In our last article on customizing the law of attraction to help to make it work better for you, we discussed how to remove the negative emotions that hinder you, (you can read that article here: You Are Not Broken Part 2 – Removing the Negative Emotions That Hinder You

In this article we will discuss the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and effective ways to do that. Before we begin, please do not take the purpose of this article to mean that you will always be able to be positive and happy. Were that the case, we would not have been given emotions to let us know when we need to keep or remove things from our lives. It is after the emotion has done its job and we have addressed the challenge that it pointed out that we should return to a positive state of mind to balance out our energies and keep us strong and effective in our roles during this particular incarnation. Let us begin.

Change Your Words to Improve Your Energetic Frequency 

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Keeping in mind that our subconscious is greatly responsible for the type of energetic frequency we put out and therefore receive, it is also responsible for translating the things we say into what IT thinks we mean and then send out energy accordingly. Let’s go over some phrases that may be inadvertently having a negative effect on your energy input and output.

I lost my job – With the economy being in such poor shape right now, many people have found themselves without a job and seem unable to find a new one. But saying or thinking that you “lost” your job has a subconscious vibration that it was in some way your fault. Typically when we say we lost something be it a piece of jewelry, our keys or anything that we consider to be of value to us, we are taking responsibility for not paying attention to what we did with the item in question and now have to suffer the loss of it. The accompanying emotion that typically goes along with that is guilt. There is no need to point out the negative energy input and output that comes with the feeling of guilt. And even though you are innocent in causing this situation, you may still be suffering from the energetic frequency of guilt just by using the phrase “I lost my job”.

Since the fault lies with the economy and not with you, there is no reason for you to suffer from guilt that does not belong to you. Take a moment to acknowledge that this was not your fault and you are not broken. Now change your wording to something like, “the economy has caused me to have to switch to a new job. I attune to the positive frequencies of all the potential jobs that await me and know I will find the right one soon.” Just by changing those few words, you have effectively changed your energetic input and output and let both your subconscious and the Universe know that you are in a positive state and ready for a positive new job experience. Using the word “switch” means that what is gone will be replaced and that alone will help to raise your energetic frequency to a more healthy, balanced level. You are also consciously attuning to the frequencies of jobs that are right for you and this may help you to zero in on these jobs during your search for new employment.

I can’t find a job – This is another phrase that seems so simple and true but can have a vastly negative effect on your energetic  frequency. Saying or thinking that you can’t find something also holds the frequency of guilt and even worse, a big dash of failure. Your subconscious may translate that as “I try and try but keep failing.” Just reading those words may be making you feel badly. The way they make you feel is the way your subconscious interprets the phrase, “I can’t find a job.” Again, you are not the broken one. Our economy is so avoid tying into those negative frequencies. Change

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your words to something like, “My new job is seeking me as I am seeking it. I attune to its positive frequency and follow its flow of positive energy to my new and better place of employment”.

Say those words out loud and let the power of them restore your frequency to the higher level that attracts positive things and situations in your life. Feel the positive change in your energetic frequency?

If things don’t change soon, I am going to …… – There are plenty of negative phrases to end that sentence such as:

  • go crazy
  • go broke
  • be homeless
  • give up
  • etc.

Unfortunately, the negative phrase endings aren’t the end of it. With them can come imagining all sorts of terrible things coming to pass in the future, further compromising your balanced flow of energy.

To add yet another layer of unhealthy energy, when we see our future as bleak, we may start to spend too much time thinking of the past when things seemed better and wish we could return there. Worrying about the future and wanting to hold onto the past does not leave us with much time to resolve the situations of the present. But how to keep focused on the present when it seems so painful? Start by focusing on the safety and the blessings of the moment. If panic or sadness starts to creep up on you as you worry about the future and/or grieve the past, stop and think or say things like, “For this moment, I am safe. For this moment I have food. For this moment I have shelter.” List all the blessingsthat you have right at that very moment and feeling better, turn your mind back to the task of resolving your challenges.

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Your mind will be clearer and your resolve firmer once you free yourself up from a negatively imagined future and an irretrievable past.

Change Can Be Awesome

As far as change goes, the good news is that things are always changing and not always for the worse. Instead of saying, If things don’t change…”, instill positive anticipation in your words by changing  them to, “I am so glad that things are changing and I request and accept those positive changes I already know are going to transform my life for the better.” Smile, knowing those words are true and feel your frequency rise.


To help you accept and look forward to the new and positive changes about to arrive, try listening to my guided

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meditation, Opening the Doors to New Beginnings. You can listen to it here:

For the next few days, pay close attention to the phrases that you use to describe the situation(s) that you are trying to change. If there are negative connotations to them (and you will know because they make you feel badly) change the wording to remove those connotations and replace them with positive and hopeful words. Your energy and frequency will feel and benefit from the difference.

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