing® Nathan Whiteside: I have here on the line Mr. Ric Weinman, a remarkable healer, teacher, and founder of an amazing healing modality called VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy. He’s also an author whose published works include Your Hands Can Heal, Breaking the Illusion, and most recently Awakening Through The Veils: A Seeker’s Guide. I have been fortunate enough to study with Ric, and I’m glad to have this opportunity to share with you his work and his life and just all the remarkable things that he’s been up to. So, hello Ric! How are you?

Founder of VortexHealing® Ric Weinman: Hi Nathan. How are you?

Very good! Very good to have you on the line here. First of all, I just wanted to get a little bit of background on you. Tell me a little bit about yourself. Did you always know that you were going to be a healer and be doing this kind of work?

No, I actually thought I was going to be more in the engineering/mathematics kind of field. I was a bit of a math wizard growing up, you know the kind of thing where the teacher would put the math on the board and I would basically know it, without having to study it. I was at Columbia University in the middle of war stuff and the teaching quality there for the undergraduates wasn’t very good, and I had this great little philosophy professor and I thought, “Oh, that looks like more fun!” and so I dropped out of that and… years later I actually went back into a Master’s in computer science, but the pull of what I needed to do took me back out again, and here I am!

Okay, well tell us a little about that – what was that pull that took you back out of engineering?

Well I had been doing some part-time healing, and lots of meditation, before I went into the computer science thing, and going into the computer science was a bit of a cop out at that point in my life, because I just didn’t want to have to deal with living on the edge for my entire life, and I knew science – I could go back and do it and sort of be safe and be secure and all that kind of stuff, and it just wasn’t my path. Actually, there was a whole  lot of divine intervention, interestingly enough. At one point, when I was first studying to go into the computer science, I’d gotten into “overload” – it really became too much because I hadn’t done it in so many years and I was taking all these classes at once, and one night I just gave up, and I was about to plop into this big armchair, and I had given up and somewhere between giving up and my butt hitting the chair, this little twinkling thing came into the top of my head, came into my body and whatever it did, it changed my mind! The next moment, suddenly I wanted to do it, I was happy to do it, I was determined to do it – to finish it – and then I got into a program… actually it was a teaching assistantship and things were sort of going along until I wasn’t supposed to be doing that anymore, and then a similar kind of event happened and out I went and a week later a newspaper article appeared about my healing work. I was barely doing any at the time and the next thing I knew I was a full time healer! (laughs)

Wow! Fantastic.

So obviously I was supposed to be doing that and not the computer science.

And so even then, while you were doing computer science you had a sensitivity to these kinds of divine interplays?

Yeah, uh, I mean on a life level I wasn’t really in very good shape. In 1971 I had… there was a lot of emotional trauma going on. My father had died and my mother had gone into a black hole, and I just sort of… escaped. I went to Europe and hitchhiked around, slept in farmer’s fields, and got way, way out of body, but I was still quite functional, amazingly. And so that was sort of the background through which I started to do a lot of meditation, and meditation led to healing… But it was living on the edge. After quite a number of years of that, I got tired of living on the edge, but you know that was where I was sent back to and the edge became… successful… just doing what I’d always been doing.

And so how did you get from there to what I know you through, which is your work in this modality that you call VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy? Connect the dots for me here – how did you get from being in this kind of out-of-body place, and starting to do some work on yourself, and then going back into engineering or computer science. How did you wind up where you are now?

Well, I was living in Tuscon and I started to become a bit psychic – it just sort of happens on its own while being out-of-body like that and I was also in starvation at the time, so my whole nervous system went through a whole kind of readjustment, a whole other level of tuning, and through that as I hitchhiked around Europe, I started experiencing a new kind of freedom, but it was way out there, and I ended up where the air was dry and electric – something started to turn on my third eye, and I started to do readings, and got interested in healing, and I met some people who were working with a different healing art called Jin Shin Jiutsu – a lovely body balancing art, works sort of similar to acupuncture without needles, and I wanted to do a trade with one of them, and I needed something to trade, so I came up with my own sort of healing thing, at that time, which became the basis for Your Hands Can Heal and started to give classes in that, and I started studying Jin Shin as well, and at one point down the road I ended up with a full-time practice.

In middle of that practice, I had this experience, which I wasn’t looking for. Most of the major things that happened in my life were things like this that I wasn’t looking for. Basically the divine hit me on the head and said, “This is what you’re going to do now.” It happened when I was staying at my mother’s house. I was doing this simple exercise to clear this room before going to sleep in it. I discovered – I used to clear a room by just spreading my field out through the room. It’s very slow and not all that efficient. And I discovered this connection to a past life energy that was very magical, and I could just sort of pull on this energy out of the universe and intend it to go and do something like clear a room – kind of like real magic stuff, and it would do it, it would do this fantastic job of it, and I was doing that and as I pulled on the place I usually pulled on, it was like it opened a trap door of the universe, and suddenly I was standing in this huge interdimensional vortex – my feet on the ground, and the rest of me out in, sort of, interdimensional space, and this voice starts talking to me out of the vortex, saying that this is something that I’ve worked with in past lives, and it was time for me to start to work with it again, and gave me some instructions, which I followed, and suddenly I was – as a full time healer, I knew what my capacity was – suddenly I was doing these fantastic healings that I know I couldn’t have touched before. For instance, a man came to me who had what here we call “chronic fatigue” and in England they call it “M.E.” and he had this for about 20 years. He had been doing Jin Shin on himself about every day for that time, kept the symptoms down, but was never healed. He came in, and by the time he got off the table, he knew it was gone – and it was gone. You know this one session cleared him right up.

Then I went to India to see this spiritual teacher named Papaji. I got to do healing work on him, which was a lovely thing for me at the time, and he would direct me to people that he’d want me to do work on. One of them, for instance, was a man who had acute leukemia, getting blood transfusions, the whole works. After three sessions, all his blood work started to clear up, and he actually became normal.

Another woman had two cases of Hepatitis that she had gotten on an excursion with Papaji, and I could see these two viral swirls in her liver. She was flat on her back, they told her she would have this for life, and after four sessions, I saw these viral swirls disappear, and all her energy came flooding back and she was back on her feet and seemed quite normal. So I was having these kind of amazing healings that I know I couldn’t have touched before, and people were wanting to learn it.

Now I didn’t know how I was possibly going to be able to teach it, because I had been doing all this energetic work and meditation and had become a very good channel for an energy that would be this strong, and I didn’t know how I could get other people to bring something like this in. I went into meditation and asked the guide in this vortex that was the source of this healing energy, who called itself “Merlin,” and he said “Yes, you can do it as a 5-day training,” so I thought, “Ok, I’ll try it,” and scheduled a class, sort of as more of a test than anything else, and people seemed to be able to channel it. I hadn’t realized originally that I didn’t really have to worry about giving them the power to run this healing energy – that was all Merlin’s job, Merlin being this divine being that was the source of this whole Merlin Lineage of magical transformational healing and awakening. I was just there as a vehicle that Merlin could work through. I didn’t have to, myself, do anything more than explain how to access this and we would do transmissions and Merlin would do all the work.

Then we were off and running, and very soon I realized that my healing practice was thinning out, which was a good thing because suddenly I was having to do a lot of teaching, and it would have been sad to have to tell people, “Well, I can’t treat you anymore.” It was all just taken care of. And that’s how we got to here – VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing.

Okay, and what was it like at that point when you had this thing, this package of energy that you could use and you could teach other people to use, and yet it was very new, and I take it you had never done anything like this before. What was it like to start something – basically a whole modality and a full lineage, from nothing?

Well one doesn’t know that that is what one’s doing… Heh. One just starts by giving a class and going, “Oh, that seemed to work. That’s good.” Now before all this came in when I was just doing healing work and I was still very out-of-body, I was sitting meditating one night, and I had this vision, and in this vision it seemed that I was going to be the center of something… immense… and from where I was at the time, it was just literally crushing. It was like… I could feel the power involved in it and the vastness of it and my thought was, “How could I possibly ever carry that?” and this little voice came in and whispered into my consciousness and just said, “You’ll have help.” (laughs) And that was the only hint I ever had of what was going to transpire and so it grew from one class to many classes, and eventually I had to bring in another teacher to help because it was more than I could do, and Merlin had presented me with a student who was capable of teaching. This was Anthony, who was the first next teacher of it, and it just kept growing.

But in my mind, it was still a healing art. I had a background as a healer. I had this idea of enlightenment as sort of as this long-range goal, so to speak. It was something that we all strive for and eventually something maybe happens, and there’s this evolutionary process. I saw healing as this critical role in the evolutionary process, and in my mind you just kept getting clearer and clearer and clearer until there was nothing left to clear, and then enlightenment would set in. That was one of my early misconceptions about how that worked. Until at some point, Merlin actually facilitated Awakening here, and I saw that none of it was remotely like whatever I had fantasized.


All divine lineages are ultimately about spiritual Awakening, ultimately about God-Realization, if you like, and that had been the plan all along, in that I had been getting ripe in the background. As for students, in the classes they were being ripened in the background, as well, and the background divine intention in the lineage was for any student who really wanted to to be able to Awaken, through what was offered. And so at that point, it became not just a healing modality, but a healing modality and an Awakening path – which is what it is today.

Okay – so it’s huge, actually! I take it that that’s part of the immenseness that you felt coming your way, when that voice told you that you’d have a bit of help, is that right?


Or is there more?

Well the immenseness I think has more to do with as lineage-holder, that on an energetic and consciousness level, there’s this sort of carrying of the lineage, where… Let’s say you’re teaching a class, it could be a dance class – if you’re a really good teacher of that, you’re not just up there talking, but there is some way that you are actually holding that space, that there is some energetic interface that happens into all the people that are in the room. I remember in Tucson, I took this one-day dance class with this woman who was a client of mine, and she was a kind of a spacey, out there, you know, always late, always in their heads, kind of person, and the moment she took the floor to start to teach her dance class… Poof! She came in and she created this field and held it. It really shocked me, the way it really came out of nowhere, for her. So it’s like that.

For me, I’m not just carrying the classes that I’m teaching – fundamentally I’m carrying the space that’s this whole lineage energy/consciousness that is supporting all the students of the lineage. Now, at the same time, the other teachers are participating in that – even the students are participating in that, because it becomes a relationship between the lineage and any person involved with it. Just as in if someone joined a church, there is a relationship to Christ – that becomes part of the energy structure of that church. So in the same way all the students develop – end up having some kind of energetic and consciousness relationship to the lineage which essentially means Merlin, and yet in some way in order for that to function on the planet (because Merlin’s no longer alive) my system is sort of integrated into that, and ends up carrying that. And it’s not that it’s a burden – I don’t experience it as a burden, if anything it’s also very energizing – it’s just that looked at from where I was 20 years ago, the idea of carrying that kind of energetic space was overwhelming.

Yeah, it would look overwhelming from there, from 20 years prior.


Click here to read Part 2, in which we talk more about the true nature of Merlin, and the secret behind what makes VortexHealing such a powerful healing art. In Part 3, we discuss the nature of spiritual Awakening, and how VortexHealing facilitates Awakening for any student who wants it. For more information, visit

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