When Grounding Your Energy Is a Challenge:  Connecting with the earth
By Stacy Vajta

I spend a lot of time talking with clients about grounding. I think sometimes this subject is taken lightly… like an entry-level idea that people move right on past to get to more “complex” energetic concepts. Yet grounding one’s energy is very complex; and something in which many people struggle with – or even bypass all together.

What I find so interesting when it comes to how people ground their energy is what people are doing at a very deep energetic level.

Grounding, and how your energy flows as a part of that process, is a microcosm of the whole of your energy.  And, it tells a very complex story. The challenges you might find as you ground your energy can actually be a doorway into what else is going on within.

Over the next few days I’ll be posting a few issues here that I see in my work when it comes to grounding, as well as a few thoughts on how to work with the energy. I’d love to hear your comments if you find threads of your own experience here.

Connecting with the Earth

This may seem like a strange challenge as connecting with the earth is inherently the point of grounding, but you’d be surprised as to how many people are reluctant (at an energetic level) to do so.

I say this not as a judgment, but as a fact: there are people who are much more comfortable being un-connected to this planet. They may be more interested in other planets’ energies or in operating at an energetic level more in the upper realms.

I see this quite often when my clients who are much more comfortable with the energetics of what is going on “out there” in the cosmos than here. They may indeed be trying to access that energy and bring it to earth with the whole “earth piece” being foreign to them.

What often shows up at a vibrational level when I look at their energy is a fear or reluctance to drop into the energy of the earth, and themselves. Honestly when they get below the heart center things start to get a little wonky. It becomes almost impossible to really embody the energy they are trying to work with.

A lot of people who consider themselves to be Indigos or Starseeds find themselves in this place. They feel this, yet don’t really understand what it is about.

Indigos, Starseeds and other highly sensitive people often believe their energy to be foreign to the earth. Yet I see a very different story when I look at their energy. I see a match to the earth energy that is present; but a real fear of getting to it.

And as I write that I can feel a collective 3rd chakra reaction. The fear may be starting to rise, or even a sense of being judged. This is neither my intent nor the energy from which I speak. So take a deep breath for a moment and recognize your own energy in this moment and how the energy of grounding and being grounded can really stir things up.

We’ve all been taught that grounding should just happen. That being grounded is a state we should just naturally get to by dropping a cord into the earth and violá, there you are.

Not so. It’s complex.

But the challenge created by not connecting to the earth is that it is pretty much impossible to create and manifest when we are not connected to the earthly energies – the more grounded, dense energies– that draw consciousness into form here on planet earth.

The trick here is to begin to recognize this resistance and the beliefs behind it, and then to work there.

Those folks who I work with typically have a lot of beliefs about where their energy is better suited. They tend to be more comfortable with vibrations seeped in light-language. Yet what they miss out-on with no earthly connection is that the earth is indeed pulsing with this very energy!

One of the main fears that often is revealed is that to really connect into the earth – and the earth energies in this way which true grounding requires – is that what one will find is darkness, heaviness and pain.

And I can tell you, that is far from the truth. Once you get past the resistance and the beliefs that may get in the way of finding the energy that is supportive, transformative and light, you will indeed find exactly how you connect with the earth in a way that makes your energy sing.

The cosmic light language is thriving under our feet. And even when one feels more at home “out there,” they will indeed find something familiar now-a-days below, deep in Mother Earth.

The starting place is of course to first notice what is happening with your own energy when you try to ground and give your energy to the earth. Can you surrender your energy in this way… or do you find some fear?

If there is something which gets in the way, that’s where you want to work. Lean into that.

Be sure to check out part 2 “When Grounding Your Energy Is A Challenge: Resistance” and part 3 When Grounding Your Energy is a Challenge:  Learning to surrender of the series!

About Stacy Vajta – The Everyday Lightworker

Stacy Vajta is a Master Energy Healer and Intuitive with over 25 years of experience helping Indigos and other energy-aware folks to identify and transform out-dated and un-productive energetic patterns. She works with people all over the globe via phone and Skype to not only help create true energetic transformation but also to help her clients to understand their own energy and process.

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